Wednesday, August 29, 2007


:Shree Hari:

29th August, 2007, Wednesday
Sravana Krishna Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2064, Budhvar

Whatever form of relationship one has with God, whether it be based on passion, fear, hatred, anger, friendship etc; any form of relationship can lead to Salvation. The main point is to have a relationship with God and it will definitely be beneficial.

Naradaji has said the following about exclusivity among God's devotees -

"Nasti teshu jaatividhyaroopkuldhankriyadi bhed." (Narada Bhakti Sutra 72)

"In those devotees there is no distinction due to race, knowledge, appearance, heritage, wealth and type of work." (Narada Bhakti Sutra 72)

The point is that those devotees that are entirely surrendered to God; those devotees that have developed oneness with Him; that have become completely engrossed in God; that have exclusively accepted their true and essential Self; those that have rather than taking the gross, subtle and action oriented body in this worldly life and have gone beyond the many differences, such as race, knowledge, etc, for them many of the principles do not apply.

This is because such a devotee, is only a part of the imperishable and eternal God. "Yatstdiyaah" (Narada Bhakti Sutra 72); He is not off the world. Being a part of God, they are considered to be part of God's family.

From "Sharanagati" book in Hindi pg 36 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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