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shree Hari

Ram Ram

Priya sadhak, prasana ke liye dhanyavad, lot of good responses have already been posted. Humbly, submit few more comments:

According to Swamiji Maharaj's interpretation of Gitaji's verse (7-16) in Sadhaka Sajeevani, among the 4-types of devotees of God one of them is “Artharthi”. who prays to God for worldly things. God is pleased, thinking, My dear devotee is praying to Me for his needs, at least he is solely depending on Me only and not on someone else”. How generous of God to think in this manner. Solely depending on God for our needs, believe is the only the first stage of devotion for the sadhaka, subsequent to that the relationship with God should develop into Love for God and then the desire for the things falls off on its own.

The important point is that – what is our motivation, is our intent to get the things only and it does not matter who gives the things to us, this way, the importance is on getting the things and not dependence on God. If that is the case, then there is a serious issue. This way we will miss the golden opportunity to realize the only important goal of life to unite with God since our attention is on desire for things which satisfy us for the time being only.

Are we thinking that God is less intelligent than us, we think that we know our needs better than what He knows. If truly we see God as our Father & Mother, do we need to pray to Him for our list of things, does He not know what our needs are? Even the worldly mother always knows what her child needs, when and how much? Therefore, for an aspirant with complete faith in God, there is no need to ask (Refer to Gitaji 9-22).

To this effect Goswami Tulsidasji says in Ramacharitmanas –
a). Ahi tan kar phala bishya na bhai,
Swargu svalpa anta dukhda,
nara tana pai bishya man dehi,
palate sudha te sath bish lehi(Uttar 43-1)
b). binu santosha na kama nasahi,
Kaam achhat sukh sapnehun nahin
Rama bhajan binu mitahi na kama (uttar 89-1)

Meaning –
a). Sensuous enjoyment, brothern, is not the be-all and end-all of human existence; and even the heavenly enjoyments is short lived and ends in sorrow. The fools who devote their mind to the pleasures of senses even after attaining rare human birth taking poison in exchange of nectar.
b). Without contentment desire cannot cease; and as long as desire continues you can never even dream of happiness. Desire cannot be rid of without adoring Sri Rama.

As Swamiji Maharaj would say, if we have decided to ask God for something, why to ask for the material things? Why to settle for glass beads when we can have Paras Mani? Once we have deep faith in God, then we resort to - "Jahi vidhi rakhe Ram tehi vidhi rahie". Swamiji Maharaj says ask for His LOVE only or ask Him to help us in getting rid of Kaama, Krodha and Lobha etc.

Wirth loving Pranams
A sadhaka