Friday, April 25, 2008


:Shree Hari:

25th April, 2008, Friday
Baisakh Krishna Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Shukravar

Question: Then how do You bring forth the creation ?
Answer: In reality, with Me as the supervisor, it is Prakriti (Nature) itself, with Me as the supervisor, that brings forth the whole creation, both animate and inanimate. O Arjuna, under My supervision the world in undergoing various changes. (Gita 9:10)

Question: When everything in the region of Prakriti (Nature) is going on by your power, why do people not have faith in You ?

The deluded ones, not knowing My Supreme nature as the great Lord of creation, take Me to be an ordinary mortal and so disregard Me. (Gita 9:11)

Question: What type of people are those deluded ones, O Lord?
Those deluded ones embrace a nature which is fiendish, demoniacal and delusive and they have vain hopes, engage in futile actions and have fruitless knowledge i.e they don't bear real fruit. (Gita 9:12)

Then who has faith and devotion in You, O Lord ?
O Arjuna, those great soul, embracing and depending on My divinity, knowing Me as the prime cause of creation and as imperishable, worship Me with undivided mind. (Gita 9:13)

Question: What is the mark of those great souls who worship You with undivided mind ?
They constantly chant My name and glories and strive to attain Me, they prostrate before Me, worship Me with devotion. (Gita 9:14)

Question: Is there also any other way to worship You, O Lord ?
Yes, there is. Some strivers worship Me through their offering of knowledge in My Absolute aspect as their own self, while other strivers worship Me in My Universal form in many ways, thinking Me (Lord) different from them (devotees). (Gita 9:16)

From "Gita Madhurya" in English pg 91, in English, in Hindi pg 86 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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