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Dr. Hislop gets darshan of Sai Krishna *

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The following is taken from the book ‘My Baba and I’ by Dr.John S.Hislop. Published by Birth Day Publishing company, San Diego, California, USA. Pages 57..59

I was with Swami on many expeditions. When we were in the car driving to some locations, I would sit in the front seat with the driver and Swami would sit in the back seat with another devotee and Swami’s personal attendant. During the ride, I would be constantly turning around, straining my neck to see what was happening in the back seat, because that is where the action was. Swami would be laughing and joking or singing bhajans or, sometimes, just sitting very quietly.

Once when I turned around and looked, I was absolutely astonished, because Swami had disappeared, and sitting in His place was a person with the most beautiful, the most exquisite face of the greatest beauty I had ever seen. You could not imagine the incomparable beauty; no painter has ever captured such beauty, nor could any poet describe it. It just caught your heart and twisted it, the beauty was so great.

So I stared and stared, but then quickly turned to the front again --- I was embarrassed to have stared so openly. But I turned back right away and started to stare again! Finally, Swami’s two companions in the back seat, one of whom was Raja Reddy, a well known bhajans singer, said to me, “Hislop, why are you staring at Swami like that?” I did not answer him, I just said to Swami, “Swami, what is that dark blue color?” because this lovely face was dark blue. Swami said, “Whenever you are looking at something where the depth is impenetrable, where it cannot be penetrated --- like the sky at certain times or when you are on a ship looking down into the depths of the ocean --- whenever the depth cannot be penetrated, then it is that dark blue color.” That was all He said.

When I turned around the next time, the regular Swami was there again. The other people in the back seat had not seen this at all.

Nothing more was said until three years later. At that time, I was at Prashanthi Nilayam, sitting on the verandah as usual. Also sitting there were an army officer from Simla, his wife and daughter. No sooner had they arrived, /Swami called them in for an interview. I was sitting on the porch and Swami called me in with them. He talked to them about incidents in their lives before they met; incidents in their lives after they had met, married, had children, and so on. He was showing them that He had been with members of the family ever since they were born. He gave the wife a necklace and the daughter a pair of earrings. Then He turned to me and said, “Hislop, tell them some stories.” So I told some stories – and I finally told the story that I just told you about the beautiful person in the car. The army officer could not contain himself. He said, “That must have been Krishna!”. Swami looked at him and said, “Yes, that is correct.” He said, “I showed Hislop Krishna as He really and truly was, not as artists and poets have depicted Him”.

That was the storey of Krishna. Of course, Swami had declared Himself as Krishna prior to that time. In Bridavan, He would invite me, quite often, up to His room for breakfast or for lunch. This particular time, I had taken up a book that I had read which was called Ten Great Saints of India. I showed it to Swami and said, “Swami, it would have been wonderful to have been living in India during the times theses holy Avatars were alive”. But Swami said, “Nonsense, Hislop. Those were not Avatars; they were scholars, that is all.” Then I started to say, “Well, in that case, Swami, it has not been possible to see God from the time of Krishna to the time of Baba.” That was what I was going to say, and I got as far as, “Well, Swami, it has not been possible to see God from the time of Krishna.” Swami interrupted me, right there and said, “Time of Krishna! I am Krishna!” He declared it – just like that.



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