Sunday, November 26, 2006


If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
Booker T. Washington

Today's Inspirational Story

Why I Love Being Married
Beliefnet members share their stories of spiritual connection, love, and marriage.

When Beliefnet member Sbeatty started a discussion board asking others to share "the good things marriage can offer," a lively and inspiring conversation began, attracting newlyweds and "old marrieds" alike. What follows is a selection of comments from that discussion. Click here to contribute your own story or thought.

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I appreciate waking up and having someone call me beautiful.

I appreciate that I have a partner that I can lean on when I am hurting or scared.

I appreciate that I have someone to tell my most intimate secrets to without judgment.

I appreciate the little jokes throughout the day that brighten my mood.

I appreciate having someone to share the challenges life can bring raising children.

I appreciate the father he is to my children.

I appreciate that he always makes sure we have everything we need and a little more.

I appreciate that he is still by my side loving me even though I tried to destroy that love because I thought I was not worthy.

I appreciate the strength and comfort he brings me.

I appreciate he chose me to share his life with.

I appreciate that I have been given the chance to recognize what I really have instead of concentrating on what I didn't have.

The more I think about why I love him, the more satisfied I feel in my relationship. I think it's because when I'm feeling grateful, I treat him with love and compassion, which makes him feel better about himself and leads him to treat me with love and compassion. In the end, we both win!

Being happy within ourselves is nice, but sharing that happiness is wonderful. I think that is one of the perks about marriage--being able to share yourself the good and the bad with someone.

I consider myself very lucky that for 30 years I've been married to my best friend and soul mate. To this day I still look forward to coming home to my Lady, my Wife. We can still make each other laugh. I'm the first to say that without my Wife in my life, I would be lost. Yes, we've had problems. We even have had to seek counseling. But we both were determined that we would make our life together work. We made a commitment to each other when we first were married that divorce was out of the question. Were there times when either of us thought that maybe a divorce would be best? Of course. I don't think that anyone who's been married for years hasn't thought that. But the beauty of marriage is that there's always a way to make your commitment and love for each other help you to work out problems together. All I know is that I'm very lucky to have my best friend & soul mate to share my life with.

Knowing that someone's always on my side.

Holding each other up during the difficult times in the marriage, such as job loss, illness, any number of things that have happened over the 45 years we have been together. Whatever happened, we just put our heads together and figured out what to do to make things better. We never blamed each other for our problems.

I've only been married a little over 3 months but there is a lot I appreciate already. I love that no matter what I have someone on my side, that even when I'm having a horrible day I have someone that knows how to make me smile, the way my husband tries to do chores around the house, and how he always lets me have the TV remote at night.
I am blessed.

Having the same set of memories.

Someone who gets my sense of humor.

Being able to argue knowing that we will still be together.

Having someone to share the everyday burdens of life.

It's a lot of work, and I'm grateful for that. The memories, the fun. In 18 years we've argued, fought, yelled, but I honestly can't think of one time I've ever regretted or doubted getting married.

I appreciate the fact that I have someone that loves me for me not what I can do for them, I appreciate the fact that he lifts me up spiritually, mentally in always possible, I appreciate the fact that when I was a lush he showed me to the Lord so that I could get on the right path, I appreciate the fact that he shared his life and children with me, I appreciate the fact that he turned rags into riches but not money wise faith wise he let me know that with him and God in my life all things are possible, I appreciate the fact that we get up and have wonderful conversations about the Lord, I appreciate the fact that I can trust him with my health, & life. I appreciate the fact that even though I make mistakes he strengthens me so that it won't happen again. I appreciate the fact that he pushes me to be all I can be for my family and my God.

My husband and I have a covenant marriage and it has really strengthened the bond between us. I am so very blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. He is so kind, gentle and loving. Our marriage is so strong and is only getting stronger.

I love having someone who "gets" me. He may not always understand me, but he gets me and he is there for me. Together we have and will continue to weather psycho ex's, crazy families, and flaky friends. We found our soul mates in each other and it is like a fairy tale. We are so much in love.


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