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'7/11: Why didn't PM lose sleep?'
Tavleen Singh
July 09, 2007

July 9: The prime minister’s timing couldn’t have been worse. In the week we discovered that al-Qaeda could have found recruits in Bangalore, in the week we saw Islam’s fanatical face on full display in the battle for Lal Masjid, and in the week that Ayman al-Zawahiri reappeared on our television screens to urge all Muslims to join the jihad to destroy the West, the prime minister announced that he is losing sleep over Muslims being “labelled”.

As a Sikh, he said sadly, he understood well the horrors of being labelled. And, as prime minister of India, he could not sleep after seeing the face of the mother of the alleged bombers from Bangalore. “We should not fix labels like Muslims or non-Muslims. It won’t help us in understanding the situation or dealing with it.”

This week marks the first anniversary of Mumbai’s train bombings and my first question to our prime minister is, why has he never lost sleep over that ghastly event? My second question is, why can he become so eloquent over the suffering of the mothers of alleged terrorists and so sanguine over the suffering of nearly 200 Mumbai mothers who lost their children for no reason? When he made his visit to Mumbai after the July 11 bombings last year, many noticed that he exhibited no emotion.

“He could have been taking a walk in Lodhi Gardens for all the emotion he showed,” a friend from Mumbai commented bitterly.

There have been other ghastly acts of terrorism on his watch and he has reacted without emotion, which makes his comments this time seem even more inappropriate. More worrying is his failure to see that what the world faces today is not just another terrorist movement, but a global jihad whose stated aim is to convert us infidels to the true faith or wipe us out. The true faith is not the Islam that we have lived with in India, in relative harmony for centuries, but a disagreeable Arab version that expects women to dress like black crows and men to beat them if they show a hint of skin.

In Saudi Arabia women cannot go shopping unless accompanied by a male relation. It is not an Islam we can accept in India because it is antipathetic to our civilisation and the opposite of what we stand for as a nation. It is totalitarian, intolerant of the fundamental right of women to live and dress as they choose, rigid, tribal and unpleasant. In India we are particularly vulnerable to it, because we have the second largest Muslim population in the world, and thanks to the perfidy of our political class, it is a population that has been bred on grievances. What is worse is, funds from Arabia are being used to set up schools to spread Islamist thought across our Dar-ul-Harb.

This new, globalised Islam tolerates Christianity and Judaism because they are religions of the book, but us idol-worshippers are doomed to hellfire. As for ideas like secularism, pluralism, and freedom of worship, or no worship at all, such ideas are anathema to Wahhabi Islam.

So can we allow it to grow and flourish? No. We must fight it and there is no sign that anyone in Manmohan Singh’s government understands this. Every time they are confronted with a ‘Muslim issue’ they have responded with appeasement and groveling.

This has to stop if we are to revive Indian Islam and there was once such a religion. It was a religion that had imbibed from India the right to ask questions and even, dare it be said, question the very existence of God and heaven. It gave us poets like Mir and Ghalib, who expressed these questions in some of the most beautiful poetry ever written. Ghalib warned against lifting the veil from the Ka’aba, in case there, too, we found only this same heathen god, and Mir wrote in one of his most famous poems of sitting in a temple, putting a tilak on his forehead and giving up Islam altogether.

Today, Ghalib and Mir would be beheaded for such talk. The new Islam allows no questioning. It is a totalitarian idea that can only produce fanatics.

Maybe the three doctors from Bangalore are not involved in the plots to blow up London nightclubs and Glasgow airport. If so, they will prove their innocence, because Britain has a justice system that accepts that you are innocent till proved guilty. Does any Islamic country? It is too early for the prime minister to be shedding tears on their behalf. It is also embarrassing that he should offer Gordon Brown India’s help in the investigation. When we cannot catch our own jihadis, what possible help can we give anyone else?
If as a sikh, he knows horrors of being labelled, how come he became Prime Minister
of India? If Indians labelled sikhs as terrorists, how come this Sikh became Indian PM?
Sardar Manmohan Singh got job of PrimeMinister after portraying himself as a secular,
now all of a sudden he started speaking as Sikh?


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