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Ram Ram

Priya Sadhaka, Prasana ke liye dhanyavad!

In his discourses, Swamiji Maharaj has expressed a very different viewpoint: If it were true that the blue print is already made then the human life surely loses its meaning and purpose. Gurus and spiritual teachers are not required anymore, do's and don’ts as spelled out in the scriptures will not serve any usefulness either.

Certainly, one has a part to play, as the Gitaji (Verse 2/47) says: "Your have the right (choice or freedom) to do action only, but never to the fruit thereof; Let not the fruit of action be your object, nor let your attachment be to inaction". The reason that we do not have choice of fruit is that many factors outside of our control (prarabhda) influence the outcome of actions.

God does not interfere with our independence of being able to choose actions. He also does not interfere with the fruits of actions as is explained in Gitaji Verse (5/14):
na'datte kasyacit papam, na cai 'va sukrtam vibuh
ajnanena 'vrtam jnanam, tena muhyanti jantavah
Neither the sense of doer-ship nor the nature of actions does the Lord determine for the mankind, nor does He link the actions with their fruits. But it is the personal nature alone that impacts.

Now, on the question of "why should we do good actions"?
. At the ordinary level, for our existence, consistently we are taking things from the world, we are indebted to the world, as a good citizen we must pay off our debt by working unselfishly.
. As explained in Gitaji (Verse 3/9) - "The world is bound by actions other than those performed for the sake of sacrifice or (Yajna); do therefore, O son of Kunti (Arjuna), perform all actions for that sake (for sacrifice alone), free from attachment".
. Out of His mercy we have been granted the rare human birth for the single and the only purpose of realizing God, by not paying attention, we will miss the golden opportunity to attain this goal.
Goswami Tulsidasji says in Ramayana:
“Kabahuka kari karuna nar dehi, deta isa binu hetu sanehi”
Meaning: Rarely, does God, who loves the Jiva without any self interest, graciously bestows on it the human form.
. Lord Krishna also says in Gitaji (Verses - 18/45 & 46):
"Each man devoted to his own duty attains perfection. How can one, devoted to his own duty, attain perfection, listen of that now. He from Whom all beings emanate and by Whom all this is pervaded, by worshipping Him through performance of his own duty, man attains perfection".

Therefore, it is a must that we do good actions but have to let go the doership of actions.

Ram Ram

Humble pranam!
A sadhaka

anil nevatia wrote:

When God plans to execute as per his blue print why disturb the same. When God descended the first human, it is was clear that the beginning of the end had started, so why to say and do good things ?
Does Gita provide any insight into this query ?



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