Friday, March 16, 2007


Indian Coins with Christian Cross

How many Hindus have noticed that the new two-rupee coins have a sign like the Christian Cross engraved on them? Many European governments have decided to ban the use of the sacred Hindu sign of Swastika by the Hindus of Europe even for religious purposes, even though the other banned tilted Swastika of the German Nazis is of a different inverted design. Is the secular Government of India openly using the sign like the Cross on Indian coins to encourage the spread of Christianity in India?

To please the majority Hindu community, will the Government of India ever show real courage by putting a Swastika sign on any coins and currency notes? In the medical field, why cannot India use a red Swastika in place of the Red Cross? In many Muslim countries, the sign of the Red Crescent is used instead of the Red Cross in the medical field.

Is the UPA-led Government of Manmohan Singh not favoring the Christian community just to keep the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi in good humor? Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not acting as a mere puppet of Sonia Gandhi who is behaving like a de facto Empress of India?

Ashok T. Jaisinghani.


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