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> Subject: Fwd: Press Release- protest against Sonia(Maino) Gandhi
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> Subject: Fwd: Press Release- protest against Sonia(Maino) Gandhi
> Hope each of you will do your bit in proactively joining this protest and
> spreading the word amongst your friends to do likewise. Whether you are an
> admirer of Gandhiji's contribution to the cause of Peace and Non-violence
> (even if at the expense of Hindu interests), or whether you are a lover of
> Bharatiya culture, it is our joint Sanskritic and Rashtra-Dharma to protest
> against this usurper of Gandhi name (Sonia Maino) from representing the
> highest ideals of Gandhiji.
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> Subject: Press Release- protest against Sonia(Maino) Gandhi
> *Press Release: Protest against Sonia (Maino) Gandhi on representing India
> on Non-Violence Day at UN*
> *Forum For Gandhi Heritage Organization *
> *New York**:* A protest and fast is being planned at United Nations in New
> York on Oct 2 nd against Sonia Gandhi representation for Non-Violence day at
> UN on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. The protest will take place in front of
> UN from 12-2 PM. Dates for fasting will be announced at the website
> . A bus will be arranged from Edison, NJ. Volunteers are welcome for
> fasting and for organizing buses from different areas.
> The recent UN declaration of Mahatma Gandhi birthday as International
> Non-Violence day at India's request is commendable. However instead of true
> Gandhians who lived there life based on Gandhi ji's ideals representing this
> day at UN, politicians like Sonia Gandhi are using his name for political
> mileage and international legitimacy. The alarming threat Sonia poses to
> democracy of India, corruption & fraud since entering India, dividing India
> for purpose of dynasty rule, crusade to wipe out Hinduism. *What is the
> difference in blow up of Buddhist statues by Taliban & the blow up of Rama
> Sethu? ***
> In thought, word and deed, what Sonia stands for is direct contradiction to
> what Mahatma Gandhi stood for. Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of Truth.
> His life was guided by Hindu scriptures and has deep respect to all
> religions and to democratic & secular principles. On the other hand, Sonia's
> actions as unraveled by many journalists speak volumes of her character and
> emphasize the danger the humanity faces when even the best name in the world
> is utilized for personal gain.
> Sonia comes from a family background associated with Fascism. Her father
> worked for Mussolini fascists and was later involved with KGB. Sonia came
> to India through her relation with Rajiv during his study at UK where she
> worked as caregiver. As elaborated with detailed records in the article
> 'Greedy Sonia' of the book 'Sonia, the truth' from India First foundation,
> Sonia has been engaging in many fraudulent and corrupt activities since she
> entered India in 1970 which showed little regard for Indian Law. Most well
> known is through her close Italian family friend Quattrocchi (Q) who engaged
> in number of corrupt activities in India as agent for Bofors and for another
> Italian Company SNEM. Q has looted the country millions of dollars and
> jeopardized the security of the country and got 30 deals signed for SNEM.
> She, Rajiv and Rahul are confirmed paid KGB agents and she is the heir of
> Rajiv Swiss account of 4625 crores.
> Through Jawahar, Indira and Rajiv trusts and Indira Gandhi Arts Center
> millions of crores of rupees have been usurped by manipulating the laws and
> boards to her favor. Per Dr. Subramanian Swamy and others, Indira Gandhi
> Arts Center is being used to smuggle antique items to her sister antique
> shop in Italy which is a trading post for US/UK. Both she and her Italian
> family is believed to have become billionaires looting India . Contrast
> this with Gandhi ji, who owned nothing but a loin cloth, chappals and a
> watch and who once send his son packing to South Africa for minor
> transgression.
> Sonia never demonstrated patriotism for India. She retained Italian
> Citizenship for 16 years until Rajiv became Prime Minister in 1984. (She is
> eligible after two years). During 1974 Pak war, while all Indian Airlines
> pilots are required to stay on job, she, pilot Rajiv & two children ran and
> stayed in Italy. When in 1977 Indira Gandhi lost elections, she packed
> overnight, ran & hid herself with Rajiv & Children in Italian embassy in
> Delhi. She rose to President of congress by overthrowing Sitaram Kesari
> with Congress goons and more importantly the mysterious deaths of her
> congress opponents like Rajesh Pilot, Madhava Rao Scindia and Jitendra
> Prasad cannot but raise questions. Contrast this with Gandhi ji whose heart
> and soul is India. He went into the severe rioting area at a great risk to
> his life and was almost killed by a rioter. Such is Gandhi's love for every
> Indian when someone asked Kasturbai how many children she has, she replied
> that while she had 4 children, her husband has three hundred million
> children.
> Sonia is in a hurry, hurry to install her siblings on throne reigning over
> more than one billions Indians. Rather than administer the country for the
> welfare of all Indians from day one she got elected she is pursuing a
> strategy of divide and conquer to ensure her seat of power forever. She and
> her cohorts are engaging in policy of allowing illegal immigration of Bangla
> deshis (increase muslims), assisting in illegal conversion (Christians) and
> divide Hindus (thro' caste reservations) for assured vote banks. She
> started the policy of Muslims have first right over resources purely for
> vote banks which has potential to divide India again. Contrast this with
> Gandhi ji who told Jinnah, cut me into half than divide India. Neither
> Gandhi ji nor his descendants later ever claimed power.
> With her Italian pope connections Sonia has also been very busy engaging in
> attempt to wipe out or subjugate Hinduism in India. She intimidated most
> revered Hindu saint on whom no evidence could be produced after 3 years.
> Rama Sethu held sacred by one billion Hindus is being blown up just like
> Taliban blew up Buddha Statues and this in spite of overwhelming proof that
> it would be an environmental disaster. Her protégé YSR in Andhra Pradesh is
> on a crusade to destroy Hindu Temples and attempted to take over 5 out of 7
> most sacred Tirumala hills for Churches and Tourism. She and others are
> blowing up sacred Rama Sethu just like Talibans blew up Buddha statues. Per
> Francois Gautier, she created 5 Christian CM's & her coterie consists of
> only Hindu baiting Christians Ambika Soni who is blowing up Rama Sethu,
> Margaret Alva, Oscar Fernandez, Hindu hater Valson Thampu who is rewriting
> text books to disparage Hinduism and Kanchan Ilaya another Hindu hater to
> lobby against caste discrimination in UN & US Congress. Will US President
> lobby UN and India for racism in US? Contrast this Gandhi ji, who is very
> embodiment of Hinduism and Gita and his great respect to every religion. He
> said the religious conversions engaged by missionaries are the deadliest
> poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth and poverty does not justify
> conversion. His strength was Rama Nama and he died with that name on his
> lips.
> While Gandhi ji is Dharma Rakshaka, Sonia's actions show she is Dharma
> Bhakshaka. If we allow this to continue, it is not just India but all
> humanity will suffer. India will surely be dragged into likes of emergency
> period and its gains in economy can be wiped out. Please become aware and
> join our protest and fast.
> Endorsed by Forum for saving Gandhi Heritage consisting of Mahatma Gandhi
> International Foundation, Indo Caribbean Council, Kashmiri Pandits
> Association, Foundation of Nepalis in America & others given on website.
> Contact: Thali: 732-403-7460, Prasad: 630-885-3180, Umesh:908-240-7720,
> Naresh:609-226-9702, Kataria:718-478-5735, Sahani:718-271-0453, Prasad:
> 480-544-3258 & Others on website. Additional details with supporting
> information and the contacts are available at ,
> Email: .