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On November 26, 2008 Bharat Been Attacked By Pakistanis Made A History Of Highest Scale Terrorism In Post Your
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On November 26, 2008 Bharat Been Attacked By Pakistanis Made A History Of Highest Scale Terrorism In Bharat History So Far Asking Bharatwasis Intensive Thinking For The Future Of Bharat. Time Has Been Compelled By The Invasion To Decide Future Action Course. No Citizen Of Bharat Has Got Tolerance Anymore.

By the war level terrorist attack in Mumbai has confirmed that the terrorism got no limits. Bharat has very well promoted the terrorism in the nation since there had been no control. The people of Bharat should not see the faces of the politicians for the purpose of eliminating the future terrorist activities but have to find a way out of the issue. The people of Bharat shall remain projected to continuous further attacks while the police & the army personnel continue to sacrifice for the sake of the nation as has been experienced during the 50 hours encountering experience in Mumbai.

Man Mohan government had been dealing with intensive stress to make the Hindus organizations as involved alleged terrorism centres while Pakistan had been busy in scheming the terrorist war level attacks on Bharat India from its soil. No minister or even the intelligence knew about the possible attacks & there is no meaning in criticizing those organizations. The government had been prejudices with the real culprits. The Hindus organizations have been projected by the government as the real terrorists in the hypothetical considerations. The people cannot ask the ministry about its responsibility as there is no ministry for terrorism. The people have to find a way out soon should they intend to live peacefully in Bharat.

The government is not going to touch the Muslims as well as the foreign Muslims for the accusations of the terrorist activities. The people shall be kept on the horns of terrorism killings. There shall be no security for the common people for even the five stars hotels could not be kept safe. The government could not receive any intelligence. The coast guard could not keep an eye in the unauthorized navigational activity. The whole statutory machinery yielded for no control. The people all over are shocked & scared. We can only debate & write but the action is the need of the hour.

The top cops as well as the army officials sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation. We the people of Bharat salute all those hero of the Bharat soil. We are proud that Bharat has the people who think & care for the nation. The only problem left is with the politicians or the people who never think for the nation. There can be no worded expressions for the hero & the encountering process. The terrorism has been defeated during the Mumbai encountering but it is not the real answer. Why has this attack been allowed in the first place?

Where are those intelligence organizations? Where is the responsible minister as well as the responsible PM? Where are the actions that the government in the office was supposed to take? The government always blames that NDA had surrendered before the terrorists. It is agreed. But what the government has to tell now when the groups of the dreaded highly trained terrorists well equipped with the advanced weapons entered the land & resided there for days & months? The government had been too considered with the Sadhvi type accused terrorists while the real terrorists were condoned. We honour the loss of life of the ATS as well as police. We are indebted to those brave citizens as well as public guards. But what are about the responsibilities of the government?

Why should the police or the security commandos be ever involved with the terrorism? Why the PM did discard at the first place about the constitution of a central agency to suppress the terrorism? Why did PM always remain reluctant to constitute a practical national law for the suppression of the national as well as international terror? Why did the PM condone the procedure adopted by the US when they were explained during their visit in US? The PM has met many failures during his term & he is accountable to the people of Bharat. The people needs a honest PM but the capability to act at the right time is also required that has been proved ineffective during his regime.

Just requiring the ISI chief is not adequate. The people of Bharat demand the PM to resort immediately to all measures in consultation with the people of Bharat as well as the political parties. The people do not feel safe that grants the people of Bharat all fundamental rights for self defense. The government least bothers about the security of the people. The people of Bharat have been boiling & it is sure that the uprising is not distant. The appeal by the PM to keep silent or remain with peace shall not work. The PM has to take urgent actions to keep the terrorists scared. All necessary executions to the prisoners involved with the terrorism must be ordered. Exclusive terrorism related cases must be carried out with much higher disposal speeds. The POTA like strong laws must be enacted should the PM intends to help the people of Bharat. There should be no consideration of any religion whether it be Muslim or it be Hindu. In case of evidence admissible by the court of law, the actions must be taken fast. All senseless vested politics must leave the nation as far as the terrorism is concerned.

The people cannot wait for longer. No more Mumbai like attacks are to be seen. The bases of the terrorists have to be fired. Intensive arrangements must immediately be made to throw out the Bangla Desh sleepers & all intruding illegal Pakistanis must be thrown out of the Bharat land. If the PM does not act now, the history shall remember him as the lowest evaluated PM who did not help the people come out of the evil of the terror. The people of Bharat respect the PM but the PM does not respect the people of Bharat. It is really too bad a situation.

Jai Bharat Vandematram
P Eng Suraj Singh


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