Monday, July 02, 2007

An Irish couple and the tramp

As John, an Irishman, came out of the bar, a tramp approached him and asked if he could spare a quid. John said oh, it's no use you will smoke it away. He replied sir I do not smoke. You will drink it away; Never touched a drop. You will gamble it away. Sir, I never gambled in my life. John thought for a moment and said to the tramp that if he just came to his house with him he will give him five punts.

The man agreed. As they reached home, John knocked at his door; the wife, Mary, opened the door and asked what the pair of you want?
John said, look Mary, here is a man, who doesn't smoke, never drinks, doesn't gamble. And, faith, as you always tell me that you would have been far better off marrying a person who didn't indulge in any of these vices. And now that here is the right man of your choice that you always wanted, don't go back on your word and marry him.

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