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Recent poll results-A natural Hindu reaction
3/14/2007 9:21:05 AM: H.Balakrishnan

Ever since the Congress returned to power in Delhi, its policies and politics have gravitated towards restoring its old vote banks. Blatant appeasement of the Muslims has become an article of faith for the party, and this was first reflected in the reservation of five per cent seats for Muslims in Andhra Pradesh. Even though the courts have held communal reservations to be unconstitutional, the party has insisted on going through with the measure. This was followed by a sinister campaign to extend the benefits of reservations to 'Dalit' Muslims and Christians.Finally, an old lackey of the Congress was used to prepare a report on the state of backwardness of the Muslim community so that the government could use this report to initiate special measures for uplifting the community.

The least middle-class India expected from Dr Manmohan Singh was intellectual honesty, a clean government and progressive policies. But what they got in return is a man who openly declares that one particular community has the first claim and right to the resources of the Indian State.

All sorts of special schemes are being initiated to give sops to the Muslim community. Jumping on to this band-wagon are of course the Communists and other casteist leaders,who are exhorting the Congress government to go even further in appeasing the Muslims.

At the same time, the old virus of reservations has been resurrected by this government. As it is an education cess is being extorted from the tax-payer to collect more resources for education. Now this cess has been increased, dealing a double-whammy to the ordinary citizen.

Not only does the hard-working middle-class family face the prospect of their children being denied a fair chance to get a decent education in IITs and IIMs, they are also being forced to subsidise the education of other people's children. This will be the final nail in the coffin of the productive class of people of this country.

Somewhere in the back of the minds of the people these factors would have certainly affected urban voting behaviour. As the Congress goes headlong into its appeasement policy, it will create a natural Hindu reaction. Urban Punjab has shown that. But our 'secularists' will continue being ostriches! The Nation be damned.


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Re: Recent poll results-A natural Hindu reaction
Concerned Hindu 3/16/2007 9:29:23 AM

Let us hope that the recent poll results when congress and psecuo-secular parties have been routed are the results of hindus reacting to the actions of their enemies and that the anti-national congress and their pseudo-secular majority-hating friends will soon be out of power in all states and the centre as well. BJP and RSS are not doing enough to educate the hindus and to bring large unity at all levels. They must openly say that in hindustan majority hindus will have the first choice on all matters and that minorities will have to live respecting majority sentiments like in other countries.The BJP and RSS must proclaim that revenues from temples will be used only for upliftment of poor hindus only and that they will use these funds for the betterment of sc/st and adivasi and dalit hindus mainly. There has to be greater co-operation between hindus in all levels of activitiy and they must form a solid vote bank and share power and benefits based on proportional represenation of the communities. The poor sections of hindus must get all state benefits and those who hindus who converted to other religions should not be given any special privileges at all in state or central government posts or in educational or other matters.
Re: Recent poll results-A natural Hindu reaction
Ganesh 3/14/2007 11:58:45 AM

In spite of such blatant violation of the constitution, I am dismayed by the silence of BJP and RSS. I think they are not doing enough to spread the information through all available sources. I know that media will not be interested. Still millions of people visit temples.Why cant the temple authorities tell the devotees the injustice meted out to the community?There are so many temples under the control of RSS .
Let us also use our relegious places for spreading political awareness.