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Shree Hari:

1st February, 2008, Saturday
Maagh Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shanivar

In the Upanishad it has been said "Ekaaki ne ramte". In simple and straightforward language, this means that God felt lonely, for who could He play with? Therefore He desired the creation of this universe. "I Myself will manifest in many forms" With this intent God initiated the creation of human beings. From this it appears that the creation of man, was only for God Himself. The creation of the rest of the Universe, can be for man, but the intent of creating man, was only for Himself. Well, how does one know this ? He gave man the capability to attain essential knowledge that he may be able to attain salvation or become a devotee; or serve the world or serve God. Man can fulfill the essential needs of the world and at the same time satisfy God's hunger for love; Man can make even God happy, fulfilled and satisfied. God has provided human beings with such capabilities. He has not given such abilities to any other species, not even the demi-gods.

Now, what is God hungry for? God is hungry for love. Love is very special for God. Love is such a amazing thing, that it is an essential need for every one. On one had there is attachment and on the other hand there is love. If we love some one for ourselves, then that is attraction, it is attachment. It is only due to attachment that there is desire, there is wants and there are impressions remaining in the mind. These are the things that bring us down, that take us to hell.

Love is that in which there is the inner feeling of want to give happiness to the others. In attachment, there is desire to take, but in love there is desire to give. Man is capable of giving happiness to others. God has given human beings such immense strength, that he can uplift the entire world, as well as, he can lead himself to salvation. Not only that, man can even satisfy the essential needs of God. Man is capable of becoming the mother and father of God, of becoming the spiritual guide, of becoming a friend, or becoming the favored deity of God. Therefore God tells Arjuna in the Gita "Ishtosi mein drdhmiti." (Gita 18:64).
From "Vaastavik Sukh" in Hindi pg 37 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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