Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Dear Sadhaks, Namaste!
Most of our questions arise from our assumptions about
God as someone separate from us, and created this
world and has bound people by predeterministic way!
I say if one understands God first, through
experience, then see if that person can commit any
crime! simply impossible!
Such questions, humbly pointed, are like putting
cart before horse!
We are all in Totality Ishwara, God! Not individually!
We are not separate individuals because we cannot
survive even physically in isolation. We need air,
sunlight, water, foods which are all universal in
nature! We also need people to be with psychologically
too! there is nothing personal about our existence!
Let us realize our true identity as one whole Being
God is our true identity, which is total freedom! Such
freedom acts through us at every moment; we are free
to act in the best interests of all. Destiny is not
fixed in terms of time in the past but is pre-ordained
in the sense of freedom to act out of clarity of who
we are at every moment without desires and fears!
Namaskar! .......Pratap


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