Tuesday, July 24, 2007


If you are against only the bad aspects, why have
> you specified the caste - Brahmin?
> Why have you also not highlighted bad aspects of
> people from other castes?
> You have mentioned "the brahmins" at multiple
> occasions - clearly implying Brahmins in general.
> Use your time for uniting Hindus else stop sending
> your mail to me.
> Does'nt look like most others are reading your mails
> either.
> Sachin


Isn't it amazing most of the avatars Rama, Krishna,
Buddha are all Kshatriyas and I'm sure you can place
that blame on the brahmins...can you?

Your arguments are petty and is creating a divide
amongst Hindus, when we need to unite. Now remember
Brahmins are just less than 10% of the overall Hindu
population are are really a minority, so I suggest you
take your fight to the muslims who really stripped and
stole your Sindudesh from you..


I do not approve of this hate mail on Brahmins.
> >
> > Brahmins do follow strict rules and learn vedas
> by going through rigorous studies. It was a Brahmin
> who gave shelter to Sambhaji when he was hiding from
> Auranzeb. Aurangzeb peeled his skin off for this
> act. It was a Brahmin itself who suggested the idea
> of Coronation to Shivaji. The temple priests you
> refer to have really pathetic salaries. We should
> know that not all Brahmins are the same.
> >
> > Can you say that all Kshatriyas or Vayshyas are
> ideal members of their community? I know many who
> were traitors and are criminals even today. That
> does not make the whole Kshatriya / Vyashya
> community bigots, does it? As for crazy Brahmins,
> even today there is a group of Germans who worship
> Hitler. That does not make all Germans bigots, does
> it?
> >
> > If you desire to increase separatist feelings
> among Hindus, you are contributing to a new
> partition yourself.
> > Maybe you do not want any Brahmins at all?
> > Very disappointing.
> >
> > Sachin


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