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Please read this succinct account about the nature of Islam and the source of Islamic terrorism, not from its false claims as a religion of peace, but from its worldwide practice. How many of us have taken the trouble to read up on the life of Mohammad from several authentic sources? We need to not just read, but reflect on the message behind these words to remove our fantacies and false conditionings about the dangers posed by Islamic aggression in India and elsewhere. This does not mean we need to develop hatred or ill-will towards every Muslim we encounter. But we do need to become much more wary and circumspect in searching for a true 'moderate and broadminded' Muslim-- someone, for example, who would be readily willing to consider and emulate Dr. Abdul Kalam as his hero and role model.
of terror, inside out!
Subject: [proudHindu] Are we Hindus as wise as the monkeys?

Do we Hindus have wisdom of the monkeys?
In a forest there was a group of monkeys headed by an old ?wise monkey. One day they entered a town which was full of vegetable and fruit gardens. Seeing the easy availability of ample food all monkeys decided to stay in the town.
One day the leader of the monkeys noticed that there was a big stable of horses belonging to the king on the outskirts of the city. There were thousands of horses. Near the stable there was a godown storing grass and wood. There was also a kitchen with a dining hall. In the night there were open oil-fire lamps. Seeing the situation it occurred to the leader of the monkeys that the chances of a big fire in the grass store-house are very great indeed! In that fire hundreds of horses would suffer burns! A Vaidya (doctor ) of great reputation has written in a medical book that for the burns of horses the cure is a medicine prepared by using the fat of monkeys. This means, in the event of a fire monkeys would be killed in great numbers. Thus reasoning the leader of the monkeys suggested that they should leave the town and return to the forest. Many monkeys along with their leader returned to the forest but a few monkeys remained back. Very soon there was a fire and all the monkeys in the town were killed by the King?s men.
One sentence written in a medical book forced the wise monkeys to return to the forest. But dozens of facts and experiences do not make us, Hindus, wise enough to recognize Islam as religion of terrorists.
Now see these facts :
1. Was not Mohammad first terrorist of Islam?
Mohammad himself lead slaughter of innocent men and enslaving of women for rape. After killing of men and rape of women he looted their property.
2. Koran the holy book of terrorists.
Mohammad conceived this book. The Koran contains several verses of violence. Koran and Hadith (life of Mohammad ) order the Muslims to kill, loot, cheat, convert, enslave and rape innocent non-Muslims. What a civilized society considers as criminal actions, are virtues for Islam, if such actions are directed against Kafirs (Hindus or Non-Muslims). Islam denies innocent people their right of living peacefully as non-Muslims.
3. Lessons in madrassas and lectures in mosques teach violence and hatred.
Moulavis and Mullas teach Muslim children hatred and violence against Kafirs as great virtues. Thus sound foundation of terrorism laid in young minds. In mosques after the prayers, lectures of hate are repeated. In text books of Pakistan, great criminals of Islam are painted as heroes.
4. Members of Al-Qaeda, Taliban etc. are not misguided Muslims.
The above institutions are firmly resting on the foundations of Koran and life of Mohammad. Silent majority of Muslims is supporting these institutions whose aim is to conquer the world by using terror tactics and establish criminal Islam. In every country there are Islamic terror organizations.
5. Islam is destroyer of the diverse cultures of the world.
The main and only aim of Islam is to convert the world into an Islamic hell. This means Islam wants to destroy the diverse cultures of the world. Islam commands Muslims to wage wars of Jehad to convert infidel lands into Islamic nations.
6. Are Muslims shameless people?
Every Hindu wonders about riots by Muslims on the destruction of Babari Mosque built on a destroyed a temple. These very Muslims do not feel any guilt of destroying of lakhs of temples of Hindus. Indian Muslims are converts to Islam by force and in spite of this they consider themselves alien to the Indian culture.
7. Islamic Jehad means International terrorism.
Many people including the Indian government say that terrorism has no religion. They say thus out of ignorance or for political reasons of short time gains.. But everyone should know Islamic terrorists are not misguided Muslims. They are following their religion of terror sincerely.
8. Land of Muslim majority is hell for non-Muslims.
. Whole world remembers that Muslims forced creation of Pakistan and Bangla Desh. At the time of partition millions of Hindus were killed and then nearly quarter of the population who were Hindus were driven out of Pakistan and Bangla Desh. Whole world remembers this but Hindus have forgotten. Those who were driven out have captured power in India and are strengthening the hands of Islamic terror.

Here is a list of trouble spots of the world where Muslims are in a majority .

1. Kashmir in India.
2. Chechnya in Russia.
3. Xing Xiang province of China.
4. South West of Thiland.
5. Mindonav groups of islands of Philippines.
6. Israel surrounded by Muslim countries.
7. Kosovo etc.

What is the reason for these lands to be trouble spots? For Islam considers it is the duty of Muslims to make a non-Muslim land (Dar ul Harb ) into a Islamic Nation ( Dar ul Islam ) by Jehad which means Terror.
9. Mohammad?s brilliant idea of holy deception ( Takiyaah )
Muslim organizations and Muslim leaders declare: ?Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. It condemns all kinds of oppressions, violence and terrorism.? Declaration of Deoband is a fresh example.
The Muslim leaders say such things deliberately to mislead the Hindus and other infidels as per Mohammad?s brilliant idea of holy deception or Takiyaah which means ? telling lies for the sake of Islam. Koran in the verse 9:1 says Muslims are allowed to break treaties enacted with non-Muslims.
Success of this unique deception can be gauged by the fact that Hindus in India still believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and Muslims are cultured people. How can these Muslims can be considered as cultured when they are not ready to admit to millions of criminal acts of their co-religionists committed against Hindus?
If Modern Islam is religion of peace it should show it by their actions. Muslims immediately should return to Hidnus three of their most important temple sites at Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya destroying their mosques to atone for their sins.
But signs are that the Islamic terrorism is spreading like a wild fire in India. Government is hesitating to call a spade, a spade and indulging in all sorts of Muslim appeasing activities. Are we as wise as the Monkeys who understood the situation by reading one sentence in a book of medicine? We have not learnt anything even after witnessing horror of Islam for the last thousand and odd years.

Even in Kashmir all Hindus have either been killed or driven out. Even Europe is now feeling the pinch with the moslem population increasing by the day and nite and they rather than assimilating in western societies and culture, most of them are fanatic moslems


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