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islamic peril

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Phoney-Liberals in India and in the West, come out with the phoniest-excuses for the violence and Jehad of Islam. In their attempt to study the anatomy of Jehad, they try to separate the Moderate Moslems from the Extremist-Moslems, in their societies. What these Phonies are missing is what is right before their eyes, and that is there are no moderates in Islam, nor can there ever be. The result is that their Non-Moslem audience becomes the victim of Islam, instead of becoming well-prepared to take it on.

2. These Phoneys have lost touch with reality, and this has devastating effect on their thinking, and on the society to which they are preaching their phoney thesis. The problem is ideology of Islam, and the engine of violence is Islamic-Theology.

Hindu society has faced aggression and violence from the ideology of Islam, for more than 1200 years. As a result of its violence and aggression, Islam has gained a large number of converts in the Indian sub-continent, and continues to stage further rounds of aggression against, the so-called Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). History bears witness to the truth that, ideological aggression is always followed by physical aggression, and Islam is a perfect example of that.

3. Another excuse that the Phoney-Liberals use is, that Islamist-Jehadists are poor, dispossessed, and resentful of their deprived status. This excuse is as phoney as a three-dollar bill. The recent arrest of doctors in the car-bomb episode, gives a big fat lie to this poor excuse. These terrorists are medical professionals, and can in no way be considered as either poor or dispossessed.

If you think hard, you will come to the inescapable conclusion, that it is not poverty that drives the Islamic-Jehad, it is something else, and that something else is Islamic-Ideology.

4. Islam has left a trail of terrible violence of over 1400 years, and Islam's dark secrets are engraved on the pages of history.

Even inside the Hindu country of India, the aggressive ideology continues to operate, centers and seminariess of Islam, are well-entrenched inside India, they continue to recruit and train Ideologically-Equipped Jehadis, to spread their tentacles and violence all across India, to get rid of Kufr and Kafir-Hindu out of India.

5. Let there be no oversight or misunderstanding:
Islam is only going to escalate in its violence. Its founder, Hazrat Mohammad was a con-artist, and his Jehadist-Tricks are only going to multiply. Moslems will try to get what Hazrat Mohammad promised them in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ).
As a result of the Phoney-Preaching of the Phoney-Liberals, the Hindu society has been thrown on the defensive, to such an extent that even a mild protest against the aggression of Islam, invites the accusation of communalism and intolerance against the Hindu.

6. Hindus: Don't wait till tomorrow, the danger is right here today. Islam is a house of horros. Do not try to be benign to Islamic-Ideology, benign-ness will only register as cowardice of the Hindu, in the Islamic minds. What is required is a fitting Hindu response to the character, and dimensions of Islamic-Aggression against the Hindu.

Surinder Paul Attri

On 4/2/07, surinder attri wrote:

Subj: Islamic Peril

1. Writes Dr. Suseelan:

Kanayalal Raina's interpretation of Koran and islam is based on wrong assumptions. He has failed to understand the Muslim behavior pattern because he has failed to study the inherent evil nature of Islam. He has assumed a priori that the Koran is a religious scripture full of lofty messages.

2. My Take:

I do not want to pick on Shri Kanayalal Raina, because there are too many other Hindus who are victims of the same mis-apprehension, same mis-interpretation. To pick on Shri Kanayalal Jee, would only trivialize the problem. However, Dr.Suseelan's identification of " based on wrong assumptions ," provides the clear answer.

Is Quran a scripture of lofty-messages ? Lofty messages, my foot !

Quran is a manual of Kafir-Murder, Torture-Murder of Hateful Non-Moslem Infidels ( labelled by Islam as Kafirs ).

3. My friend, Shri R.K. Ohri Jee, has just supplied me with the following quote from Al Qaeda:


"Islamic governments have never and will never be established by peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they have always been, by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth."

Preamble of Al Qaeda.

My Reaction: Al Qaeda's bell-wether makes Islam's intentions very clear. Moslems want to murder us Kafirs ( Kafir-Hindus included ), in order to prevent us Hindus from going to Hell ( Islamic Hell ). Pen and gun, ….tongue and teeth are the weapons ( murder-weapons ) of Islam's war against us Kafirs. What Kafirs need to do is to slash the tongue of Islam, and cut its teeth.

4. Islam is a violent criminal, it cannot hide its identity, it wants to avoid responsibility for its criminal behavior and its crooked culpable actions.

If we Hindus don't fight back, there will be a torture murder of the Hindu, on a mammoth scale.

5. Wrties Dr. Suseelan:

Even Mohammedan leader and founder, the pedophile Mohamed was a mass murderer.

My Take:

Hazrat Mohammad was a cold-blooded killer, cold-blooded SOB ( Snaffu Bitch ). He has terrorized Kafirs from start to finish, for the last 1400 years.

Surinder Paul Attri


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I cannot understand how the Sufi and Al Qaeda , come from the same font.
How does any one of any creed deal with such poison without becoming polluted by the same poison.
I sense the poison is spreading, when I read this article.
Ever read 'The Art of War'? There is maybe a method there.



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