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Sachar Committee Report - A document to divide
- By Ram Gopal
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Sachar Committee report on the supposed Muslim backwardness has only confirmed that the UPA government at the Centre is bent upon polarising Indian people into Muslim and non-Muslim blocs. One hundred years ago, few days before the birth of the Muslim League, the British Viceroy Lord Minto received Sir Aga Khan led Muslim delegation on October 1, 1906 and gave them the signal to pursue their separate Muslim agenda. The separatist memorandum of the delegation and the address to the Viceroy had been prepared by and Englishman, Shri Archbold, then Principal of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) Collage, Aligarh, later Aligarh Muslim University. It included demands for (a) adequate representation of Muslims in all civil and military services and in the High Courts and appointment to higher posts without competitive examinations; (b) election of Muslims to the Provincial Councils and Central Legislature through separate Muslim electorates in numbers not proportionate to their small population but in comparison to their political importance; and (c) aid in founding a Muslim university which would be a centre of learning for the Muslims. (Based on “History of Freedom Movement in India”, vol. III, by Dr Tara Chand, published by Government of India, Publication Division).

Now, the Sachar Committee has accomplished a similar divisive job. In addition, it has also incorporated elements of the ‘Pirpur report’ of 1938, prepared by a Muslim Nawab of Pipur, listing out imaginary cases of Congress atrocities in provinces under its rule in certain provinces those days. This report became and important instrument in seeking Partition and creation of Pakistan. Just as the religion based reservations of the Muslims granted by the British in 1909 sowed the seeds of Partition, the reservations now sought to be made by the Congress-led UPA government, following the Sachar Committee report, is a sure signal of another Partition Islamisation of Indian polity in which status of all non-Muslims will be one of dhimmis, second or third class citizens.

The Sachar Committee was set up with a pre-conceived notion that the Muslims were the most backward and poorest lot, deserving special treatment by way of reservation in government jobs, in educational institutions and granting of many other concessions and incentives. The Committee was only to prepare a framework to provide justification for NPA’s already chalked out divisive game-plan. It is noteworthy that economic backwardness of the Muslims is a self-imposed reality throughout the world and is and asset to Muslim politics. It is well known that the Mughal rule in India formally ended in 1858, with the deportation of its last king Bahadur Shah Zafar by the British government. Just 24 years after the event, that is, in 1882, appearing before the Education Commission of the Central Legislative Assembly, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan lamented over the negligible Muslim number among the graduates of Calcutta University in comparison to the Muslim population under its jurisdiction. He said that, based on their population in the area their number should have been 1262, whereas they were just 57. Thus, Sir Syed pleaded for government help in initiating programs for the educational betterment of the Muslims.

Presuming that the reported Muslim backwardness and poverty is true, was it not the duty of the Sachar Committee to go into its causes? It should have found out reasons as to why all other religious minorities, namely, Parsis, Jews, Sikhs and Jains, advanced for ahead of the so-called Hindu majority and why did only the Muslim community lag behind? When the Constitution makers recommended reservations for the Scheduled Castes, they justified it on the accepted historical ground that they had suffered serious deprivation in education and other areas for centuries at the hands of upper caste Hindus. The basic question is as to who stood in the way of Muslims who claim to have been rulers of undivided India for 600-800 years and the historical truth is that, during all this period of Muslim rule, Hindus were continuously persecuted. From the last quarter of the 19th century up to 1947, the British government gave them a preferential treatment.

Sachar Committee did note that the Muslims were having 5 lakh Wakf properties worth Rs. 1.2 lakh crore and, if managed properly on market norms, these could fetch at least 10 per cent annually amounting to Rs. 12,000 crore. May be, the managers of these properties are already doing it and putting the profit in their pockets or using it in raising more mosques, more madrasas, more jehadi forces, more arms and ammunition. But, to add insult to the injury, Sachar Committee has recommended that government should allocate and amount of Rs 500 crore to set up and apex Wakf Management Board. Besides, why didn’t the Sachar Committee see that though Muslims are a minority in India, they make the 2nd largest human beings on earth, next only to Christians, and there are over 50 Muslim States who own most of the oil and natural gas reserves? Indian Muslims are understood to getting nearly Rs 5,000 crore worth financial and other aid from rich Muslim nations which also they use in raising mosques, madrasas. Hardly any amount is spent on removing the alleged Muslim backwardness.

Most of the alleged Muslim poverty and backwardness is the result of the separatist political ideology followed by their leaders and the rest is due to their own degenerate social order of ‘Ashraf’, the affluent ones, ‘ Ajalf’, the poor ones and ‘Arzal’, very poor. Most of the aid and grant given in the name of Muslims goes to the Ashrafs. The other two categories mostly consist of converts front the poor Hindu OBCs and SCs. Most of them are now covered by the reservation quota sanctioned for the OBCs. The bitter truth is that all the suicide cases on account of poverty, bankruptcy, or unemployment are committed by Hindus? If conditions of Muslims in India were so pathetic, how is it that Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh are illegally finding their way to India for better prospects? Why is it not the other way round? The Sachar Committee should also have seen as to how Muslims are dominating the film world and why their presence in the print and electronic media is fast increasing?

The truth of the matter is that in every part of the earth where Muslims happen to be a minority, they start with demanding safeguards as a minority community, then they declare themselves a separate nation, followed by a demand for Partition, separate homeland, and start fighting ‘jehad’. This is how Pakistan came into being. Hindus, who have lost track of their blood-soaked history of Partition and creation of Pakistan, are moving towards a greater tragedy.

Today, even the world body has realised how Muslim leaders consider political power more important than anything else and would make any amount of sacrifice or commit violence towards this goal. Thus, in India, right since 1947, the Muslim leaders have been engaged in raising mosques, madrasas, Shariat courts, promoting Urdu language, multiplying their numbers and increasing their fighting capacity. With the blessings of their foolish Hindu patrons, they have set up two Urdu universities, (there is none for Hindi), They have got Urdu, written in Persian script, recognised as the second official language in most Hindi States and some non-Hindi speaking States. Though Muslims comprise less than 15 per cent of the population, their political importance is the greatest. Next to Hindi, Urdu has the maximum number of dailies and weeklies, that is more than those of any other Indian languages. Currently, Muslim leaders are trying to get recognition to their madrasa degrees as equivalent to university degrees. Everywhere, they don’t want to be a part of the majority mainstream, but want all other to submit to their whims and fancies.

If Muslims themselves choose to stick to their Shariat laws, Urdu language in Persian script, madrasa education and do not want to break away form the clutches of their outdated clergy, they are bound to remain unfit for the posts and positions which require university degrees, knowledge of English or Hindi. This is the price of their separatism, which only they have to pay. Why should they or their patrons complain of their backwardness and lack of opportunities? Why didn’t Sachar Committee see that, as a result of Partition, one crore of uprooted Hindus, including Shri Sachar, from Pakistan and another two crore uprooted Hindus from Bangladesh came to India as refugees. They all got settled through their hard work. They neither sought nor got any kind of reservations. Why should the Muslims, who have been living here for generations, seek reservations?

For the above reasons, Sachar Committee report deserves to be thrown into waste paper basket. Implement of its recommendations will simply mean paying heavy premium on Muslim separatism, combined with terrorism. Besides, it will be a rape of the Indian Constitution whose hall marks are secularism, equality, unity and integrity of the nation. The next step will be another Partition or making India a bigger Islamic State than Pakistan or Bangladesh. This should be a matter of serious concern to all nationalists, leaders of all political partiers, (ruling or in opposition), all intellectuals and opinion makers. If Muslims are to be helped, without destroying India’s unity, integrity and its secular character, they should be helped to break the shackles of Mullahs and Moulvis of 7th century Arab mind set; to get out of the outdated concepts of ‘Darul-Harb’ and Darul-Islam’, ‘Kafir’ and ‘Momin’; to modernise their madrasa education on secular lines, like other religious minorities; to join India’s ten thousand year old cultural mainstream. If this is done, Muslim backwardness and poverty will be automatically removed, because Muslims are inferior to none in human traits.

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