Thursday, September 20, 2007


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From: Devendra Singh
Date: Sep 20, 2007 6:30 AM
Subject: [prohindu] Muslim molesters at Belur Math

Muslims are usually a number game. If they feel they have enough number strength,they will always take law in their hand. This is why it is very important to give them option;leave Bharat or behave themselves. Bharat is no democracy right now and it does not make any sense to project this country as such. Muslims must be treated for what they are. If they are poor,it is because of their stupid thinking and behavior. Giving them special rights adds fuel to fire because this largess simply empowers them more to continue to do the wicked things. It's like giving a gambler more money so he can continue to gamble. Spritualism is antithetical to islam.

Hindus do stupid things too,but they don't indulge in misbehaving with cops. Media in Bharat needs to shore-up some courage and call a spade a spade. The headline of this news should have included 'Muslim' to get easy attention of the readers. In Assam,they publish news items such as "Hindi-Speaking people were beaten". It's a clear bias against Hindus by their own people and it is not a good sign for the country. As I mention yesterday in the parrot story,Hindus seem to be oblivious of the dangers to them. They feel if they are reciting Hanuman Chalisa there cannot be any harm to them. This mentality provides false sense of securuty. Reading like parrot does not help in anyway. The key is right action and that's where Hindus are inept.


Eve-teasers beat up cops in Kolkata
19 Sep 2007, 0243 hrs IST,TNN

KOLKATA: Two plainclothes policemen, who tried to rescue three girls from a gang of eve-teasers, were beaten up in Howrah’s Bally on Tuesday night. Three rowdies have been arrested.

The girls were walking down GT Road near Belur Math around 9 pm when the gang started stalking them. In front of Shramjibi Hospital, the girls panicked and tried to run, but the boys circled them.

SI Swapan Saha and constable Chandan Sardar, who were patrolling the area on a bike, were alerted by their screams. The duo belongs to the plainclothes team of Bally police station.

They rushed to the spot to tackle the youths. Saha even revealed his identity, but the gang was not to be thwarted. They started mocking the cops and assaulted them. One of them even tried to snatch the SI’s rifle. The duo fought back but as more local boys joined the gang, the cops were heavily outnumbered. Finally, they ran for cover within the hospital premises and called up Bally police station for a bigger force.

"We had to lock the hospital gate to keep out the rowdies. We also treated the policemen," said Phani Bhusan Bhattacharya of Shramjibi Hospital.

Police later arrested Id Mohammad, Mohammad Siraz and Giasuddin Sheikh, local rowdies who were part of the gang. Raids are on to track down the rest.

"The two policemen were part of our mobile team doing rounds of crime-prone areas. The boys, who were teasing the girls, are from Bally. During the melee, the girls managed to flee, but we are trying to trace them. Their statements will help us frame a strong case against the offenders," said Howarh SP Neeraj Kumar Singh.



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