Sunday, July 01, 2007


You are the most powerful ATOM of the universe

You have thinking power means you are the power of attorney of the ultimate creator so you can understand his world better and protect. How!

We all know five essential elements namely Air,Water,Fire,Earth,,Ether without which no life can be exist

How we live our life to protect the nature world or against it !

Off course we know against nature !

Why! Only one reason novelty

Novelty means different then creator’s world

We intentionally ignore all facts till we reach to level where no cure remain

Then we think about the creator and say O God please help us how he can do !

Either through you or some body else but he will be defiantly human being only because of thinking power

Then why not you !

What I should do !

Very simple

Be honest with yourself as well as to others

Live in present (no past no future)

Surrender to the creator that is universe (ego less)

Only present and live energy is KALANKI

It is present name of the VISHNU that is ANU means ATOM

All five elements from which life exist is made out of atom

If you utter OMKALANKINAMAH means you are with present and live energy

How I can confirmed it! just do it and experience it

Every one is full of worries so first you will release all worries then

Every one is unhealthy so you will gain your health in shortest time

Then every one is lack of resources that is money

If you live with truth then all you will get without asking

This I am practicing since I understand and I am the most satisfied man on this world you can be in this line if you just do

Omkalankinamah on continue basis


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