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Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance

Come on Bolly-Hollywood. Get this Jumbo Romance blockbuster on the big screen. Elephant drew its rani (queen) from Olympic Circus of Raniganj W B to follow Congress Left romance. Elephant couple did romance in the pond as reported in TOI.

Valmiki was panic to see wounded loving birds

The circus officials appealed to the wildlife department to rescue Savitri, and a team of forest experts has already surrounded the pond. Savitri's mind, however, seemed made up. According to one forestry official, she was last seen bathing with the bull in a jungle pond.

When handlers called for Savitri to come to them, she looped her trunk around the bull's leg and "he protectively shielded her like in a Bollywood blockbuster," the official said.

Should Govt must compensate the Circus for the financial loss to help the elephants go back to wilds living their life their way?

Congress and Left are still in romance in the power grabbing undemocratic politics in the center. Mini unmature parties (As below 18 year-yuths) follow them. Is this not illegal, undemocratic and unholy?

Right left walk of political romance is towards separation. Love of greedy politicians to share prower, deceives people. They falsely claim and copy the favicol ad time to time that their love is srong, not breakable. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left:

Ayaram gayaram and Joad toad ki Rajniti

Divorce in not new in Western Countries, which is common now in Asian countries also. But now there is a new development in politics of India through 'joad toad (break and joint)' in politics of alliances. Congress especially in Haryana in wholesale had started politics of 'ayaram gayaram'. Former PM of Cogress Narsimha Rao gave shape through dirty money. Present PM Manmohan Sigh was Finance Mininster at that time in his cabinet. Legal bribery:

Congress hands with Republican's elephant

There was also a mole in the PMO of Narsimha Rao who gave Nuke secret to the American Government. Nuke Deal Test: Who was Mole in PMO?
Congressee hands adamant to shakehand with the elephant of Republican Bush. For this they even want to take divorce from the Left and invite midterm poll.

Democracy Project

Student groups will choose a party name and design an animal symbol. Begin by sharing pictures of the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant: why were these symbols chosen? What qualities does each animal possess? (Background information may be obtained at these links for the Democractic donkey and the Republican elephant.)
In Indian context we may take the examples of three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi and symbols of Political Parties of India including Elephant symbol of Mayvati's BSP. Video: Tiger Attacks Man on Elephant: UPA on elephant:

Converted fake seculars feel same to name their forefathers in public. Monkeys are still humble to wards their intelligent progressive modern generation but so called converted leaders heirs of the converted Hindus are more aggressive against Hindus than others:

Entire environment is sacred in Hinduism

Enemies of Hinduism abroad and in India make jokes on the monkey Hanuman and Ganesh of elephant head. In Hindu tradition, our entire environment including trees, mountains, birds, animals regarded as sacred and there are specific instances, which provide important symbols for this. Even we treat Bharat Bhumi as motherland. Scientists Jagdish Chandra Basu proved that there is a life in trees also. Even on the order of Ram, monkeys made Ram Sethu Anti-Hindu government on the direction of Italian hands. God made Universe, Monkeys made Ram Setu:

Elephant Recognizes Self in Mirror
Fake seculars behave like anmal to say that elephants have no awareness.
But we saw in the news of BBC, ABC etc the awareness among elephants. Only humans, apes and dolphins have shown self-awareness like this before. We should cheer the love of Tusker and Savitri elehants!

Scientists proved that elephants could recognize themselves in a mirror:
. Reiss presented three elephants at the Bronx Zoo in New York City with a mirror. They began inspecting themselves with their trunks while staring at their reflections. One elephant, called Happy, also repeatedly touched a mark painted onto its head .

Big Love opposite to Big B's Nishabd

Real story of elephant couple is not love affair of Big B with teenaged girl in Nishabd. This is also not love as Mutuknath with Julliana:
This is not the love affair of Pt Nehru with Edwina Mountbetton:
This is also not love affair of Mahatma Gandhi with Sarla Chaudhary:
Elephants love story is not as: Jane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire, in northwest England , met 27-year-old Omar bin Laden:

Jumbo Romance

Ths is the love affair of equal aged couple elephant. 26-yearTusker was tall, dark, handsome and wild at heart. Savitri was city bred, not all that coy. And it was love at first sight. A jumbo tusker, straight out of the jungle, raided a circus in the wee hours of Aug 29, 07, freed a female elephant and eloped with her to make a cozy home by a pond in Raiganj. Opposite to this Cong-Left romance is in the dirty political mud of Delhi.

The 26-year-old tusker had entered Chittaranjan town a few days ago, triggering panic among the residents. Wildlife officials were called to drive him out but the beast had other plans-it's the mating season and he was lonely.


The 26-year-old tusker smashed through the tin walls of the Olympic circus in Raniganj town of West Bengal state. Investigating authourites of Hydeabad blast smashed the terrorists and Naxal-Maoist nexus in burnisng the peaee of India. Secular-Start, HYD to Agra Allahabad Bus to catch Nuke Bus!

Savitri four years older to him as Abhi-Aish

Bull elephant Tusker stormed the stable, where four female elephants were confined. His eyes rested on Savitri-four years older to him-and goaded her into fleeing with him. This is a not unmatched love affair. After all Abhishek Bachchan's Aishwaya is also four year older than Abhi. Sachin Tendulkar's wife is also one or two years older than him. Love affaires of celebrities:

Marriage procession

The city-bred Savitri apparently fell for his wild charms and followed him like a lamb. Residents have seen the couple roaming together, much in love. The tusker led her to the home he had already chosen, a pond in ward number seven of Raniganj Municipality.

Tears in the eyes of other elephant Gayatri

The "abduction" has shattered Chandranath Banerjee, manager of Olympic Circus. Savitri is worth Rs 4 lakh, he says. "The elephant show has been cancelled because another female jumbo, Gayatri, is pining for Savitri, her mate. She has stopped eating," said Banerjee.

Now, jumbo love spreads to Bangalore

It's the season of jumbo love, and the elephants in the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP), BAngalore are celebrating it with a rare candour as further reported on Sept 3, 2007 by TOI:

Kolkata quashes 'love zone'
In the past in the Kolkata, Police have thwarted a planned rally by young couples calling for a special "love zone". The couples say they want somewhere to meet, talk and kiss in public without being harassed by the police. They say so-called love zones would make it possible for couples to meet and talk freely before marriage, as well as express affection. Matuknath and Big B want to do the same even after marriage:


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