Sunday, July 01, 2007


Unless there is a strong bond among people, disunity will prevail. This is
true for other countries and cultures also but is more prevalent among
Bhartiyas. We tend to sing on our own tunes. One person told me that his
grown up children speak good Hindi and he has done a good job in that
regard. But he does not understand that unless a collective environment,
conducive to popularize Hindi, is created the hard work done at home will be
wasted. Unless a group is created with whom one can converse in Hindi,
individual efforts will be short-lived.

From time to time, Hindus have received divine help to jolt them from their
slumber, but then we go back again to our old habits of selfishness, greed,
individuality, jealously, etc. No other race has been so oppressed and taken
advantage of as Hindus, but we just don’t learn any lessons from our
defeats. Doodh ke jale ko chhachh bhi phook phook kar peena chaahiye. This
proverb is created by us but we don’t heed the advice hidden in it.

Unity among Hindus is of utmost importance and no one can deny the need of
it. Hindus have never been united. Even Raja Janak, Dashrath, Vishwamitra,
and Vashishtha did not see each other on equal terms. Ram was the unifying
factor among them. Can we make Hindi as a unifying thread to bring Bhartiyas
of various backgrounds together? I believe we can and we must. I don’t see
any other alternative right now.



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