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[prohindu] "PAKI", "SOOTY" & THE DANES.

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Prince Harry, grandson of the Queen referred to a fellow cadet at military academy as "Paki".

The do-gooder, politically correct media blew the remark out of all proportion and forced Harry to apologise.

The watchful dare-devil media of the UK also discovered that his father, Charles, Prince Prince of Wales also calls one his Sikh friends, who plays golf with him, "Sooty" in affection.

Here is a letter to the BBC in this connection:

Dear BBC

One of the above remarks was to a MUSLIM, the other to a SIKH.

The Muslim, being supersensitive and always EDGY & AT ODDS, took objection and wanted Prince Harry to apologise. KEITH VAZ, the Catholic MP, who was born in Yemen, brought up in Goa and MP from Leicester South, a great friend of Nehru/Gandhi Dynasty, supported the Muslims on this in order to appease his MUSLIM "vote bank."

The other person in question is a SIKH, tolerant, generous, affluent and with wit and humour. He didn't even know if anything was wrong with that word coming from (not ANY Tom, Dick or Harry, but) a friend, PRINCE OF WALES.


I think it was inappropriate and uncalled for if the Pakistani cadet did not object since the remark was at him, not at 60 million citizens of this land whom you and the media have involved.

Do you want the whole British nation now to kneel before the Pakistanis in repentance, politically correct introspection or in Gandhian spirit of self immolation?

In case of an accident one is advised not to admit guilt at once and RUIN one's case.

So, was Prince Harry right in apologising?

I wish people who get violent in ROAD RAGE were as gentle as Prince Harry. That would make motoring a safe and pleasant experience for all.



Mon, 12 Jan 2009


(Full story here:

What a fuss about trifle! Prince Harry was with fellow cadets in army and he was speaking to his pals. Such jokes are common in army without any malice since they dine, drill, fight, and sometimes die together.

Political correctness can be driven to ludicrous extent. It is "cold, inflexible, frozen" like the rigid rules while the real world is vibrant and ever changing.

There is a vast majority of people who have better things to do than to feel sore or hurt over such trifles. The Prince did not say that word from a public platform but within his platoon. Military personnel in company among themselves regard themselves as a family.

Now let us look at the word "Paki" from a different angle.

There is a REASON why derogatory terms are invented. In this case the PUBLIC perception of Pakistanis is dismally low. "Political correctness," Muslim dominated media and all the "angry Muslims" in this country and elsewhere cannot place it on a higher platform.

Firstly, ALL OF THEM came to UK after having established a provocative separatist terrorist ISLAMIC republic which was literally torn out of


Pakistan, in the initial days of her birth, saw the slaughter of two million innocent Hindus and Sikhs, abduction and gang rape of tens of thousands of girls and women while over 25 million non Muslims were forced out of their homes and made refugees. Hence NO Indian can see a Pakistani, even any Muslim, in favourable light.

British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan meet Pakistanis, holding British passports, some BRITISH BORN, among the Talibans, firing on them to KILL them.

Londoners and Glaswegians recall the violence of Pakistanis in their own communities and the killing of scores of innocent citizens of this country. They see grieving widows, mourning parents and little orphans created by Pakistanis. By what endearing term would they like to call the Pakistanis?

Young Brits do not see any Muslim females in discos or social clubs. They see only male Pakistanis chatting up and seducing native British girls. Some do make full use of their lecherous Sharia Law that allows them more than one wife at the same time and promises them virgins after death.

We also saw Pakistanis "teaching" the others on how to cheat while playing cricket.

Why other people like the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and even the Indians are not mentioned in such derogatory manner as the Pakistanis?

Such derogatory terms for a particular community are invented or used as the people in general see them behaving and acting in society.

Pakistanis will be spoken of in endearing terms only if their community is seen integrating peacefully with the mainstream, if their girls are allowed freedoms of their British peers, if their population in prisons is minimal, if they are not noticed for excessive drug use and sex trade, and if they are seen respecting a "Kafir" as much as they respect a "Momin", if they respect Secular Law as much as they love their own Sharia Law, if they call for dissolving Islamic Pakistan, if they vacate all the houses and properties that they forcibly occupied at Partition, and if they are conspicuous in community service in this country or in India, Spain and DENMARK.

But right now we see many of them demonstrating on behalf of the Palestinian refugees, hurling SHOES and vulgar ABUSE at the Prime Minister's house in London instead of demonstrating in favour of HINDU refugees from South Kashmir, even from WEST PUNJAB & East Bengal who have no prospect of returning to THEIR homes that were occupied by "PAKI RASCALS" in 1947.



Non Muslims, especially the INDIANS living in the United Kingdom say-

"PAKIS," for those who killed the innocent in London & Madrid.

"PAKIS," for those who threw shoes at No. 10 Downing Street and hurled abuse at Mr. Gordon Brown.

"PAKIS, for those who keep their own girls at home but go out to seduce the others.

"PAKIS," for those who insist on humiliating Prince Harry by forcing an apology from him.

"PAKIS" for those who came to the UK after doing ethnic cleansing of defenceless & helpless Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. And,

"PAKIS," for those who forcibly occupied the house in Rawalpindi that my grandparents built to spend their old age in peace. They died soon thereafter, heart broken as refugees in India, cursing the PAKIS.


Dear readers, please see this site (below).

It is the DANES' reply to Muslim fanatics. But one may ask, "Where is INDIA'S reply to Muslim fanatics who not only took away one third of her territory but also stayed put to intimidate the Hindus, create more widows, refugees and orphans in Kashmir & Mumbai, explode bombs and carry out assassinations all over in the Rest Of India.

Please enjoy the thrill.


Jan 15, 2009.


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