Wednesday, November 22, 2006


TODAY'S TMJ4 went to an expert, registered dietician Kelly Welsh, for the top five foods.
5. Tofu
"Soy contains two compounds that are beneficial in the fight against cancer," Welsh said. Those compounds prevent breast and prostate cancers. And if you don't like tofu there are other ways outside of traditional tofu to get soy nourishment: Soy nuts, soy-based veggie-shredded cheese, soy crumbles and soy burgers such as Boca Burgers.
4. Tomatoes
"Tomatoes are rich in a substance called lycopene," Welsh said. "Lycopene acts as a very powerful anti-oxidant, and it protects us from many different types of cancers." The body absorbs lycopene best when it's mixed with fat - olive oil in spagetti sauce, cheese on pizza. Men who eat 10 or more servings of tomato products a day cut their prostate cancer risk nearly in half.
3. Green Tea
"Green tea is actually very high in catechins, which again, act as potent anti-oxidants in the body," Welsh said. Studies show drinking green tea regularly lowers the risk of bladder, colon and even lung cancer. And it doesn't matter if you drink it hot or cold.
2. Berries

They contain a compound that stops the growth of cells linked to leukemia.
1. Broccoli
Mom was right apparently. "Broccoli and all the foods in the cruciferous vegetable category," Welsh said. "Broccoli and all the other foods contain a very, very high amount of phytochemicals." Those chemicals are cancer killers. They stop carcinogens from damaging cells. Chewing releases the chemicals, so don't overcook.
"The more you cook it, the more nutrients you actually lose," Welsh said. "The more raw the better."
Welsh said it's never too late to start eating cancer fighting foods. Their compounds don't just fend off, but can actually repair cell damage.


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