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Servants of Sonia Society

An Italian lady called Sonia Gandhi and her private inherited estate called the 'Servants of Sonia Society', have putt up a totally unfit and unworthy candidate for the highest Office of the President of India. Sonia Gandhi has proposed the name of Mrs. Prathiba Patil precisely for the reason that her proven public track record, both in the Congress Party and Government, has been totally devoid of these cardinal virtues. Behind the pseudo-Secular female Pardha (veil!) of Mrs. Pratibha Patil, we can see the Dance of the Dervishes of the male members of her family! Such a great woman with a tremendous record of self -chosen poverty, simplicity and self-sacrifice has been collectively proposed by three other international giants like Sonia Gandhi, Karunanidhi and Mayavathi (with the same track record of service and self sacrifice like Mrs. Pratibha Patil) for the highest Office of the President of India
Mrs. Pratibha Patil's 'motherly concern and compassion for Labour interests' has won the hearts of Prakash Karat, Seetharam Yechuri, Brinda Karat, Raja and other Lenins, Karl Marxs and Mao Tse Tungs of today’s India. All of them are supporting the candidature of Mrs. Pratibha Patil for the Office of the President of India because with the above credentials she will give a beautiful and concrete shape to the attainable dreams of Karl Marx and Lenin about the 'Withering Away of the State' and the advancement of the cause of the proletariat.
From: Free press Journal
Whether the UPA candidate for the president of India is a `joke,’ as the AIADMK boss, J. Jaylalithaa dubbed her the other day, or has the required gravitas for the highest office in the land, only time will tell. Having been sheltered from a prying media so far, Pratibha Patil had managed to get by without much examination of her intrinsic qualities of head and heart.
Given that the leaders of the Third front are chary of supporting Bhairon Singh Shekhawat for fear of alienating their considerable Muslim vote-banks, this circuitous route to try and inflict a blow against the Congress-led UPA cannot be ruled out. Otherwise, there is no way the front can make its role in the presidential sweepstakes meaningful and effective.
By voting for Shekhawat, who too has offered a salve to the secularists by going independent in this poll, the third front can make the outcome tantalizingly close. After all, on paper the UPA has a lead of a mere 24,000 after adding up the votes of Mayawatis BSP. This could not be so insurmountable for the go-getter Shekhawat, particularly given his considerable skills at `winning friends and influencing people.
However the question that needs must be asked, but has not been asked so far because of the squabble over candidates, pertains to the quality and timbre of the man or woman ideally suited to tenant Rashtrapati Bhawan for the next five years. It is an irony of our times that the early presidents of the Republic were ideal presidents. But just when the polity became fractious and leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi displayed authoritarian impulses, which militated against the democratic character of our founding charter, we were saddled with rather uninspiring presidents.
From Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Giani Zail Singh to K. R. Narayanan, all were small men who carried their partisan political baggage to Rashtrapati Bhawan. Kalam had no preconceived political agenda because he was not a politician by profession. That is why he served the nation with great aplomb and dignity, a fact widely acknowledged in. popular polls undertaken by various newspapers. Since his candidature is ruled out, it is a shame that the UPA could not rustle up anyone better than Pratibha Patil.
Quite clearly, the 10 Janpath establishments are determined to have a dummy in Rashtrapati Bhawan. With Man Mohan Singh already following the diktats from on high Command Antonia Maino Sonia without murmur, should Patil become the President of India Sonias grip on the governmental system would be one-hundred per cent complete. With a single remote, she can then control both the prime minister and the president.
This cannot be a happy arrangement for our constitutional democracy which per se is hostile to any suggestion of power without accountability. Therefore, it is in the larger national interest that Shekhawat prevent a ‘dummy’ from moving into Rashtrapati Bhawan.
From: The Pioneer
Looking at the fragmented nature of the polity, it will be an advantage if the person at the helm of Rashtrapati Bhawan is fair, objective and judicious so that the nation gets the right lead at critical moments. To say this is not to deny that every major party has its own agenda as well as preferences and would, therefore, like to have someone in the coveted post, who will suit their political interests. In other words, every party would like to have a Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, who, with all his dignity and wisdom, had acquired the reputation of dittoing every move and proposal of his mentor, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Remember the famous cartoon of Abu Abraham showing the then President dutifully signing the Ordinance proclaiming the Emergency in 1975 in bathtub!
I am recalling this incident to remind the nation that the Emergency is as harmful to democracy as is invoking of the family loyalty factor for installing a presidential candidate. Personalised loyalty is another name for sycophancy which, in turn, blurs an individual's ability to think and act rightly and rationally in the interest of the nation. As it is, the Lakshman rekha of what is right and what is wrong is getting increasingly blurred, which is certainly not a healthy sign for our democracy that is meant for the people, by the people and of the people.
To make these observations is no reflection on the honourable candidates. Ms Patil has a long standing career in public life. Mr. Shekhawat is a tall figure in Indian politics. Having 50 years of active public life, he enjoys tremendous goodwill among all sections of society. From all accounts, the contest will be interesting amid some whisperings about the possibility of cross-voting
Be that as it may. The time has come to make a total departure from our flawed thinking and perverted practices. We must rise above parochial considerations. Enough of hatred. Enough of parochialism. Enough of personal and family loyalty when the need is for totally committed loyalty towards the country and the people. We must now begin to see a new India through the eyes of outstanding and successful persons as symbolised by Mr. Kalam.

Aam Aadmi appeal to Mrs. Pratibha Patil

If elected to the post of President, make three promises:

· She would not allow any person of foreign origin to swear as Prime Minister.
· Afzal, who is mastermind behind attack on Parliament, will be hanged
· She would not accept vote of Lalu Yadav, who protested the women reservation bill in Parliament.
Disgusting & disgraceful credentials of Mrs. Prathiba Patil sponsored by the Congress Party

* An Italian lady called Sonia Gandhi and her private inherited estate called the 'Servants of Sonia Society'

* The Congress Party under the anti-national leadership of Sonia Gandhi,

* Prathiba Patil: The financial frauds, the murder, and the deliberate derailment of the investigation

* The bare and lurid facts about Prathiba Patil's resplendent magnificence and luminosity.

Congress party is a HINDU SAFAYA party Hindus must get united do not only do the safaya of this party but also fill up bhoosa in the skins of congress party and its workers and reduce them to dusts, financially socially and morally. Different Hindu groups must target different Hindu safya people and do the safaya of these people socially politically religiously and monetarily .Cases must be brought and fought against these people on all these fronts to reduce them to ashes
Real historical Incidences-from Hindu Christian Encounters

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