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God is mentioned as having form as well as he is formless. In both the states he is omnipotent & omnipresent. He is the supreme source of energy, through which all draw sustenance. But, he is distant from the action of his devotees. He cannot control the reaction of the karma of people; the fruit of the action good or bad has to be borne by the people anyway.

My preliminary experience shows that –
1) One cannot accept both form & a formless concept of God at the same time. They are incompatible for dedicated devotion.
2) Bhakti is of primary importance. Without bhakti, any form of yoga like karma yoga etc, will be soul-less.
3) For majority of the devotees who are attempting God realization; it may be necessary to consider God as a separate entity. The other concept of all pervading Brahman is a bit too much to practise for new devotees. It is like starting a Masters course without going through primary level education.

Shall be grateful for experience from both new and experienced devotees.



It is not at all "clear a Super being that is GOD is making things happen." In fact, this is simply a dogma that has never been proved.

Swami Param


God remains witness says many scriptures and saints. Only from human one can elevate to become one with supreme. Christ said, "empty thyself I shall fill it" Means empty your mind from desires and GOD gets filled. Buddha said, Desire is root cause of all evils. Understand thyself first GOD is none other that one's self To raise from Human to divine is ones choice. That is why intellect is given only to humans. One is not born by choice but by his/her Karmas of the past birth. B.Sathyanarayan


Parthasarathi BR wrote:

See Firstly what we want does not happen always but what we do not do happen--So its clear a Super being that is GOD is making things happen

Its wrong to say he has no MERCY or DAYA as he is full of Karuna or Daya --Again HE never Punishes any one as we tend to think

What happens to us is nothing BUT the KARMA we have carried over the births-We get good things for good things done by us and get Bad things for our past misdeeds

We can minimise the misery by PRAYER and doing good things now--It will lessen our misery

So GOD is the Supervisor and we should do our DUTY for our sake not becos HE is supervising

I hope I have tried to clarify some of your points

It is mentioned below that 'Nobody has seen God'. This is not true. I have a personal experience of seeing God in the form of a old lady in a Temple in India. She spoke to me.
preetha kanna
Hello mr.Sundeep, This is my humble opinion after reading ur message below. In ur message below, these are the couple of sentences:


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