Monday, May 14, 2007


coming sooner than you think and THE GREAT INDIA IS NOT FAR BEHIND IMMITATING the US of A IN EVERYTHING imaginable.


CHICAGO - In a section of a nightclub district sometimes called "the viagra triangle, a huge billboard rose up recently with photographs of a sexy, scantily clad woman on one side and a buff, bare-chested man on the other.

The text between the photos proclaimed: 'LIFE'S SHORT. GET A DIVROCE."

The above, an ad by a divorce lawyer in Chicago, named Corri Fetman, was meant to remind unhappy, restless or bored spouses that they have other options, some quite attractive. "The message is, if you're unhappy, do something about it," Fetman said. "It's really no different than a motivational book that says "Live the best life you can -- be happy." She hoped it would generate some buzz. Since then, the phones at her law firm have scarcely stopped ringing.At last count5, more than 1,000 people had called or sent an email about the ad. Some people congraulated Fetman for telling it like it is. Some accused her of doing the work of the devil.

It's ZERO or 10," Fetman said. "There's no gray area." .....

Comment on the above news item:

With no religious education in schools either in USA or in India, banned by the Supreme Courts concerned for no mixing of religion and politics, etc., how people can understand any difference between ethics, morality or to hold back when difficult times hit instead of jumping 'in the lake' for greener looking pastures.

TO SUM UP, THE KALIYUG IS HERE AND IT IS HERE TO STAY AND IT WILL BE GHOR KALIYUG, SOONER THAN LATER, for everyone to enjoy the prosperity, glamour, fame and all that without any family life or wife or children to share it with, etc. etc.and when nothing will make sense any longer about this life or the world.

Bhagwan sab ki raksha karein.



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