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From: Ashok T. Jaisinghani
Date: Jan 11, 2007 12:33 AM
Subject: Delhi's Doctors of Death Slaughter the Dalits
To: AFTERNOON DESPATCH & COURIER , sanjeev nayyar <>
Cc:,, B R HARAN , Ramadas Gupta

Delhi's Doctors of Death Slaughter the Dalits
Cannibals of Congress make Manmohan & Sonia Panic

Delhi has become the crime capital of India for the most ruthless criminals
who can regularly commit any number of murders, rapes and other crimes
because of the political patronage and police protection they get. Many
political leaders and the police are willing to help the criminals to get
away if they get their big bribes regularly.

The merciless massacre of children and young women of Nithari village by
Moninder Singh Pandher, the rich man of Noida, on behalf of the medical
mafia, can only produce extreme shock and terror in the minds of the Dalits
and other poor classes. The rights of the Dalits and other poor people of
India to live with dignity and survive have been violated on a massive

The crimes of Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant Surinder Kohli include
abduction, rape, child pornography, murder, cannibalism (eating human flesh)
and human organ smuggling. Crimes of such magnitude cannot be committed
regularly without the active connivance and complicity of the police.

These heinous crimes have been committed under the very nose of the
Government of India in New Delhi. Nithari and Noida are part of the Delhi
region even though officially they belong to Uttar Pradesh. It is not just
the politicians and the police of UP who are to be blamed for their failure
to nab the culprits for nearly two years during which more than 30 persons
were mercilessly murdered. How were the two Dacoits of Delhi looting the
Dalits and other poor people of their organs and even killing them so
blatantly? These are the worst forms of atrocities on the Dalits and the
poor classes in Delhi. The Government of India and the Government of Delhi
State must share much of the blame as they are under the rule of the United
Progressive Alliance (UPA) led by the Congress Party, while UP is ruled by
Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party. Both the Congress Party and Samajwadi
Party belong to the UPA and have always been pretending to be the protectors
and friends of the
Dalits and the poor classes.

The thugs of the Manmohan Singh Government are now ordering bogus enquiries
to save the honor of the Sikhs belonging to the Congress Party. Sonia
Gandhi's dummy Prime Minister has now become a terribly ugly scarecrow.

The Congress and the Samajwadi Party are only shadow-boxing on the issue of
Nithari serial murders to fool the common people of India. The Congress-led
Union Government will not dismiss Mulayam Singh Yadav's Government in UP
because Mulayam Singh is helping it to destroy most of the evidence of many
Congress leaders involvement and association in the heinous crimes of
Moninder Singh Pandher. Bulldozers were used to dig up the compound of
Moninder Singh's bungalow in Noida to destroy much of the evidence against
the culprits. Even the official files of the Nithari Police Chowkey have
been deliberately destroyed. It is an open case of a cover-up for saving the
reputation of both the Congress and Samajwadi Party from greater harm.

Both the Congress and Samajwadi parties want to prevent the BJP from taking
political advantage of the Nithari serial rapes and murders for staging a
comeback to power in UP in the coming Assembly elections.

India's Hospitals have become Slaughter Houses

The Medical Mafia of India has converted many hospitals into Houses of
Horror, where the Operation Theaters have become Slaughter Houses in the
possession of ruthless surgeons who want to earn the big bucks. The medical
murders of men, women and children for the illegal smuggling of their organs
have become highly profitable all over India. As they get fat bribes, the
political leaders and the police are protecting the ruthless criminals who
have become extremely rich due to this illegal trade. Even many journalists
deliberately pretend to be dumb duffers especially when the poor people are
being robbed of their body organs and even mercilessly slaughtered. Lakhs of
children are missing all over India. Nobody knows what has happened to many
of them.

Many surgeons now belong to the Gory Gangs of False Gods. The transplant
surgeons may seem Angels of Mercy for the rich and the powerful persons who
receive the organ transplants, but they can also be absolutely brutal Demons
of Death for the Dalits and other poor people.

Moninder Singh went abroad to Canada, USA, Dubai and other countries a
number of times during the period when more than 30 persons, mostly children
and young women, were sexually assaulted and murdered in his bungalow. Were
the organs of the murdered children and young women smuggled to the Arab
countries for the transplant operations? This fact could easily polarize the
Hindus and Muslims on communal lines in all the future elections.

Alarm Bells Ringing for Death of Congress Party

The highly corrupt Congress-led UPA Government has deliberately caused rapid
inflation and a massive rise in the prices of food grains and other
essential goods to loot the poor people of India. Now there is wholesale
looting of the organs of the poor men, women and children, and the poor
people are even being killed most mercilessly. Many of us can still remember
the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and how the criminals were let free by the Congress
Party whose leaders received fat bribes. The Congress-led UPA Government
cannot be trusted in taking steps to punish all the criminals who are
involved in committing the Nithari serial murders and related crimes so
blatantly. The p oor people's wrath should not be underestimated once they
form mobs and go on rampage and protest on a massive scale.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the
Congress Party are in great panic due to Moninder Singh Pandher's close
relationship with many top leaders of the Congress Party in Punjab. Did
Moninder Singh smuggle the organs of the murdered children and young women
to the Arab countries for transplant operations? The Hindutva parties can
easily take advantage of this fact to polarize the Hindus and Muslims on
communal lines.

The Hindutva forces are definitely not going to lose this greatest
opportunity to defeat the Congress Party on a massive scale. For the first
time after independence, the terrified and insecure Dalits and other poor
classes have a solid reason to join the Hindutva forces to cause a massive
defeat of the Congress Party in the future elections to the Lok Sabha and
the State Assemblies and even to wipe out the Congress Party completely.

Ashok T. Jaisinghani.
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