Sunday, March 05, 2006


Referring to Arundhita Roy's article written prior to Bush's visit, I would like to say to him what Plus said to Minus, that you are very negative and critical of everything you touch.

The Bush visit and the developing closer relationship with India will bring about prosperity and benefit not only to India and USA but to the whole of mankind as these are the two nations in the world which are inhabited by one of the most intelligent peoples on earth. Moreover, these two nations go out of their way to be among the first whenever a crisis occurs in any part of the world and they are also among the most philanthropic. Therefore any advances made in science, education, economies and other fields will benefit all. I may also add that a strong India will also act as a deterrent to China from becoming a dangerous dragon to the world.
Mr. Roy, come on, wake up and give us some constructive articles from your very very intelligent brain.
Thank you.


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