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How many of you can CATEGORICALLY support shri gurumurthy in demanding clear answers to these 15 questions from Sonia Gandhi and her spokespersons in the Congress and UPA, including the (dis)Honorable P.M.? If your answer is yes, what would you be willing to do to ascertain your right?

Mohan Gupta wrote:
From: "Mohan Gupta"
Subject: Puppet Prime Minister and puppet President
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 11:56:26 -0400

Sonia in Politics – A National Disaster
By Gurumurthy.
Antonia Maino Sonia has no rights to rule our country Bharat as she is a Traitor, who has Italian Mafia type attitude in everything and she may be a Spy for Italian and Russian Governments. If this is not true then can she answer the following:
Q.1 Why she took 16 long years to become an Indian Citizen? (1968 – 1984) In citizenship application why she mentioned her earlier name Antonia Maino and not Sonia Gandhi?
Q.2 As an Indian, she is just 24, then how come she claims herself as a Patriot over many freedom fighters and revolutionaries?
Q.3 When Rahul & Priyanka were born, that time she was holding Italian passport, so Rahul & Priyanka are Indians or Italians?
Q.4 Why she ran away to Italy & took her husband along with, during 1971 war, when Rajiv was supposed to serve the country as a Pilot by default? Why she did not come to India till the 1971 War got over?
Q.5 How she became the President of Congress without holding elections at the time of Sitaram Kesari?
Q.6 Staying in PM’s house, how come this House Wife keep contact with Italian Spy agencies without informing Home Ministry, PMO, RAW & IB?
Q.7 Why she hates or don’t believe in our security agencies like RAW & IB?
Q.8 Running the Mess & Country are both similar things?
Q.9 Can she tell in public and prove that her degree certificates of Cambridge University are not fake or bogus?
Q.10 Can she tell this country, that after her take over, conversion activities of Christian Missionaries have not increased by 30%?
Q.11 Can she tell that her Stri-dhan Ottavio Quotrochhi, has not looted this country for Rs 480 crores, who is her Italian family relative and who had access to PMO and PM’s residence for 20 long years before escaping from this country?
Q.12 Can she tell this country, how Bofors deal happened in 2 months, after Quotrochhi’s intervention and how he could deliver the goods well before committed date, when country’s security committee could not do it for 17 long months?
Q.13 How come she make alloy with M. Karunanidhi and DMK, as it’s a open secret, that DMK and LTTE has close connection, who were responsible for her husband and this country’s Prime Minister’s assassination?
Q.14 Can she tell openly that her ministers and prominent party workers like Ambika Soni, Arjun Singh, Ajit Jogi and her favourites Navin Chawla, N.Ram, Shekhar Gupta, Pronoy Roy are not converted Christians?
Q.15 How come she nominated Pratibha Patil for country’s no 1 position, the President ship, who was involved in fraudulent and criminal activities?
Puppet Prime Minister and puppet President
From: Dr S Sharma
This is disgrace on all Hindus and Hindu leaders who are biting dust and now the country has no P.M. no president and those who are slave of Soniajee' .She has both posts in her hands now . What a shame on one
hundred crores Indians. This is all possible due to the following opportunists
3.Rambilas Paswan
4.Islamic Congress
6. SLAVE AND Servant mentality of Indians
India has been under foreign and minorities rule since 712 A.D. and got freedom only on paper but again ruled by the last Englishman J.L.Nehru and his party or dynasty for good part of 60 years with the policy of divide and rule and then divide and destroy Hindus and Hinduism for ever for this Islamisation and Christianisation is in top speed to make India Islamistan but there will be a bloody fight which will turn the country into big Lebanon or Yugoslovia and the congress party of India will be responsible for that. Is there a way out for Indians not under this rotten democracy?
The cancer of Antonia Maino Sonia and congress party must be dealt with first and it must be the priority for all of us.
Most or all of the groups identified in this message, are Anti-Hindu. And Pratibha Patil herself is no friend of the Hindu. It is disgusting and horrific
Some politicians and media people are PARASITES. They Build Nothing. They Bring Nothing. They Don't Have a Foundation. They Don't Stand for Business. They Don't Stand for Ideology. They Use a Host to Facilitate & Grow Their Own Power. They Are Parasites That Latch Onto Oil Until It Is No Longer Convenient. They Latch On to Democracy Until It Is No Longer Convenient.” - Scott Ritter
Views of colonel Srinivas Rajan on election of Pratibha Patil
By: colonelrajan Srinivas
Saturday 21 July 2007 will go down in History as a sad day for Democracy in India. Make no mistake as to who is behind getting Mrs. Pratibha Patil elected as the President. Antonia Maino Sonia Gandhi, having made sure that she has a puppet PM who will play to her tunes; has now made sure that she has a puppet President who shall play to her tunes. Remember the next General Elections are due in a matter of two years in 2009.And who knows, the next General Elections may be postponed and held in the very near future itself. Well, as & when the next General Elections are held, it can be safely said that Congress shall romp home with as many seats in the Lok Sabha as what they have now; if not more, considering the fact that most of the parties in the Opposition, especially the BJP, are in a state of disarray. And as long as Congress romps home as the Single largest party, which is most likely to happen; Antonia Maino Antonia Maino Sonia Gandhi has made sure that with Mrs. Pratibha Patil as President, she will be called to form the Govt. as the PM. And who knows, she might even fore go the chance to be the PM and foist Rahul Gandhi as the PM. You must give it to the Nehru-Gandhi family for all the sacrifices they have made for the Cause of India. It is indeed sad that people like Sharad Pawar, who was once considered a Maratta warrior, and who formed the NCP because he did not wish to kow tow to Antonia Maino Sonia Gandhi, are today in cahoots with her. And about the Great Tiger Bal Thackeray, the less said the better. GOD help Bharat.

Having said that Saturday 21 July 2007 will go down in History as a sad day for Democracy in India, let me also say two more things.
1. One of the first acts of Mrs. Pratibha Patil as President would be to grant clemency to Afzal Guru and spare him from the gallows.
2. Mrs Pratibha Patil will not last long as the President; for Nemesis on account of her past misdeeds would soon catch up with her; and she would be forced to resign. Her name too shall go down in History as the first President who resigned and went home in ignominy. And what a contrast that would be to the Gentleman President we have had in Dr Abdul Kalam. To end believe me, India shall have the misfortune of having either Antonia Maino Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi as the PM; but take heart, their days of misrule will not last long.
Trust me; every dark cloud has a silver lining.
From: Keshav Acharya

The wide gap between the opinions of the people and those of politicians in the country is against democratic spirit. This gap is clear in the choice of the candidates for the next President of the country. In various surveys and polls held by many sections of the media, the present incumbent, A P J Abdul Kalam was the choice of the greatest number of people. Common man wishes that the president of India should not be a party man; but that he should be a person of high moral values, integrity and patriotism. The President should have power to safeguard the interests of the people and the Constitution of the people, which is clear from the oath he takes before taking over the office of the President. Common man does not expect the President to be a rubber stamp of the party in power. We had such Presidents in the past. One was V. V. Giri and another, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, who signed on the proclamation of emergency in the midnight of June 26,1975 at the instance of Indira Gandhi, who had not consulted the cabinet before approaching the proclamation of emergency. Earlier Indira Gandhi was unseated by the Allahabad High Court for corrupt electoral practices. Indira Gandhi had not consulted even her cabinet colleagues before taking the signature of the President. Remember the famous cartoon of Abu Abraham showing the then President dutifully signing the Ordinance proclaiming the Emergency in 1975 in bathtub! People wish such sorry history will not repeat. In democracy, will of the people must be supreme. Consequently, since many of our elected representatives have no consideration for it, we must demand an amendment to the Constitution to provide for direct election of the President. For this purpose,
there should be an electoral college of people, who are educated at least up to the level of the SSC i.e. standard X.
This college must be considered more powerful than the Parliament and referendum taken in this college must be considered above bills passed by the Parliament. This is necessary since many times the Parliament is prone to consider some populist measures, which are not in nation's interest. For example, now a bill pending in the Parliament is to double the salary of the President of India to Rs one lakh. MPs also try to reduce the authority of courts when the latter uphold the interests of the people by disposing of what the MPs propose some times. The President of India must have full authority to decide such matters for the referendum of the people. Rubber stamp President is unnecessary burden on the exchequer and is of no use. Powers of the President must also be very clearly stated in the amended Constitution. The President should not be bound by cabinet decisions. The President's speech should not be screened or censored by the cabinet. The President should have power to decide whether there should be his (Presidents') rule in a state under Article 256 of the Constitution. Thus the President should not be merely a figurehead. There must be a balance between the powers of the Prime Minister and those of the President to make our democracy a government for the people, by the people and of the people. There need not be the fear that this is against Parliamentary democracy and that there is the risk of dictatorship by the President, since there is the provision of impeachment of the President in our Constitution. For day-to-day matters of the government the present procedure should continue. An example of the defect in the present system is obvious in the procedure followed in the mercy petition of Mohamed Afzal, sentenced to death by the Supreme Court. On paper, the President has the power to decide on the petition, but the fact is that he is waiting for the advice of the Home Ministry i.e. of the cabinet of the union Ministry i.e. of the Prime Minister i.e. of the chairman of the UPA i.e. of Sonia Gandhi. This means that there is virtually the dictatorship of the chief in the ruling party that dominates a coalition government or one party government as the case may be.

Appeal to Citizen’s of India
Now after knowing this, you have to decide whether to punish this person or let her go and continue to make ourselves as SLAVES.


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