Monday, January 14, 2008


(1) Saffron Waves Guj to TN: Modi-Challenge again to Sonia (2) Fake Poor: Rashtrapati to Creamylayer

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Article (1)

Saffron Waves Guj to TN: Modi-Challenge again to Sonia

Makar Sankranti signifies an event wherein the Gods seem to remind their children that 'Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya'. May you go higher & higher - to more & more Light and never to darkness. After inaugurating International Kite Festival 2008, Narendra Modi flied towards Tamil Nadu and landed Cheenai on Jan 14.

"Modi is a symbol of nationalism and anti-terrorism. Anyone who opposes his visit to Chennai is anti-national," L Ganeshan, a State BJP leader, said.

Saffron wave will blow at Kamraj Hall, owned by Tamil Nadu Congress Trust. Modi will give speech in the Kamraj Hall on occasion of 35th annual meet of Tughlak, a news magazine edited by Cho S Ramaswamy, renowned political commentator and former Rajya Sabha member.

Narendra Modi's flying towards Tamil Nadu becomes the worry for those who want to ruin Ram Sethu. Modi is also scheduled to meet AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa over lunch at her Poes Garden residence. This meeting may be a beginning of alliance talk. Makarsakranti gives th sign of changes in the alliance partners. Mulalyam Sinh Yadav's SP shows its willingness to shake hand with Congress to fight with Mayawati. Congress hand would not ride on elephant in coming elections.

Q & A by Cho Ramaswamy
By- Cho Ramaswamy

Cho Ramaswamy said: 'The Congress is being nice to him (Maran) only to please Karunanidhi and the moment Sonia realises he has become persona non grata with his grandpa, he could be dumped in Delhi.'

Congress vs Sonia again

Many Congressmen are of the opinion that it would be a huge insult and blow to the image of the party, if Modi is allowed to deliver a speech at the Kamraj hall. In a bid to seek Sonia's intervention, the Congress's allies and other leaders have written to Sonia Gandhi to act.

In a letter to Sonia Gandhi, the Congress allies have written:"You are well aware of the fascist activities of Modi. However, it is ironical that the Congress trust, which owns -- Kamaraj Arangam has been let out to Narendra Modi to propagate his ideologies."

These blind followers of Gandhi dynasty should also aware that their Italian origin leader is a daughter of Mussolini's follower who was prisoned for that in Russia.
Truth of Intelligent mad and Diary of a madman in Indian Politics

Who wants to block life-line of Narmda Dam?

THE Narmada Dam project is yet to be completed even 50 years after its foundation stone was laid by late Jawaharlal Nehru sue to the continuous oppose of Nehru Gandhi dynasty and foreign funded so called fake NGOs.
Filmy farming for Serial suicides of farmers

The 122-metre-tall jinxed river water barrier near Vadodara has been drawing a record number of tourists. Since July 2005, as many as 14.5 million holidayers have enjoyed watching the cascading waters with soothing greenery all around. With each visitor being made to pay Rs5 entry fee, the coffers of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam have swollen by Rs97.7 million. Of course, the state government gave surprise gifts to day-trippers.

Question arises Narendra Modi of BJP is true follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel or Sonia Gandhi led Congress that wants to block life line of Gujara?

Who is practicing Mahatma Gandhi's dream of Khadi?

Halijtime reports in its article, "KHADI outlets in Gujarat are doing brisk business these days. Young and old customers in the land of the Mahatma have been flocking to these modest 'khadi bhandars,' which sell not only Gandhiji's favourite fabric but also several handloom products and eye-catching handicraft items..Well, these so-called Gandhian outlets have begun vending what they call 'ayurvedic aphrodisiacs' in the form of syrup, capsules, powder, paste and cake which are available for reasonably low prices compared to the allopathic drugs,"

International Kite Festival - 2008

The five-day annual International Kite Festival - 2008 was on Jan 11 formally thrown open after chief minister Narendra Modi inaugurated "Gujarat in Africa" theme pavilion at the police stadium grounds in Ahmedabad, in the presence of expert kite-flyers from 20 countries and dozens of NRIs.

Hindu Muslim Unity through Kite

Abdul Latif, the biggest kite maker of the city is churning out 100,000 pieces, presented him a 30-feet giant kite.
Indeed, kite manufacturers are cashing in on the chief minister's popularity by producing kites printed with not only his picture but also Gujarati slogans.

The kite sellers, who till recently had ordered kites with Shah Rukh Khan and M .S. Dhoni inked on them, are now demanding the chief minister's face on the merchandise, which they peddle by gifting five Modi kites to bulk buyers. It is estimated that of the Rs120 million worth of kites likely to be sold this season, Modi kites alone will fetch Rs70 million.

In Gujarat thousands of colorful kites are flown to pay homage to the Sun God.
India has a wonderful mix of culture and traditions that is completely different to the western world

Congress plans to fly kites in Rajasthan

reported: Hoping to attract voters with newer and more innovative campaign strategies, Congress, the chief opposition party in the state has decided to distribute and fly kites carrying messages against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party all over the Rajasthan. It will be inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi or else this is not known uptill now.

Congress Party is a party of Aam Adami (Comman persons) so it wants President who has been defeated by Aam adami (Comman persons). Congress applied the same formula for Prime Minister Post. Is Congess not a party of Superwoman instead of comman person? Is Shivraj Patil not a kite as PM Manmohan Singh in the hands of Super PM?
Missile Man on earth, Super Loyal of Super PM on sky

People enjoyed electoral wrestling between Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi on 'Merchant of death'.
Poem: Liars' dance in Gujarat
Theme of this wrestling is encountered Soharabuddin was terrorist or martyr?

Unlike last year, the number of NRGs, means Gujarati NRIs, who will witness this year's kite fete, will certainly be substantially higher, thanks to its theme 'Gujarat in Africa.' in the International Kite festival 2008 is dedicated to the strong bond that exists between Africa and Gujarat. NRGs are sure to enjoy the heritage walk, adventure sports, and cultural programmes. These are apart from the nail-biting prized kite-cutting contests among 145 Indian and international experts of the rare art.
He killed body; they kill soul of Gandhi

By Premendra Agrawal
Andrew Symonds portrayed as Lord Hanuman to hurt religious sentiments. Sign to protest; visit at:



Fake Poor: Rashtrapati to Creamylayer

You have heard about fake secular leaders and fake media. Now you may find in this article fake poor in Rashtrapati Bhavan, 10 Janpath and parliament.

Newslinkage published: Now Salaries of the President, Vice-President and governors will be double!
After the meeting of the Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Information and Broadcasting Minister P R Dasmunsi said the President will get Rs 1 lakh per month compared to Rs 50,000 earlier.
Similarly, the Vice-President will get Rs 85,000 per month against the present Rs 40,000, he said.

Dasmunsi said, the salary of Governors has been raised from Rs 36,000 a month to Rs 75,000.

There is a flood of fake poor in theChhattisgarh.

Fake kidnapped the ration cards of poor BPL for getting Rice @ Rs. 3 per kg through Guerrilla war of 420 by the help of fake leaders and bureaucrats. Chhattisgarh government officials of Food and Supply Departments are going to nab these Guerrilla war corrupt criminals by adopting Guerrilla war technique. It is fact that 'Iron cut iron'.


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