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> Subject: Convert Entire Indian Population to Christianity
>> Convert Entire Indian Population to Christianity
>> Christian organizations, mostly from the U.S. or from the Catholic Church
>> based in Europe, want to convert all of the Hindu population of India to
>> Christianity. Just a few years ago, Pope Paul came to Delhi, put a
>> cross
>> down, and declared that in this century India will become a Christian
>> country. This was their strategy in South Korea and now South Korea is a
>> Christian country. Please remember when Christianity started in Europe,
>> they destroyed every religion which was there at the time. They do not
>> dare
>> convert Muslims to Christianity, so they would like to concentrate on
>> India
>> with its large Hindu population. They seem to be using the following
>> strategies to reach their objective:
>> 1.. Get control of all of the news media of India. At this time 90% of
>> the
>> news media of India is under their control. There are 4 Christian
>> channels
>> on TV and quite a few radio stations.
>> 2.. Defeat the Nationalist party. Millions of dollars are spent to
>> defeat
>> Nationalist parties, e.g. BJP, and to make sure that the Congress Party,
>> which is dominated by Christians, rules India. The Nationalist RSS and
>> VHP
>> are also targeted through negative comments by the controlled news media.
>> They make RSS and VHP's life difficult.
>> 3.. Intimidate Nationalist leaders. Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra
>> Modi, an RSS man, wanted to visit the U.S. to attend a meeting and the US
>> government denied his entry into the U.S. They do not like RSS and VHP
>> because they convert Christians back into Hindus saying, "Come home
>> again".
>> 4.. Open Christian schools and hospitals. In India Christian schools
>> have
>> a certain number of seats reserved for Christian children. Since
>> Christian
>> schools teach English well, Hindus wait in line to get in. Some Hindus
>> become Christian just to put their children into Christian schools. In
>> the
>> mountain area, if they open schools, they force the children to accept
>> Christianity.
>> 5.. Get control of the primary Indian political parties. I have heard
>> that the Catholic Church arranged for a Catholic girl to marry Rajiv
>> Gandhi
>> and when he wanted to marry her in the church he had to convert to
>> Christianity and accept a Christian name, Robert Gandhi. Later he became
>> the
>> Prime Minister of India. At that time I was in Hawaii, on my way to
>> India.
>> I was in a taxi and the driver told me "we are very proud that the Prime
>> Minister of India is a Christian." After his assassination his wife
>> Sonia
>> Gandhi has complete control of the major Congress Party of India.
>> 6.. Have thousands of missionaries actively pursuing conversions. There
>> may be 10,000 Christian missionaries in India, they are the cancer of
>> India.
>> Some of them give money if a Hindu converts to Christianity. I have
>> heard
>> that the going price is about 2,000 to 3,000 Rupees.
>> 7.. Open churches in every town and village. I read a report that they
>> started building churches in Punjab. One report says that they are
>> planning
>> to build hundreds of churches on the banks of the Ganges River.
>> 8.. Divide and conquer Hindu society. This strategy continues to be
>> used
>> effectively against Hindu society. They want to divide Hindu society
>> based
>> on the caste system.
>> 9.. Take control of Hindu temples, get their money, and give it to
>> Christians to convert Hindus. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y.S.
>> Rajasekhar Ready, who is a Christian and was selected by Sonia Gandhi, is
>> doing this.
>> 10.. Take control of Hindu businesses by having Christians marry Hindu
>> children. This is an organized strategy. I know a rich family, whose
>> daughter came to the U.S. A Christian boy married her and the girl's
>> family
>> announced that he was a Brahman Christian from Goa. Since the family has
>> no
>> other children, the girl's husband may take over the family business.
>> 11.. Take over Indian organizations as well as NGOs and other
>> organizations built with western money. This is an organized strategy as
>> well.
>> 12.. Penetrate Hindu art and music. When I was making a music CD in
>> Amadavad, I took the assistance of an Indian singer. He told me that
>> Christian churches give him money to sing Christian songs in Gujarati and
>> they distribute those tapes in villages to spread Christianity through
>> music. In Indian movies, Christians give money to the producers to have
>> the
>> actors and actresses presented as Christians by coming out of a Church
>> and
>> emphasizing the cross behind them. The star is often shown dancing with
>> a
>> cross on his T-shirt.
>> 13.. Put a Cross on every nook and corner of India. When I was visiting
>> South India every house had a cross on the front of their cottage.
>> Recently
>> the congress party which I consider a Christian party, has put a cross on
>> the new $2 Rupee coin.
>> 14.. Build up Christianity and down grade Hinduism. Create a myth of
>> Saint Thomas a great saint of Christians, which is not the true.
>> These strategies can work against Hindus only if we allow them to work
>> against us. The first step is for as many people as possible to become
>> aware of what is happening. Please inform as many people as you can. The
>> second step is to work together to prevent these strategies from being
>> used.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger AITA said...

i intrest to convert christianity

how will i convert ?
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At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is true
*Giving money for conversion.
*A lot of money is spent to convert innocent people to christianity.
*They cheat poor people by brain washing.
*christians are not born to become great business man; so bad people who hates India's growth spread christianity, so that great business man are not created in India affecting Indias growth.
*They create emotional dramas on mentally weak and people who are not strong in their thoughts.
*some schools/offices give majority of seats only to christian people.

To avoid conversion read and understand your Holy books(Quran, Bhagavath Gita...) on a regular interval.
There is lot of good things in other religions than compared to christianity.
If Hindus and Muslims start to spread their religion there would be no christianity in the world.


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