Friday, February 16, 2007

Indians are most unpatriotic people
- koshur batta - Feb 8 2007

Indians must be the most unpatriotic people in the world. For me patriotism doesn’t mean being proud of your country only; it also means being sensitive towards happenings around you and being consciously aware of the developments that have consequences for the continuity of India as a nation. There was a time when a US citizen avoiding a compulsory two year stint with the army was considered an unpatriotic person not worthy of holding any public office. Our nation is more obsessed with Shilpa Shetty, Ash- Abhishekh, cricket and money. Our media is more concerned about ghosts, snakes and frivolous incidents on which it devotes hundreds of hours of air time every week. We as individuals are only energized towards amassing personal fortunes and have no sensitivity towards our political system, which is slowly but surely eating into the basic fundamentals of our nationhood. There are strong indications of India heading for another partition, which could be a precursor for an eventual balkanization of the country. A large section of national and international media is reporting that India has, by and large, accepted the Pakistan president’s latest four point formula for resolution of Kashmir conflict. Indian public, intelligentsia, media, civil society as well as the political parties are maintaining a stoic silence on the developments indicating a tacit acceptance of disintegration of the country. Unfortunately, nobody has taken a serious view of Manmohan Singh welcoming the Musharraf’s proposal. Does that mean India is so fatigued while maintaining Kashmir that it wants a good riddance? What can you say about our country, which undermines the sanctity of its own parliamentary resolutions that proclaim Kashmir being the integral part of the country. Nothing indicates the inevitability of the Kashmir’s cessation from India than the fact of national polity, irrespective of their affiliations, no longer mentioning Kashmir as an integral part of India. Seventeen years back when more than three hundred and fifty thousand Kashmir Pandits were thrown out of their homeland, they tried to tell the nation that their ouster was not a political attack on the community but a civilizational assault on the Indian nationhood. Nobody in India took them seriously and on the contrary ridiculed them for predicting the expansion of Islamic terrorism to the other parts of the country. Today, a Muslim fundamentalist can find a safe refuge in any Indian city from where he can launch his sordid attacks as per his will. And if any body dares to mention this fact publicly, he is immediately condemned as a right wing communalist. Sadly, Indian people have accepted the opposition to particular fundamentalism as non-secular.

Predictions of a displaced Kashmiri Pandit (Many will laugh at this as they laughed in early 1990’s).

1. India will agree to the joint administration of unified Jammu and Kashmir.
2. There will be no border between India and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir.
3. There will be free movement of people within the state.
4. There will be free movement of goods across the state.
5. Terrorists will then have a free access to any part of the state from where they can easily sneak into India.
6. The arms and destructive ammunition will have unhindered access to Jammu from where it will be smuggled to other parts of Kashmir.
7. India will withdraw its forces from Kashmir and station them in Panjab.
8. For sometime both Pakistani as well as Indian currency will be legally accepted tender in J and K.
9. No Indian will ever be allowed to own property in Kashmir, while as Kashmiri’s will be free to purchase real estate anywhere in India.
10. Gradually Indian presence in Kashmir will decrease and an Independent Jammu and Kashmir will come into existence.
11. The independent Jammu and Kashmir will then merge itself with Pakistan.
12. Pakistan will then restart the whole process in other Muslim dominated area of India.
13. Indians will continue to be obsessed with cricket, film stars, settling abroad and amassing personal wealth.
14. As per the present indications all this will take a maximum of ten years.

I doubt any patriotic people will accept this lying down. But, as I started, Indians and patriotism are non-congenial terms.

This time, GOD almighty, please prove me wrong.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Day Dreamer said...

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At 1:18 PM, Blogger Day Dreamer said...

Frustations of a proud Sikh:

1. Mughals came to India with an attempt to make India a muslim country.

2. They started looting hindu families, raping hindu women and converting hindus to muslims.

3. Fear creeped in the minds of hindus that their religion will vanish if this continues.

4. A group of brave and proactive men came forward and formed an army to protect hindus against mughals attrocities.

5. This group did a great job in saving the hindu religion from mughals.

6. This group later went on to become a seperate religion called Sikh religion and had a different physical identity so that they can be recognized easily as Sikhs.

7. A few years later, Hindus who were ashamed of telling their children that heir asses were saved by people from some different religion started thinking how to get rid of this shame.

8. They came up with a disgusting idea, make fun of Sikhs so that they can hide the fact that hey didnt have the balls to protect their own community.

9. Sikhs continue to make active contribution to the Indian society by producing India's greatest ever economist, great fighters in Army and other areas.

10. Hindus continue to ment their frustation in their legacy by cracking more stupid jokes about Sikhs.

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