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9:20 pm (32 minutes ago)
Osama's son became son-in-law of Britain: seeks to enter UK

Jane Felix-Browne, a 51-year-old grandmother from Moulton, Cheshire , in northwest England , met 27-year-old Omar bin Laden. Indian Muslim doctors inovolved in London and Glasgow Terror Plots. Brown wants Indian doctors' identities instead of Mrs Browne who is now Mrs Omar bin Laden. Al-Qaeda threatens UK after Rushdie knighthood but Osama's son wants to live in UK ! Britain justifies knighthood to Rushdie!

Title of Columnist Tanveer Singh's article is '7/11: Why didn't PM lose sleep?'
There should be another article titoled " British Browne gets Omar bin Laden: Why didn't PM Brown lose sleep?"

Will Brown follow Musharraf?
Mrs Browne told GMTV that she would one day like to meet her father-in-law Osama Bin Laden to find out if he really is the mastermind behind the terrorist atrocities he is accused of. She has three sons and five grandchildren and her husband is one of at least 54 children fathered by bin Laden.
Journalists covering the stand-off between security forces and militants holed up in the Lal Masjid were surprised last night to see Fazalur Rehman Khalil a militant leader who figures in India 's list of most wanted terrorists, the head of the outlawed Harkat-ul- Mujahideen, driving into the mosque complex in the same car as the leader of the negotiating team, former prime minister Shujaat Hussain.

A man with a £12.5million bounty on his head and British lady
She said she was aware of the problems of being the daughter-in-law of a man with a £12.5million bounty on his head. Mrs Felix-Browne, who has already been married five times, believes she met her new husband's father at a party in London in the 1970s.
The curtains of Ms Felix-Browne`s detached house in the suburb of Moulton were drawn today and there were no signs of anyone inside. A sign pinned up on the front door window said: "I will not speak to any press." Please contact David Brown (a reporter at The Times) if you need any information." A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said she told him about the marriage two weeks ago.

Don't allow mosquitos of western life in India
Opposite to the above another news story of UK is sited by Teresa Brown, 33, was was arrested for attacking her husband in a Scottish hotel room with the stiletto heel of her shoe while her wedding reception continued downstairs. She spent the rest of her wedding weekend in a cell and was fined £250 ($587) this week. The groom, Mark Allerton, 40, had staggered to the front desk, clutching a bloody towel to his head, Townsend said. What a fine westen life which is being sent its mosquito eggs in our India.

Budhi ghodi lal lagam (bride of 51 gets Laden of 27)
The bride, 51, is a parish councillor in Moulton, Cheshire , and is a keen rider and scuba diver. She has worked at various jobs, including restoring houses and aircraft. Her father-in-law also has an avid interest in damaged aircraft.
The bridegroom, 27, who spells his middle name differently from his father's name and prefers to be known as "Omar," did not enter his father's branch of the family business. He works as a scrap dealer in Jedda , Saudi Arabia , and enjoys horseback riding.

This is not bogus marriage
The Sun printed a copy of what it identified as their wedding certificate and pictures purportedly showing the couple in Egypt . The housewife now hopes that her new husband will one day come and join her in Britain . 'He would like to spend quite a bit of time here,' she said. 'There is no reason why he should not come to live here.'

Glasgow Terror Attack and the innovative marriage
In a new audiotape, al-Qaida second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri threatened Britain with more attacks, accusing London of defying the Islamic world by honoring novelist Salman Rushdie. What will be the fate of Omar bin Landen after his reaching in UK .

Britain Second heaven after Pakistan for the terrorists
Last month, attackers failed in two car separate car bombing attacks in London and Glasgow . In July 2005, four suicide bombers killed over 50 in coordinated bombings on London 's transit system. After the said involvement of Indian Muslim dotors in Glasgow Terror Plot, Indian doctors are facing trouble in UK and Australia . As I said in my previous article
The mother-of-three and grandmother-of-five married bin Laden in a whirlwind Muslim wedding in April after meeting last year. He went back to Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia , where he lives with his other wife and child, and Jane came back to Moulton, Cheshire of UK of which she was a concillor. They speak every day on the phone she said. The pair spend up to 15 hours a day speaking on the phone and staying in touch on the internet, where Mrs Felix-Browne refers to her husband as 'habibi' - Arabic for 'my love'. A former interior designer,

Felix-Browne becomes Zaina Mohammed
According to Felix-Browne Zaina Mohammed their married relation is strong. In India we can say that Joint of favicol. Mrs Felix-Browne, said: 'I find it very difficult to live without him and I know he does too. But really we have the most normal life possible.'
Mrs Felix-Browne, is having to come to terms with the perils of becoming the daughter-in-law to the notorious al Qaeda leader.

She said: 'It would be nice if, like any other married woman, I could stand up and say this is my husband and this is his name, but I have to be realistic about things.

'I married the son, not the father'
'I hope people don't judge me too harshly. I married the son, not the father.'
Felix-Browne a keen rider and scuba diver, who also use the name Zaina Mohamad, is a parish councilor, with three children and five grandchildren. It is her sixth marriage.She married Osama bin Laden's son following a holiday romance. She married several times before and suffers from multiple sclerosis, now divides her time between her home in Britain and Saudi Arabia .

Romance affair began
Romance affair began after the pair met in Egypt - where she was seeking treatment for her condition - during a horseback tour near the Pyramids last September in Giza , Egypt.

After hitting it off with Omar, a lovestruck Mrs Felix-Browne returned to Egypt where she proposed to her future husband. They were married in Islamic ceremonies in Cairo and later in Saudi Arabia . Her husband Omar bin laden has another wife and a two-year-old child who may be happy to find his new British step mother 25 years older than his father of 27.
She said her husband, a scrap dealer living in Saudi Arabia , had lived with his father in Afghanistan as a child but had left the country before the September 11, 2001 , terror attacks on the United States.

"He last saw his father in 2000 when they were both in Afghanistan ," she said. "He left his father because he did not feel it was right to fight or to be in an army. Omar was training to be a soldier and he was only 19."

Felix-Browne said she has become Omar bin Laden's second wife, and is hoping to arrange a visa for her new husband to visit Britain , but acknowledged it would be difficult. "Because my husband's name is bin Laden he finds it very difficult to travel anywhere," she told The Sun.

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By Premendra Agrawal
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