Saturday, June 16, 2007


:Shree Hari:

Adhik Jyeshth Purnima, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shukravar
15th June, 2007, Friday

The most important fact, is that God (manifest or unmanifest), pervades everywhere - in all persons, things, incidents, circumstances and actions and there is never any modification in Him, while matter always undergoes modifications. As a diver, dives into an ocean and is engulfed in water all around, similarly a spiritual aspirant, should feel God all around and also wihin him. The only aim of mankind is to realize God, Who is ever realizable, but we do not feel Him, because we divert our attention towards perishable things.

If we had exclusive devotion to attain only Him, our mind would be automatically concentrated on Him. Space is all around us, and so is God, but we do not pay attention to this. Therefore a spiritual aspirant, abandoning all thoughts of the world, should be indifferent and quiet. He, while concentrating his mind on God, commits an error, that he opposes a thought that comes to the mind, and then has affinity with that thought. He has affinity for a thought, if he is attached to it. Therefore a stirver should neither oppose any thought, nor support it. He should only remain indifferent and attain tranquility or quietude.

All projections of the mind are transient, as these are born, they will certainly disappear. We should not accept our affinity with them and only accept affinity with God that pervades everywhere. It is only when we confine ourselves to this body, that our separate entity comes in to existence that "I am". This individuality that we perceive is also enveloped by God who is limitless. He is the embodiment of truth, knowledge, bliss, equinamity, and tranquility. God is the illuminator of all things and actions. He is the One Light, that remains as is. Just as the light has no relation with the actions, objects and persons,
similarly God too has no relation with objects and actions that are transitory, while He is the origin. Being established in Him, one should not think of anything. (Gita 6:25)

From "The Bhagavad Gita - Sadhak Sanjivani " in English pg 751, in Hindi pg 428 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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