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surinder attri Thu, May 24, 2007 at 8:30 PM
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Defense of Hinduism

By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. Hindu society has been facing Islamic aggression and barbarism, for 1200 years plus. As a result of its terrible brutality on the Hindu, Islam has gained a large population of converts, out of the Hindu fold, mostly through forced conversions, and also partitioned our Sacred land of Bharat. Now 150 million of Moslems living in India, are dreaming of creating another Pakistan, out of existing India.

2. Hindu society has also been facing aggression from Christianity, for the last 500 years plus. As a result of its aggression and relentless evangelization, Christianity has gained a substantial number of converts, mostly by enticements, force, fraud, and treachery. The Christian converts in NE India, now feel sufficiently strong numerically, to mount physical attacks against the local natives, Hindus and Tribals living in NE India, to convert them to Christianity. They also feel confident and powerful enough to launch, violent insurrections against the Central Government of India.

3. It should be obvious that, as a result of ideological and physical aggression of Islam and Christianity in India, the Hindu has suffered staggering losses, not only in terms of property and land, but in population, pride and happiness as well. Motivated by an unabashed desire for proselytisation, conquest, and subjugation of Non-Moslems/Non-Christians, both Islam and Christianity have developed powerful tools, for targeting weaker sections of the Hindu population for conversion, and eventually to finish off Hinduism in India altogether. Even though, there is no justification, sense, or logic in this Islam and Christian aggression against the Hindu, it is not possible to convince either of the two, of the futility of this aggressive pursuit. Both are determined and convince that, Hinduism must die in India.

4. It needs to be pointed out to all, Hindus and Non-Hindus, that the Hindu of today is not the Hindu of 12th century. Hindu is now getting wise to the designs ( evil designs ) of both Islam and Christianity. Hindu is now preparing counter-measures, to vacate both Islamic and Christian aggression against the Hindu. The Aggressor stands warned that:

Hindu is very patient, but Hindu's patience is Not Unlimited.

Surinder Paul Attri

On 4/2/07, surinder attri wrote:

Subj: Islamic Peril

1. Writes Dr. Suseelan:

Kanayalal Raina's interpretation of Koran and islam is based on wrong assumptions. He has failed to understand the Muslim behavior pattern because he has failed to study the inherent evil nature of Islam. He has assumed a priori that the Koran is a religious scripture full of lofty messages.

2. My Take:

I do not want to pick on Shri Kanayalal Raina, because there are too many other Hindus who are victims of the same mis-apprehension, same mis-interpretation. To pick on Shri Kanayalal Jee, would only trivialize the problem. However, Dr.Suseelan's identification of " based on wrong assumptions ," provides the clear answer.

Is Quran a scripture of lofty-messages ? Lofty messages, my foot !

Quran is a manual of Kafir-Murder, Torture-Murder of Hateful Non-Moslem Infidels ( labelled by Islam as Kafirs ).

3. My friend, Shri R.K. Ohri Jee, has just supplied me with the following quote from Al Qaeda:


"Islamic governments have never and will never be established by peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they have always been, by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth."

Preamble of Al Qaeda.

My Reaction: Al Qaeda's bell-wether makes Islam's intentions very clear. Moslems want to murder us Kafirs ( Kafir-Hindus included ), in order to prevent us Hindus from going to Hell ( Islamic Hell ). Pen and gun, ….tongue and teeth are the weapons ( murder-weapons ) of Islam's war against us Kafirs. What Kafirs need to do is to slash the tongue of Islam, and cut its teeth.

4. Islam is a violent criminal, it cannot hide its identity, it wants to avoid responsibility for its criminal behavior and its crooked culpable actions.

If we Hindus don't fight back, there will be a torture murder of the Hindu, on a mammoth scale.

5. Wrties Dr. Suseelan:

Even Mohammedan leader and founder, the pedophile Mohamed was a mass murderer.

My Take:

Hazrat Mohammad was a cold-blooded killer, cold-blooded SOB ( Snaffu Bitch ). He has terrorized Kafirs from start to finish, for the last 1400 years.

Surinder Paul Attri



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