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Sanchita Sharma, Hindustan Times
March 31, 2008
First Published: 23:03 IST(31/3/2008)
Last Updated: 23:26 IST(31/3/2008)
Cellphones use greater threat than smoking

A top Australian neurosurgeon of Indian origin says that cell phones use is a greater threat to human health than smoking, which kills 5.4 million people each year. Dr Vini Khurana, a neurosurgeon at the Canberra Hospital, told UK’s Independent newspaper that there is growing evidence that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer.

This, however, does not mean that smoking is better for health than using cellphones. Dr Khurana says that the cellphone threat is greater because far more people use cellphones than smoke worldwide, some of them starting use at the age of 3 years.

Over 3 billion people use cellphones, which is three times higher than the one billion people who use tobacco. In India, 250 million people use cellphones, second only after US’s 256 million users.

"The threat came from cell phone radiation having the potential to heat the side of the head or thermo-electrically interact with the brain, while Bluetooth devices and unshielded headsets could convert the user’s head into potentially self-harming antenna," said Dr Khurana.

He said that there have been increased reports of brain tumours associated with heavy and prolonged mobile phone use, particularly on the same side as the person’s “preferred” ear for making calls.

"Since cell phones were often a necessity," he says, "people should use them as little as possible and called on the phone industry to make them safer."

The World Health Organisation says that cellphones are safe but admits there are “gaps in knowledge” that need further research about health impact in the longterm. Three large international reviews have investigated and found no conclusive link between use of cell phones and brain cancer, tumours of the brain or leukaemia, and other cancers.



UP Chief Minister has played her card wrong when a notice for less payment of stamp-duty of just rupees six hundred ninety five has been issued to Amitabh Bachchan perhaps because UP government was badly frustrated through Apex Court verdict which gave Big ‘B’ great relief against political vendetta of Mayawati. Such an immature act of UP government may develop a sympathy wave in favour of Bachchan family which may even turn into votes for Samajwadi Party.


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To: Undisclosed-Recipient
----- Original Message -----
From: "Prof. G.C.Asnani" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 4:58 AM
Subject: [Shakti-L: 1706] ) End minority-majority divide to build national
unity ( (G. C. Asnani:: i) This is violation of
Constitution of India. ii) This is also implementation of Vaticans programme
announced in Delhi Vigyan Bhavan on Diwali occasion on Sunday 7th November
1999 to Christianize Asia in the coming millennium. iii) This Vaticans
Programme is being implemented by again partitioning the country and
de-Hinduising majoir part of India. Read history to know how Hinduism was
removed from Europe in the First millennium by Christianity. iv) Our Prime
Minister is shedding tears for poor non-Hindus but not for poor Hindus; what
clever tears?)

> (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions,
> is located at the end of this message.)
> __
> Date: - 31.3.08
> [In the following pages we are giving the full text of the resolutions
> adopted by the ABPS.]
> The ABPS wants to remind the country that ever since the UPA Government
> came to power such blatant appeasement of minorities has become the order
> of the day. It was the Sachar Committee one day and Prime Minister's
> 15-point Programme on the other.
> The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) regrets to note that the
> politics of minorityism has acquired dubious dimensions under the present
> dispensation at the Centre bringing back the sordid memories of the
> competitive minorityism witnessed in the pre-Partition era. Year after
> year this appeasement of certain religious communities is on the rise
> leading to serious communal polarisation in the country.
> The ABPS, along with the entire nation, watched in dismay the Prime
> Minister taking lead by unveiling 11th Five Year Plan earmarking 15 per
> cent of outlays under various schemes exclusively for so-called minorities
> only. Following this the Finance Minister has turned his annual budget
> into an instrument of appeasement winning the epithet 'Communal
> Budgeting'. The ABPS strongly condemns various elements of the Finance
> Minister's budget speech like his provision for increasing the percentage
> of recruitment of minorities in Central Para Military Forces (CPMF). The
> ABPS sees in it a sinister design to divide our security forces on
> communal lines through back door and reminds him that the whole nation was
> up in arms against a similar attempt to create communal divisions in our
> Armed Forces by the same Government last year.
> Various allocations in the budget smack of utter communalisation like the
> allocation of Rs. 1000 crore to the Minority Welfare Ministry which
> doesn't have any proclaimed programme and Rs. 3780 crore to 90 so-called
> 'Minority Concentration Districts'.
> The ABPS wants to remind the country that ever since the UPA Government
> came to power such blatant appeasement of minorities has become the order
> of the day. It was the Sachar Committee one day and Prime Minister's
> 15-point Programme on the other. One day the Prime Minister declares that
> 'the minorities will have first right over country's resources' whereas it
> should have been the 26 crore poor brethren of our country who are leading
> pathetic lives Below Poverty Line. The Home Minister declares the next day
> that his Government is committed to providing reservations to minorities
> on the basis of religion knowing well that it is against the letter and
> spirit of the Constitution.
> The ABPS notes with regret that taking cue from the Government at Centre
> certain State Governments too are indulging in crass minorityism.
> Declaration of a Rs. 5 crore subsidy for Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem
> made by the Government of Andhra Pradesh is one such example. The
> Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, showing scant respect for
> the higher judiciary, went ahead and announced reservations for Muslims
> and Christians in Government jobs. Post-Nandigram the West Bengal
> Government also unleashed unabashed minorityism by announcing 30 per cent
> budget allocation for minorities in the State. The Kerala Government,
> after constituting a committee for implementation of the controversial
> Sachar Committee recommendations, already made budget allocations for the
> same.
> Another face of minorityism can be seen in the actions of certain State
> governments that betray their love for terrorist and communalist elements.
> The J&K Government has shocked all patriotic elements by announcing
> pension for the families of terrorists while the very same Government is
> betraying the attitude of utter communal discrimination against the
> Buddhists of Ladakh denying them basic rights like equal employment
> opportunities in State services, etc. While the Bihar Government's
> eagerness in not only reopening but publicly calling for death sentence to
> the accused in the age-old Bhagalpur riots case is surprising, the Tamil
> Nadu Government's utter disinterest in pursuing the case of Coimbatore
> blasts and securing punishment for the accused in that gory incident where
> 51 innocent people were killed baffles one and all.
> In Karnataka, historical and sacred heritage sites like Hampi, capital of
> the famous Vijaya Nagar empire, have become a target for minority
> vandalism and illegal occupation with the Government authorities turning a
> total blind eye. Many ruined temples in Hampi are being converted into
> Dargahs. Eeranna temple near the holy Purandar Mantap has been converted
> into Honnur Sabi Dargah while the Mantap itself is being used as a place
> for cooking meat. The callous and negligent attitude of the State
> administration is reducing this World Heritage Site into a centre for
> unethical, anti-social and even terrorist activities.
> The ABPS warns the Government of the pitfalls of such competitive
> minorityism. More concessions led to more demands which culminated in the
> ominous Two Nation mindset and truncation of the Motherland. The ABPS
> cautions the people that similar tendencies are resurfacing in the
> leadership of the Muslim community. The resolution passed at the much
> hyped Deoband meet against terrorism, while making a ritual condemnation
> of Islamic terrorism around the world, went after the Government and
> security agencies accusing them of harassing the Muslims in the country.
> It accused the Government of neglecting the interests of the Muslims and
> demanded many more concessions for the community. It even praised the
> banned terror outfit SIMI while heaping usual diatribe against the
> nationalist forces in the country.
> The ABPS calls upon the people to wake up to the growing minority
> separatism in the country in the wake of rabid vote-bank communalism of
> the political establishment. The ABPS also wants to alert the country
> about the spread of ISI and radical Islamist network far and wide. Today
> the Wahabi terrorism has become home-grown as established by the
> unearthing of countless sleeper cells across the length and breadth of the
> country by our security agencies. The ABPS registers its appreciation for
> the courage and conviction of our security and intelligence establishment
> for continuing their hot pursuit of the terror mongers despite acute
> hostile political environment in the country.
> It is unfortunate that notwithstanding the fact that the word 'minority'
> was never defined it is being misused for narrow communal and vote-bank
> politics.
> The ABPS calls upon the right-thinking leaders of the Muslim and Christian
> communities to see through this dubious vote-bank game of minorityism that
> has actually left these communities not only poor and backward but also
> far removed from the national mainstream.
> The ABPS reiterates its core conviction that the emphasis should be on the
> fundamental unity of the country. The ABPS demands that the Government put
> an immediate end to this politics of divisiveness and calls upon
> countrymen to put pressure on the political leadership to do away with
> minority-majority divide on religious basis.

Sunday, March 30, 2008



Shree Hari:

29th March, 2008, Saturday
Chaitra Krishna Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shanivar

My Thoughts (continued from 28th March, 2008)

For Satsang and other spiritual work, I object to the raising (accumulating) of funds (donations).

I do not give blessings or wish evil or give boon to anyone, nor do I understand and consider myself capable of doing such things.

I give greater importance to Gangaji, the Sun or reverence / recitation of holy scriptures instead of my visitation and viewing (my darshan).

I have once and for all, entirely given-up the touching of Money and Women

In those news-papers, magazines or written publications where there are advertisements printed, I object to my writings being published. Similiarly, in shops, places of trading, or in calendars pertaining to commercial business or any tools, materials created for the awareness of the businesses, there too, I object to my name being printed in any such publications or places. This however does not apply to the advertisement of Gita Press books.

During discourses, I have established a practice of women and men sitting separately. In my proximity and few feet in the surrounding areas, only men will sit. The seating arrangements for men, will be arranged by men and for women will be arranged by women. Only men should raise their hands, not women ! while praising the glories of God

Of the three Yogas - Karma Yoga (Path of Action), Jnana Yoga (Path of Knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion), I consider Path of Devotion to be best of all, and I believe that it is only through eternal divine Love that man attains perfection.

He who says he is my disciple and considers himself to be blessed by me and gives discourses and seeks respect and recognition, who takes money from devotees, who keeps contact with women, who takes gifts or asks for things, he must be considered a deceitful person. He who accumulates money in my name, he incurs immense sin. That person's sins are not eligible for forgiveness.

From "Ek Sant Ki Vasiyat" in Hindi pg 13 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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Friday, March 28, 2008


Brajesh Mishra - CIA spy, anti India.. Make sure he does not get elected
Brijesh Mishra a CIA agent?

On September 27, 2001 Rahul Gandhi MP and his Columbian live in girl
friend of Kerala backwater tourist centre fame, Juanita alias Veronique,
was arrested in United States of America's Logan airport in Boston, by
the FBI. Rahul was having an Italian passport and was carrying suitcase
full of dollars. Some say it was about $2 billion or was it $2 million.
This huge dollar amount generated suspicion with the US authorities.
Rahul and his girl friend was thus detained by FBI. FBI suspected that
Rahul was carrying terrorist funds or drug money for laundering in US.
Rahul called his mother Sonia Gandhi in India. In turn Sonia called
Brijesh Mishra, the former National Security Advisor and a key aide to
former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee at the Prime Ministers Office.
Brijesh Mishra intervened on behalf of our PM Vajpayee with the US
Administration for the release Rahul from FBI custody. Rahul Gandhi was
released only when the Indian Ambassador intervened and gave assurances to
the State Department that Rahul Gandhi will be produced for any future
enquiry by FBI. Not only that as a patriot, it was the duty of Brijesh
Mishra to find out the reasons for the arrest and inform our CBI to take
necessary further steps. Brijesh Mishra did not do any such thing. The
incident clearly shows that Brajesh Mishra was working for Sonia, that he
had deep connections with US state department. In short Brijesh Mishra is
a traitor.

In Sep 2004 when Washington played host to Young political sons, Sachin
Pilot, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada (all Congress Party), and Manvendra
Singh (a lone BJP fellow) followed by liquor baron who got himself elected
to a the Rajya Sabha, Vijay Mallya (Janata Party) and ever smiling Rajiv
Shukla of the Congress. Yet one prominent face was missing which was that
of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi didn't go to USA with the young
politicians. It was Shukla who conceived the idea of the Indo-US
Parliamentary Forum to create a counterpart to the India Caucus in the US
House of Representatives. Rahul Gandhi had to avoid going to the U.S.
forever, because of the pending police questions he could be arrested
again by FBI if he ever steps in to US. What money Rahul Gandhi was
carrying? Was it another Bofors type pay off? Was it Columbian drug
money on behalf of his Columbian girl friend? Or was it fund for Osama Bin
Laden group, as it is known that the Muslim terrorists are using
Christians as front men for laundering terrorist funds as the normal
banking channels are being monitored by FBI.

Brijesh Mishra has strong connections with Sonia Gandhi's Italian family
through his daughter Jyotsna. Jyotsna is married to an Italian and lives
in Italy. So it is not surprising that there was no investigation when
Sonia lied about her birth date, and birth place. Sonia Gandhi first
declared her birth date as 1944 and birth place as Luciana. This was
confirmed by the Italian embassy which submitted her birth certificate to
our Home ministry in 1983. Sonia Gandhi's name was Antonia Maino as per
this certificate. This true birth certificate was submitted by the
Italian embassy to the Indian Home Ministry when Antonia Maino applied for
Indian citizenship. When Rajiv Gandhi married Antonia Maino newspapers
had written that both of them were of the same age. It also confirms that
Sonia's birth year was 1944. . Antonia Maino's father, who was a mason
and a fascist, Signor Stefano Maino, was a prisoner-of-war in Russia from
1942 till Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1945. It is obvious that
Maino cannot be the father of Antonia Maino. So the date of birth and
place of birth of Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi had to be changed to
cover up this fact. Her new date of birth became December 9, 1946, and
her place of birth became Orbassano. . Instead of investigating all
these fraud by Sonia Gandhi, Brijesh was working for Sonia Gandhi while
heading Prime Minister Vajpayee's Office. Even after the UPA government
came in to power Brijesh is holding a secret official position in the
present UPA government that entitles him to a diplomatic passport. This
should be called the biggest treachery in modern India.

Brajesh Mishra refused to authorize from February to May 2004 period the
arrest of the CIA spy in RAW, .Rabinder Singh, despite repeated request
for permission. This urgent request for arrest was asked by RAW official
Mr.Amar Bhushan. It looks like Brijesh Mishra himself was working for CIA
and thus by not permitting the arrest of a traitor enabled the CIA spy,
Rabinder Singh to escape to USA in mid May 2004. From this one can guess
the capability of our Vajpayee who only dropped the corrupt N.K.Singh, but
refused to let go the traitor Brijesh Mishra in spite of warnings.


Daily Inspiration

If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.
French scholar Romain Rolland

Sitting peacefully on a cushion day and night seeking to attain Buddhahood, rejecting life and death in hopes of realizing enlightenment, is all like a monkey grasping at the moon reflected in the water.

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Another shortcoming of desire is that it leads to so much that is undesirable.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "The Door to Satisfaction"


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Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, March 27, 2008

Twenty leaders of the Shiv Sena's Delhi unit resigned en-masse from the party on Thursday to protest the saffron group's anti-north Indian stand.

The move comes a day after party's North Indian leaders led by Jai Bhagwan Goyal resigned en-masse to protest outfit's "outrageous conduct" towards non-Marathis in Maharashtra.

"The resignations have been send to Bal Thackeray," a party leader said and reiterated full support to Goyal.
Goyal, who was associated with the Shiv Sena for the past 20 years, announce on Wednesday that he would form a separate party and claimed the support of the state units of Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.


Last Updated: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 23:21 GMT
Indian men in US 'slave' protest
Indian workers march in Washington, 27 March 2008
The Indian workers claim they have been kept in poor conditions
Almost 100 Indians who moved to the US for jobs have marched hundreds of miles to Washington DC in protest at being forced to work "like slaves".

The Indian ambassador said he would do all he could to protect their rights.

The men say recruiters tricked them into paying up to $20,000 each for a new life in the US, where they then had to work in exploitative conditions.

The Mississippi firm that employed them has denied they were mistreated. It claims the recruiters misled the men.

The employer, Signal International, says the men were paid wages above the local average and given good accommodation.

It accuses recruitment firm Global Resources of deceiving the Indians and has ended its contract. It has also demanded that the recruiters return the fees the men paid them.

Global Resources has in turn denied any wrongdoing, saying it recruited the workers to the terms of its agreement with Signal International and that the men's treatment since was down to the employer.

'We want freedom'

In 2006, some 500 men from across India each paid recruiters up to $20,000 for what they were told would be a new life.

Worker Sabulal Vijayan in Washington, 27 March 2008
Sabulal Vijayan wanted to earn money to help his family

They were given temporary visas and jobs at Signal International, a marine construction company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast which needed extra workers because of a shortage of skilled labour following Hurricane Katrina.

But the men say they were then forced to live in primitive conditions with 24 men sharing a dormitory, for which they each paid $1,050 a month.

Almost 100 of them made an eight-day journey by foot and bus to Washington in an attempt to highlight what they say is the exploitation of foreign workers under the US temporary guest worker programme.

Chanting "we want freedom, we want justice", the men carried signs demanding they be treated with dignity and held up pictures of family members left behind in India.

They have described their protest as a Satyagraha, a word used by Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi to describe a non-violent battle against injustice.

'Nothing left'

Former Signal worker Sabulal Vijayan, a father-of-two from the southern Indian state of Kerala, told the BBC he had sold everything he had to come to the US to try to earn a better life for his family but had been left with nothing.

We need to change this system to one that helps the employees who are suffering
Sabulal Vijayan

The 39-year-old fitter said he was threatened with losing his job when he complained about the men's treatment last year - at which point fear and despair led him to attempt suicide.

"I slit my wrists, tried to commit suicide, because there is nothing left for me to go home to," he said, adding that he had been treated in hospital for three days afterwards.

Mr Vijayan said the men had been living in "slave-like conditions" with cramped accommodation, nowhere to keep their belongings and inadequate food.

And while the wage of about $19 an hour was good, he said, it would have been impossible to earn enough to pay back the fee they were charged initially in the 10 months allowed by their visas.

Indian ambassador to the US Ronen Sen talks to protesting Indian workers, 27 Mar 2008
Ambassador Sen said protecting human rights was a priority

They were unable to leave and seek other work because that would have invalidated their visa and forced them to return to India worse-off than when they left.

"We need to change this system to one that helps the employees who are suffering, not the employers," he said.

Saket Soni, director of the New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice, called on the Indian ambassador to the US to help "almost 100 brave, courageous Indian guest workers".

He said the men had been held for 18 months "in forced labour in a labour camp" before walking out of their jobs and reporting Signal International to the US Department of Justice (DoJ) as a "human trafficker".

The workers, backed by Mr Soni's organisation and others including the Southern Poverty Law Center, have also filed a federal anti-racketeering lawsuit against their recruiters.

Ambassador Ronen Sen urged the workers to report any allegations of mistreatment to him so that the embassy could work to help improve the guest worker system.

Claims denied

Signal International issued a statement on Thursday saying it would hire no new temporary workers under the H2B guest worker programme until it was "reformed to better protect foreign workers and US companies that were misled by recruiters".

Temporary workers had been given the same benefits as other workers, including health insurance, the statement said, and the accommodation charge included food, laundry and other services.

"We think that anyone who uses the word 'slave conditions' has little respect for the truth or the use of that phrase," chief executive Richard Marler said.

He claimed the recruiting companies and their lawyers had misled Signal and "deceived the workers in India by demanding highly excessive fees" and making false promises about visas.

Global Resources gave a statement saying Signal had been "totally and completely in charge of the relationship with the Indian workers", including their visa and living arrangements, since the contract with Global had been terminated in 2006.

A Global Resources spokesman told the BBC that "there were no misrepresentations to anyone" and that any information given to the workers had been agreed to by Signal.

The DoJ has said it will not be pursuing certain charges of discrimination filed against Signal International. Lawyers for the workers say that other civil and criminal suits are in progress.


Last Updated: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 23:09 GMT
Dutch MP posts Islam film on web
Right-wing Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders has called Islam's holy book a "fascist" text
Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has posted a controversial film critical of Islam's holy book, the Koran, on the internet.

The opening scenes show a copy of the Koran, followed by footage of the attacks on the US on 11 September 2001.

The 17-minute film was posted on video-sharing website LiveLeak.

Its planned release had sparked angry protests in Muslim countries. Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende said the film wrongly equated Islam with violence.

"We believe it serves no purpose other than to offend," he said in a statement.

"But feeling offended must never be used as an excuse for aggression and threats."

The film is called "Fitna", a Koranic term sometimes translated as "strife".

Dutch broadcasters have declined to show the production by 44-year-old Freedom Party (PVV) leader Mr Wilders, who lives under police protection because of earlier death threats.


Graphic images from the bomb attacks on London in July 2005 and Madrid in March 2004 are shown.

Pictures of a woman being stoned, scenes from a beheading and images of the Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a radical Islamist in 2004, are also included.

And pictures appearing to show Muslim demonstrators holding up placards saying "God bless Hitler" and "Freedom go to hell" also feature.

The film shows a young girl in a headscarf making derogatory comments about Jewish people.

A protest aimed at Geert Wilders in Amsterdam on 22 March 2008
Mr Wilders was lambasted at an Amsterdam protest this month

It also displays a graph showing how the number of Muslims in the Netherlands and Europe has grown.

The film ends with someone turning pages of a Koran, followed by a tearing sound.

A text that appears on the screen says: "The sound you heard was from a page (being torn from a) phone book.

"It is not up to me, but up to the Muslims themselves to tear the spiteful verses from the Koran."

The film concludes: "Stop Islamisation. Defend our freedom."

Two years ago the publication in Denmark of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked protests across the Muslim world.

But Brahim Bourzik, a spokesman for a Dutch Moroccan group, told Reuters news agency he did not believe Mr Wilders' film would spark fury from Muslims in Holland.

"It is not a film, it is propaganda," he said. "All the elements have been seen before, there is nothing new in it."

The UK-based website which allowed the film to be posted online defended its decision on Thursday.

" has a strict stance on remaining unbiased and allowing freedom of speech so far as the law and our rules allow," it said in a statement posted online.

Your comments

Of course the film should be posted on the internet. Freedom of speech needs to be protected. "I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
Siobhan Cooney, Dublin, Ireland

I've seen the film and while it's distasteful, it'll give the moderate Muslims a chance to speak out. The negative image concerning Islam could in my opinion largely be counteracted by the moderate speaking out against radicalism, which is not happening enough.
Erwin Kuipers, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

I believe it should not have been posted. Every human on God's earth has the right to choose his or her religion and beliefs and as fellow humans it is our duty to respect that. Why should anyone make fun of anyone else's beliefs?
Syed Kazmi, London, UK

As a law abiding Muslim being born and raised in the West I think this film is appalling. I am all for freedom of speech, every human being has the right to be heard but as the saying goes with power comes responsibility. This film has no other purpose but to perpetuate a growing sense of division in an already deeply divided world.
Lena, Luton, UK

Of course, they should be posted. We, in Western Europe, have won our rights to freedom of speech and we need to retain and defend these rights.
Charles Roffey, Amsterdam, The Netherlands