Friday, March 27, 2009


Radhe Krishna To All,

"Wishing All Members A Happy Ugadi"

Mahans are full of 'vairagya' while doing sadhana (spiritual practice).

They totally dislike the company of people as they move ahead in their sadhana. They will be unable to mix with people. But, once they attain 'Bhagavat sakshatkara', compassion flows out of them and falls on all who come to them, irrespective of their status - sinner or virtuous.

Pouring forth Grace becomes their very nature. When milk collects in the teats of a cow it calls out to the cowherd who is around. It wants to pour forth its milk. Similarly, a Mahan wishes to pour forth his Grace. The Grace filling up their hearts pours forth on all crossing all boundaries of caste, creed, good, bad, deserving or undeserving.

If we are unable to do any sadhana like japa or dhyana, it will suffice if we have deep, unstinted devotion to their Lotus Feet. This devotion would certainly lift us up. In the forest we find chain of small hillocks. The distance between two such hillocks may not be too wide. The bees, worms or other insects in one hillock will not be able to cross over to the other hillock as it is too small to take the leap. But, a lion is able to jump across easily. If these bees, worms or insects hold on to the lion it easily crosses over as the lion moves over to the other hillock.

In the same manner, even if we are too weak to do any sadhana for the attainment of Bhagavan, it is enough if only we could hold on tightly to the Lotus Feet of Sadhus who have attained Bhagavan, if we have deep unstinted bhakti to their Lotus Feet. They would take us across this ocean of 'samsara', as they cross it over.

This is the reason that Mahans like Kabirdas extol the glory of Guru. He says,
'if Govinda and Guru appear before me, I would ignore Govinda and prostrate to my Guru!'
Thus, more than the glory of Rama, the 'dohas' (verses in couplets) of Kabirdas speak only on Guru Bhakti, on the glory of Sadhus and Satsangh.

How are the Sadhus? In this world they live in a trance. We, of the world should never complain, 'when I visited the Sadhu he did not look at me, he did not enquire after my welfare, he did not speak a word to me,' for, one should not move with them as one does with other humans and one should also not expect such things. We should understand that they are in a state where the world (that we experience) does not exist for them and move with them accordingly. During our visits, at times they would speak to us, at times they would appear to be angry with us but their every action is only a blessing ('anugraha').

They possess 'bhava bhushti hrudaya' (heart filled with fine inexplicable feelings) and we should behave in a suitable manner. It is not in us to comprehend in what 'bhava' (deep inexplicable mood) they are in. Do not move away from a Sadhu or your Guru because he did not/does not speak to you.

!!! Will Continue !!!

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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