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Bhai Shri Sher Singhji ,
Saadar Namastey !

I sincerely thank you for all your precious Time & the pains you have so kindly taken in advising various remedies for my wife as yrself being a Natropath & an experienced in this field. My wife is also grateful & thankful for your such a wonderful email advices , however, I have doubts , if she will follow those Precious advices , reasons, an arthritis patient tends to get lethargic , refuses to practice any excercise, walks or take natural herbs as medicines , instead they normally prefer to take a pill & swallow it with water & that's it.

As you are a Great Naturopath, I have been a student of Yoga from the age of Seven & my actual last Yoga Guru was late Shri Dhirendra Brahamchari with whom I had the opportunity to spend my 40 precious days, learning & perfecting Yoga myself, when hardly any one knew him.

In India , if any other Great Yogi has emerged thereafter, he is None other than , Swami Ram Dev. ( I have learnt Yoga from various Yoga Acharyas & Gurus & I had achieved a reasonable expertise in it. The real Yoga benefit, which I had learnt , is to impart this knowledge Selflessly to others without any Monetary benefits , which None of the Modern Yoga Acharyas follow & hence they lose their Yogic Charismatic Powers in course ).

Though I have been maintaining absolute healthy life practising Yogic Excercises, particularly breathing excercises, but Unfortunately, I have undergone many accidents :

Once my aircraft was totally crashed & had fallen at Heathrow Airport, another time, some one was wanting to kill me & my left leg was broken in 18 pieces & the surgeons at Mumbai wanted to chop off my leg, but I managed to save it & I was on crutches for about 2-1/2 years & I was Not allowed to put my Left foot down, yet another time , I had broken my Three Ribs and so on ; still I keep moving almost with the same vigour & vitality, believing that the function of Pain is to give pain , but we must continue our duties & responsibilities, forgetting it altogether. However, all above episodes have very recently effected my right knee which continues to pain throughout.

As you have very kindly suggested various curative & preventive Natural treatment for my wife, I have told her & she promises to try on your suggested lines.

In this regard, allow me to state a fact that she acquired her arthritis owing to some wrong medicines & their side effects else she was once considered as a "Laughing Machine ",who used to be exceedingly beautiful & charming in her young age, to the extent that Raj Kapoors & Devanand had at one time offered her roles in movies which she had bluntly refused on their faces for my sake.

Now , She has No pains at all from her arthritis but her hands have gone crooked & lost strength as a result she can not roll chapaties or roties etc & she has lost strength in her hands, else she is just fine. At one time her arthritis was so severe that she was Not able to put her feet on the ground as her soles used to pain ; in the same way, her arthritis had penetrated in her teeth also which had become quite brittle then. But now everything is alright but whatever damage was to be done to her body, can not be reversed : all happened owing to wrong medications.

Since we both are rigidly Vegetarians, so is our entire extended families , we both avoid Intake of Sugar & Salt, specially , I take bare minimum of Salt , almost like "NO Salt " in our Food preprations nor in Salads , nor in Mooli-kas, Fruit Salads etc. But It would be unfair incorrect if I say that we do NOT take salt & Sugar, we certainly take but in very- very reduced qtys incl our food preparations are almost bland as we Never take Red Chillies at all Nor keep in our house except for our Maid Servants.

Your advices on herbal medicines are fantastic as I do know a little bit of this science , hence I seldom fall sick nor I have to go to a doctor: Instead of regular morning & evening Tea, we both have stopped taking any tea in the evenings for last 2-3 years & in the morning we take herbal teas containing the following WHOLE Herbs , thouroughly washed by me personally, which is more like a kadha, rather than the Tea :

2 nos. Cloves , 2 nos of Bl. Pepper, a little of DaalChini, Saunth( Dry Ginger ) , 4-5 Tulsi leaves, Safed Moosli ( twice the size of a matchstick ), Paudina ( Mint ), a touch of Haldi, Methi Seeds, Kalounji Seeds, Giloy, Punarnava, Awala , Harr, Baheda, Ashwagandha, Nirgundi , Nagarmotha, Small Cardamom- 2 nos,, sometimes added with Ginsing , Gokhuru & Satawari : I personally every morning I was these whole herbs myself in running tap water before boiling them in about SEVEN Cups of normal teacup size , not of US mug size, & I allow it to boil well before I take above Kadha from the Fire , strain it in a Tea pot which has already some JASMINE TEA & ZAFFRAAN : about three cups for myself & about 2-1/2 cups I leave for my wife to drink it whenever she gets up. ( I never disturb our maid to this ritual for me.

As per my own experience, by drinking above Kadha in the morning slowly and simultaneously eating a lot of Soaked Almonds , & Dry nuts, particularly, Wall NUTs, Cashews, & Pistas, I remain all the time alert, smart, never the slightest feelings of Tiredness nor of lethargybut active throughout & my pain of the knee disappears for about four hours and normally I never have even the cold nor cough ever.

There has been time, when I had to get up FOUR times in the night for Urination but after I added Gokhuru , I sleep soundly & pass urine just in the morning when I get up.This result came just in 10 days of its usage.

I have written above just for yr infmn as I am using above herbal tea in the above manner for last 7-8 years ,just ne time in the morning, & my wife is taking it for past three years & she insists that I must give her similar tea , same qtys every morning. While I do NOT any sugar at all, she adds 1-1/2 spoon of sugar to her tea .

I seek yr expert opinion on one more aspect, after straining above herbs, I keep them in Fridge for their usage again for next three days , ebut each next three days, I keep adding Awala, Tulsi, Poudina, & few other herbs afresh. Is it in order please ?

For Breakfast, I normally take just Papayia & or any ther fruits, while my wife takes sometimes one no. only fresh Paratha with min of oil, or dalia or corn flakes & we both take a glass of skimmed milk every morning & evening before retiring to bed.
At night, in my milk, I normally add two nos. Figs ( Anjeers ), 2 nos. dates, some almonds or wall nuts, whereas she likes to drink plain again with 1-1/2 spoon of sugar but my milk is without sugar.

During evening, we eat fruits & regularly drink fresh Fruit Juice.

In our Lunch & dinner , we take just two chapatties each without Butter or ghee, one daal, one Dry Vegetable, Dahi , green freshly prepared Dhaniya -Poudina Chutney with two awalas & Anardaana whenever it is possible,Green salads, Beetroot duly boiled, Mooli & once a while one small papad I alone take, she does NOT.

We do Not eat in between nor in mid of the night nor we take snacks etc as normally take with evening teas which we completely stopped .

But we both do love Sweet dish or Ice cream and normally after our lunch & dinner , we do take some sweet dish or Ice Cream in small qtys only.

Re Rice, only during day time , we do take just a little, very-very less qtys only.

We avoid any outside food Nor buy any eatables from outside except Fresh Fruits : all kinds as per the season, bananas & Apple are normally in the house all the 365 days , so is the case with Oranges, Anaar, grapes & Chikoo & Mangoes as & when available in the season.

Aloe Vera Gel, I have been taking for over two years, now I have discontinued as it is quite expensive moreover I did Not fuind any visible changes by adding it to our diet. Isabgol, YES we both take often, but NOT regularly.

We both are otherwise maintaining reasonably good health & I personally believe & am confident that I shall Continue to enjoy a heathy Youthful life till then end comes to me which should remain quite a distance from me at present , but my wife feels , she may die in next Five years or so. I am NOT afarid of it & I take life sportingly.

We do watch Swami RamDevji's program & he had come to Our Arya Samaj Mandir at Mumbai where instead of asking any money, he had donated Rs.50,000/- & similarly to our one Ashram In AAMSENA in Orissa, touching Chattisgarh borders , he had donated For Rs2,50,000/- for Brahamcharies where we are reconverting our lost Hindu brothers back into Hindu -fold discreetly. Basically he is Arya Samaji & Has Great faith In the Teachings of Maharishi Dayanand, Vedas & Upnishads which he had studied & learnt in a Gurukul in Haryana from Swami Baldevji . I have known him personally but he may NOT be remembering me at all. We are running one of his a franchise in one of our Arya Sam,aj Mandirs at Chembur , Mumbai.

As Maharishi Dayanand had revived Vedas & Upnishads, Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has revived Patanjali Yog all over the world with similar intensity of Nationalist Dedication & Feelings what Maharishi Dayanand had the vision to awaken the nationalistic feelings amongst all Hindus in partiucular.

I Once again thank U so much for all the pains yopu have so kindly taken in writing to me & for my wife & JAI SHRI RAM , JAI SHRI HANUMAN, JAI SHRI KRISHNA & VANDE MATRAM , VANDE MATRAM , VANDE MATRAM,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Chapter 2 - On Earnestness
21. Earnestness is the path of immortality (Nirvana), thoughtlessness the path of death. Those who are in earnest do not die, those who are thoughtless are as if dead already.

22. Those who are advanced in earnestness, having understood this clearly, delight in earnestness, and rejoice in the knowledge of the Ariyas (the elect).

23. These wise people, meditative, steady, always possessed of strong powers, attain to Nirvana, the highest happiness.

24. If an earnest person has roused himself, if he is not forgetful, if his deeds are pure, if he acts with consideration, if he restrains himself, and lives according to law,—then his glory will increase.

25. By rousing himself, by earnestness, by restraint and control, the wise man may make for himself an island which no flood can overwhelm.

26. Fools follow after vanity, men of evil wisdom. The wise man keeps earnestness as his best jewel.

27. Follow not after vanity, nor after the enjoyment of love and lust! He who is earnest and meditative, obtains ample joy.

28. When the learned man drives away vanity by earnestness, he, the wise, climbing the terraced heights of wisdom, looks down upon the fools, serene he looks upon the toiling crowd, as one that stands on a mountain looks down upon them that stand upon the plain.

29. Earnest among the thoughtless, awake among the sleepers, the wise man advances like a racer, leaving behind the hack.

30. By earnestness did Maghavan (Indra) rise to the lordship of the gods. People praise earnestness; thoughtlessness is always blamed.

31. A Bhikshu (mendicant) who delights in earnestness, who looks with fear on thoughtlessness, moves about like fire, burning all his fetters, small or large.

32. A Bhikshu (mendicant) who delights in reflection, who looks with fear on thoughtlessness, cannot fall away (from his perfect state)—he is close upon Nirvana.

Chapter 3 - Thought
33. As a fletcher makes straight his arrow, a wise man makes straight his trembling and unsteady thought, which is difficult to guard, difficult to hold back.

34. As a fish taken from his watery home and thrown on dry ground, our thought trembles all over in order to escape the dominion of Mara (the tempter).

35. It is good to tame the mind, which is difficult to hold in and flighty, rushing wherever it listeth; a tamed mind brings happiness.

36. Let the wise man guard his thoughts, for they are difficult to perceive, very artful, and they rush wherever they list: thoughts well guarded bring happiness.

37. Those who bridle their mind which travels far, moves about alone, is without a body, and hides in the chamber (of the heart), will be free from the bonds of Mara (the tempter).

38. If a man's thoughts are unsteady, if he does not know the true law, if his peace of mind is troubled, his knowledge will never be perfect.

39. If a man's thoughts are not dissipated, if his mind is not perplexed, if he has ceased to think of good or evil, then there is no fear for him while he is watchful.

40. Knowing that this body is (fragile) like a jar, and making this thought firm like a fortress, one should attack Mara (the tempter) with the weapon of knowledge, one should watch him when conquered, and should never rest.

41. Before long, alas! this body will lie on the earth, despised, without understanding, like a useless log.

42. Whatever a hater may do to a hater, or an enemy to an enemy, a wrongly-directed mind will do us greater mischief.

43. Not a mother, not a father will do so much, nor any other relative; a well-directed mind will do us greater service.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtues of compassion and tolerance.

-The Dalai Lama


Sedentary life 'speeds up ageing'
Leading a sedentary lifestyle may make us genetically old before our time, a study suggests.

A study of twins found those who were physically active during their leisure time appeared biologically younger than their sedentary peers.

The researchers found key pieces of DNA called telomeres shortened more quickly in inactive people. It is thought that could signify faster cellular ageing.

The King's College London study appears in Archives of Internal Medicine.

This conclusion provides a powerful message that could be used by clinicians to promote the potential anti-ageing effect of regular exercise"
King's College London researchers

An active lifestyle has been linked to lower rates of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

However, the latest research suggests that inactivity not only makes people more vulnerable to disease, but may actually speed up the ageing process itself.

The King's team studied 2,401 white twins, asking them to fill out questionnaires on their level of physical activity, and taking a blood sample from which DNA was extracted.

They particularly focused on telomeres, the repeat sequences of DNA that sit on the ends of chromosomes, protecting them from damage.

As people age, their telomeres become shorter, leaving cells more susceptible to damage and death.

Examining white blood cells from the immune system in particular, the researchers found that, on average, telomeres lost 21 component parts - called nucleotides - every year.

But men and women who were less physically active in their leisure time had shorter leukocyte telomeres compared to those who were more active.

The average telomere length in those who took the least amount of exercise - 16 minutes of physical activity a week - was 200 nucleotides shorter than those who took the most exercise - 199 minutes of physical activity a week, such as running, tennis or aerobics.

The most active people had telomeres of a length comparable to those found in inactive people who were up to 10 years' younger, on average.

Direct comparison of twins who had different levels of physical activity produced similar results.

Impact of stress

The researchers suggest that physically inactive people may be more vulnerable to the damage caused to cells by exposure to oxygen, and to inflammation.

Stress is also thought to have an impact on telomere length, and the researchers suggest people who exercise regularly may help to reduce their stress levels.

Writing in the journal, the researchers said: "Our results show that adults who partake in regular physical activity are biologically younger than sedentary individuals.

"This conclusion provides a powerful message that could be used by clinicians to promote the potential anti-ageing effect of regular exercise."

In an accompanying editorial, Dr Jack Guralnik, of the US National Institute on Aging, said more work was needed to show a direct relationship between ageing and physical activity.

He said: "Persons who exercise are different from sedentary persons in many ways, and although certain variables were adjusted for in this analysis, many additional factors could be responsible for the biological differences between active and sedentary persons.

"Nevertheless, this article serves as one of many pieces of evidence that telomere length might be targeted in studying ageing outcomes."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/01/29 00:20:49 GMT


Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear Shri Sher Agrawalji & Shri Vijay ji,
Saprem Namastey !
I am forwarding a list of our present 33 States of India , which Unfortunately, are NOT known to our own people in India .
I am endorsing its copy to some educationists , Shri Girishji , Shri Vachonidhiji & Acharya Shri Premchand Sridharji so that they may further pass on this information from their ends to the students & people around them :
1. Jammu & Kashmir ( it includes Laddakh region with Leh as its capital, in this region ,
in 1951, the population of Hindus & Bodhs used to be above 98%
which has come down to 63 % approx. now & the rest are now
Muslims, enjoying the women of these simple peace loving
Laddakhies ).
2. Himachal Pradesh.
4. Punjab.
5. Haryana.
6. Delhi.
7. Rajasthan.
8. Uttar Pradesh.
9. Madhya Pradesh.
11. Sikkim.
12. West Bengal.
13. Orissa.
14. Jharkhand.
15. Chattisgarh.
16. Andhra Pradesh.
17. Karnataka
18. Tamil Nadu. ( In this state, in the town of Madurai where the famous Hindu
Meenakshi temple is there, Hindu population used to be 99%
which has come down to about 88% now & the rest are now
Muslims who have encroached even upto the Gates & passage
of Meenakshi Temple. These Muslims have taken over most of
Businesses from Hindus & have worst concentration on the gates
of Meenakshi temple , said to be biggest Hindu Temple in India.)
19. Pondicherry.(Centrally administered Union Territory)
20. Kerala.
21. Gujrat.
22. Maharashtra .
23. Goa.
24. Daman, Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli ( Centrally administered Union Territory) :
These places have seen immense concentration of Muslim Mafia
& they almost rule the Real Estate mkt there & None of the daring
Police & Our Govt officials can penetrate their dens located
specially in Daman, they take instructions from Dubai.
Further the Security of our country is in perpetual danger from these areas as
even Factories' Security have to be hired fm Illegal Muslim Pathans
& other Muslim Security Agencies who at times, even prove menace
to their Hindu Masters/ Employers.
25. Andaman & Nicobar Island ( centrally administrated )
26. Lakshdweep . ( - ditto - )
28. Meghalaya.
29. Nagaland.
30. Mizoram.
31. Arunachal Pradesh
32. Manipur.
33. Tripura.
Further, it may please be noted that there is so much of influx of Christian Missionaries & their influence in the states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya etc in our own North East region that we , even as Indians, are required to have Visa issued by the District Magistrates for visiting these provinces in our own country & Hindi is debarred in any form , NOT even Hindi Movies / Hindi Hoardings etc are allowed in the entire North -East Region.
Again, Pondicherry which used to be almost 100% Hindu State , like the British East India Company, the Muslims' ETA ( Emirate Trading Agency of Dubai duly supported by the influentials in UAE etc ) are penetrating in a BIG way : they have a lot of assembling plants for Air Conditioners & other Products etc with Sole Selling rights for entire India with Arabic embossed on their front panel ; similarly, many illegal Muslim activities are discreetly conducted in our country through Pondicherry .
Above is for yr ready information with a request to please make Hindu Organizations aware of above facts ; you may add your own further inputs to above message for the benefit our people & country.
Warmest regards,
Sincerely yours,
S C Gupta.


Belief in Reincarnation Spreads Hinduism in America

NEW YORK, USA, January 24, 2008: (HPI note: this is an article from the latest issue of NEWSWEEK, January 28, 2008.)

Reincarnation is an increasingly mainstream belief. Madonna has said she's a believer. So has Kate Hudson. According to a 2003 Harris poll, 40 percent of people aged 25 to 29 believed they would return to earth in a different body after they die. Popular New Age movements such as Scientology and Kabbalah teach some version of reincarnation, and best-selling books, notably by the Yale-trained psychiatrist Brian Weiss and by the therapist Carol Bowman, have brought the concept into the American mainstream. This ancient belief, a core belief of more than 800 million Hindus, has been in the news.

Stephen Prothero, religion professor at Boston University and a student of Hinduism, has an interesting theory about Americans' interest in reincarnation. As people become more prosperous and more educated, the idea of leaving the earth forever--even for heaven--has less appeal than the idea of coming back. "We all want the here and now, and reincarnation is about the here and now," Prothero writes in an e-mail.

Reincarnation would seem to be at odds with mainstream Christianity, the majority religion in the United States. Traditionally, Christians have believed that, after death, their body and soul separate temporarily only to be reunited, at the end of time, in the general resurrection of the dead. Belief in reincarnation presents logistical--not to mention theological--problems. If souls keep cycling back to earth, which body is theirs at the resurrection? What happens to all the other bodies they've inhabited? Prothero argues that the popularity of reincarnation correlates to a waning of belief in physical resurrection among Christians. That's why a third of Americans choose to be cremated these days, up from virtually none 30 years ago: they believe their souls are eternal, not their bodies. "Americans," Prothero says, "are becoming more Hindu."


As I had promised, I am giving below some of the major points of the discourse of Shri Dharam Bandhuji at Andheri under the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha's " Swami Shraddhanand Balidaan Diwas " Celebrations on December ,the 30th December, 2007 which was organized with the coutesy of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Mumbai .
"(Shri DharamBandhuji is a dedicated independent Arya Bandhu ,himself running a Gowshala rearing about 1,000 cows & thousands of Brahamcharies in his ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. He is said to be a highly learned person with pretty sharp memory, specially of Historical facts . He receives large donations & fundings for his devoted social works from a reasonably large followings. He speaks well with statistics & dates etc.putting the facts before us for our guidance for the future & to caution us of the present state affairs in India.)
"( I am trying to recollect & Translate his lecture in Hindi into English to the best of my abilities with just a few points I had made during his discourse.) :
1. Muslims, from Mohd. Bin Kassim have been invading India from 712 to 1830 A.D.
2. In 1601 , East India Comapany came to India fr business but ended up as rulers after the 1st war of Plassy in 1757.
3. Thomas Carlyle, the English writer , on India, writes on his observations on page 68 as : To destroy any nation: destroy its True History, its culture , its Language, its Traditions , its religious beliefs.
4. Italy, which has its oldest culture in Europe , still survived in spite of 100's years of Muslim Rule , called Ottoman Empire & other foreign rules because it maintained its ancient Culture & traditions whereas Russia, a mighty nation at a time just disintegrated into several pieces , 15 to be precise , on filmsy grounds as it had no cultural background.
5.John Williams , again an English Educationist, used to emphasise & preach that in India , education be through the medium of SANSKRIT only; but Raja Ram Mohan Roy, wanted it in English.
6. In 1813, first Education System Policy was framed in India by the British rulers , thereby, it was thrust upon us with a deep rooted conspiracy that from the body we may remain Indians ,but by our mind & heart we would be British & perpetual British Slaves with English thinking & English ways, traditions & culture, forgetting our own.
7. By 1854, East India Company of Gt. Britain had firmly Controlled the entire Indian Economy, killing the Domestic Artisans, Expertise etc mercilessly & forcing the Indian Labour to work for them almost at "Without any wages at all " & forcing the poor Indian farmers to pay very Heavy "LAGAAN" or levies as were imposed on them arbitrarily by the East India Company.
They had also taken millions of Indian labourers /workers/ skilled & semi-skilled to far away islands & places like Mauritius, Fiji, Surinam, Guinea etc & forced our poor Indians to toil for them at the cost of just peanuts & they were beaten up almost daily if they failed to complete the given impossible tasks by the evenings....and so.
8. Unfortunately , in those days, there was NO Womens' Education till Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati ,founder of Arya Samaj came on the Indian Scene; women's education in colleges were unheard of . In 1883, just two girls had passed the college education, then the FIRST Womens' University, S.N.D.T. was first established in Gujrat in the same year of 1883.
9. A British Thinker & philosopher , Mr. Mozep, born 1500 years after Jesus, who had earlier promoted a thought that it is the mind alone which makes a man , changed his version after studying Vedas that mind is Nothing but it is heart that matters.
10. Karl Marx, a German Philosopher announced another theory of Wealth & Money only.
11. Another philosopher of the same period, Dr Professor Saini, said about human psychology & emphasized that a man's : "man hee shanti aur ashanti ka kendra hai " , that is human heart is the Centre of Perpetual peace , Happiness & Unhappiness .
12. Albert Einstein gave a new philosophy of mind, heart & matter .
13. For 1600 years Jews had been wandering with No land of their own .
14. Then on May 14, 1948 , Israel came into existence for them . The first thing they did, inspite of NOT knowing Hebrew (just 2% of jews knew Hebrew ) their mother tongue ,adopted & promoted sincerely as their National Language , which alone strongly bonded them together thereafter.
15. Swami Dayanand Saraswati tried to explain to our nation, the importance of Sanskrit & National Language : Hindi , revived Vedas & Upnishads & REFORMS in the worst effected orthodox Hindu Society , which were sincerely followed by & preached by Swami Shradhanand . Swami Shraddhanand introduced the " Vichaar & Shuddhi Andolan " ( Thoughts & gave momnetum to reconversion back to Hindus ).
16. It may please be noted wherever the population of Muslims reach 26% , then that country becomes almost 100% Islamic country under the threat of Sword.
17. In 12th Century, king Philips of Spain , forced his Muslim people to embrace Christianity, thereby saved his country from turning into an Islamic nation.
18. In 1916, Swami Shradhanand taught the lessons of living together & enhance the feelings of togetherness ( "Saath rehna seekho aur aapas mein sadbhaav badhao.")
19. UNESCO has 122 member countries , trying to teach how to live together , but miserably failed till date in its mission .
20. UNO, has 192 counties as its members , still all the countries fight & can not agree on one agenda and failed to check Islamisation & Terrorism in the world .
21. But Swami Shradhanad checked Islamisation of India by his Shuddhi Prachar by Following sincerely the teachings of Maharishi Dayanad.
22. Swami Shradhanad challanged the Greatest of Muslim Scholars to come & have religious discussions ( SHAASHTRATHA ) & EVEN HIS JUNIOR'S, sWAMI DARSHANAND'S SIMPLE QUESTIONS , MUSLIM SCHOLARS COULD not be answered by Muslim Scholars : LIKE : " KHUDA BADAA HAI KI MASJID , YADEE KHUDA BADAA HAI TO MASJID MEIN GHUSA KAISE " OR " AAJ DIN KAUN SAA HAI ? " " JUMMERAAT " , HE ASKS FURTHER, I AM NOT ASKING FOR THE NIGHT BUT FOR THE DAY : "DIN POOCH RAHAA HOON , RAAT NAHIN " ........... ( No answers from Islamic Scholars. )
23. We are ever grateful to Maharishi Dayanand & Swami Shradhanand for propagationg the Gurukul Education System & establishing Gurukul Kangri by Swami Shradhanand .
24. The people of the world, if You want peace , please look towards Swami Shradhanad, Gurukul Educational System & our Vedas & its Unity Mantras ( Sangathan Sutra Mantras ) which haveNo parallel in any of the world's religious scriptures.
25. Though Swami Shradhanand was killed by the Muslim , Abdul Rashid , but if we want to save ourselves from Islamic onslought , we have to create good selfless dedicated & sincere people like Swami Shradhanand with immense thinking power ( with Vaicharic Shakti ).
Concised, Compiled & translated by S C Gupta,
Vice-President , Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Mumbai, an humble truly dedicated
soldier of Moving & Live Arya Samajs around the globe.
Tel : 9122 - 26149353 // 2618 4493 // 2218 7975.
Mobile Phone : 91 -982 05 876 09.
email :

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today almost every Political, Social & Religious Leaders want nothing but MONEY & MONEY alone at any costs , without realizing that they can NOT take even a needle with them when they die & , thus, lose Millions & Billions of Country's PRECIOUS wealth in Swiss accounts as they are NOT allowed to withdraw from those Swiss numbered a/cs which Swiss Banks manage for them at a certain high fee levies only .
Whenever you have time & inclination, please do visit the "Three Murty Bhavan" at New Delhi which has been converted into an official Government Library after Nehru's death. In this Library you can go through various Historical facts of our fight for Freedom & how even Lahore went to Pakistan which had 55% Hindu population with 45% Muslims only on the evening of 14th August, 1947, a treacherous act, on the last day of our slavery, by Nehru on the advices of the then Governor General ,Lord Mountbatten, ( his so called kept's husband, though nobody knows the exact truth except certain memoirs of Edvina & Mountbatten ) , when our country's partition was done on the basis of Hindu Muslim population.
Thus the entire Hindu population of Lahore had to embrace ISLAM & give away their beautiful womens to the Muslims. Hence, on visits to Pakistan ,you can find the names like : Nazam Sethi, Kamruddin Arora, Zamaluddin Sehgal , Ahmed Hasan Gill, Fatheuddin Kapoor & so on.These Hindus have retained their Surnames & prefer to marry amongst themselves with all the Hindu Customs except Nikah as per Islamic laws.
You could also know the facts even of such famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, who lived in Ballimaran, a Muslim area of Delhi, who had been writing his Ghazals in praise of Queen Victoria of England & from whom he had pleaded in 1855 for his Pension & monetary assistance on the basis of his faithfulness towards the Cuel British Queen then.
Enough for the day, I suppose.

Saturday, January 26, 2008



2. All things are in a process of change. You yourself are subject to constant alteration and gradual decay. So too is the whole universe.

3. You should leave another's wrong where it lies.

4. You have endured innumerable troubles by not leaving your directing mind to do the work it was made for. But enough.


Today's Quote

The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.



[] Your Heart is your Love, []
[]Your love is your Family , []
[]Your family is your Future , []
[] Your future is your Destiny , []
[]Your destiny is your Ambition, []
[]Your ambition is your Aspiration , []
[]Your aspiration is your Motivation , []
[]Your motivation is your Belief , []
[]Your belief is your Peace , []
[] Your peace is your Target , []
[]Your target is Heaven, []
[]Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS []
[] It's " World Best Friends Week" send this to all your good friends. []
[]Even me, if I am one of them. See how many you get back. []
[]If you get more than 3 you are really a lovable person..I am waiting []

F - Few
R - Relations
I - In
E - Earth
N - Never
D - Die




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ndi is in danger of declining and extremely polluted – 17

Many people in Bhaarat have opposed and still opposing Hindi as the national language of Bhaarat but have no objection English becoming as the national language of Bhaarat.

But a nation must have its own language, especially when Bhaarat has many developed languages.

The question at hand is which Indian language should replace English as the official language of the Union government, of inter-state communication, of central legislation, of the High Courts and the Supreme Court. The Constituent Assembly, after a prolonged debate, had decided in favour of Hindi.

At this juncture, propounding any other language for the purpose has no chance. In this debate among Hindus, English will continue, Hindi would be gradually strangulated, and Muslims will throw up Urdu as the only real competitor to English and will impose it, directly or through back door. Already they have made Urdu second official language in U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand, and many other States, while it enjoys the status of official language of J&K., not Kashmiri.

Savarkar's thoughts on Hindi and general comments
(1) At one time Savarkar was asked what is wrong in using English words in Marathi, Hindi etc.

(2) Why do they not use Urdu grammar when speaking Urdu?
GET YOUR OWN GRAMMAR and why borrow Arabic Script? Get your own script too. We use our own developed Nagari script. Not an imported one.
(3) Linguists do not recognize URDU as an independent language. It is Nehru’s INDIA which recognizes it as separate language. Languages are recognized based on the grammatical forms. In India they are recognized for Vote Bank politics and appeasement.
To satisfy the "group ego" of a community Urdu was recognized.

(4) Try writing POETRY in Hindi using English words.
The choice of words has a culture associated with any language. Some one said come on there is no difference in "KHANA" and "BHOJAN"

I say there is. A Pandit, Sadhu, Sanyasi does BHOJAN. Pandit Bhojan Karega.
And an ordinary person --- KHANA KHATA HAI. Bhikhari khana khata hai. Bukhari bhi khana khata hai.

(5) Savarkar believed that---
(a) If a word has been Hindiised like Sukrat (FOR SOCRATES)
Or Aristu, etc THEN it is acceptable. Like Aangla bhasha, not English.

(b) Sanskrit has immense vocabulary.
Besides Sanskrit words carry meaning with the "Sound of the word”. Their meaning does not have to be referred in a dictionary. There was no dictionary in Sanskrit language.
e. g. MANAV ---- Manh Asti sa Manavah. (The one having mind is man.)
Nadi----- Yah Nadate sa Nadi (The one creating Nada (Kal, Kal kal,) is nadi.
Sarita ---- Yah Sarati Sah Saita.
Dhara-- yah Dharati sa dhara.
Pavak---- The purifier fire ( Pavan karat hai use Pavak Kahate hai)

(6) Sanskrit can create 4 to 5 million words. 3.2 million by use of Upsargas and Pratyas only. Then Sandhi words, Samasik words etc.
PLEASE COMPARE THIS TO Websters College dictionary with 65000 to 70000 words. Hold your breath ---The Sanskrit words are at least 50 time that of Websters. Actually Sanskrit may have at least 100 times more words compared to English---the most developed language in west.

Sanskrit is phonetic, precise in meaning, succinct, with well defined pronunciation (not changed since Vedic times till to day) Write MADHUSUDAN in English and Sanskrit. See the difference.

(7) Look at Vishnu Sahsra NAMs (thousand names of Vishnu) , Shiv Sahasra Nam (Thousand names of Shiva)
How many names we Hindus have?
From Mahabharata, Ramayana and History etc thousands of Names. We have 330 million gods and many more names of each one of them. Why do you want to disown this rich inheritance and immitate Urdu and English? WHY DO YOU WANT A DEMOTION?
Wiser people seek promotion and not demotion.

HINDI WITH STRONG BACKING OF SANSKRIT is equally prosperous, like Sanskrit.
By mixing English and Urdu words in Hindi without any rhyme and reason what kind of Khichdi are you creating? and Why? To appease the insatiable?
Our current names.
Narendra, Surendra, Jayendra ---- Minaxi, Ilaxi,
YOU MAY DO THIS EXERCISE EASILY. so I leave it up to you.......
How many of current names are really antique. May be few.
What a difference and richness.
HOW MANY URDU NAMES? ANS:________________
HOW MANY ENGLISH NAMES? Why do they use Fifth George or Edward third?
---------- Come on ___D----________ BECAUSE THE LANGUAGE IS POOR.
How Many Urdu Names_ANS:___Why every body is Moham Mad________________

HERE IS OUR ANSWER Mentally slaves of English and Urdu

IF YOUR NAME IS SHARMA ---that does not mean you are a Pandit. Some Sharmas are shameless, too. They will sell their ________ to make a quick buck.

Except Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English
WE CAN AND SHOULD BORROW WORDS ----surely from Sanskrit, and all our languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, + Shaurseni, Prakrut, Apbhransha, Paishachi, Pali, Ardh Magadhi, Avadhi, Braj Bhasha, ----etc.

SAVARKAR believed that most of the words are already from Sanskrit. We can borrow from even some Tamil, Telgu, Kannad, and Malayalam as well.

THERE ARE SOME WORDS even in Arabic and perhaps Persian which have their roots in Sanskrit....
like Biradari, ( Bhratru--- Bhrata, Bhratarah--)
Amma----( root in Amba as mother)---also becomes --->Ma--> Mom etc.
Karvai--> from Karyvahi
Some one also says --- Namaj---( root in Namah---of Mamah +te = Namaste)
Kam -- like Karm This has perhaps become with Nih a Sanskrit Upsarga
Nih+ Kam = Nihkam--> Nikamma.
Amin of Arabic (?)---> comes from Om of Sanatan Dharma.

believed as far as possible not to borrow from English and these Arabic, Persian of Urdu.

IN THOSE CASES WHERE WE DO NOT HAVE AN EQUIVALENT IN SANSKRIT (this happens but rarely) then we may borrow the word if already Hindi-ised.
Then there are words which have been ---changed and modified to give them a certain Hindi identity.
e g ----- Socrates ---becomes Sukrat in Hindi.
Or Alexander---- --> Alkshendra.
Or Comishioner---> Kamesh Narah ( Nar of Sanskrit)
Savarkar accepts foreign word ---modified to suit ---Hindi pronounciation ---when there is no word in our languages

Forms of Pure Hindi or Why pure Hindi

(1) There is a strict SANSKRITIZED STYLE
One can see this one in (a) RAVAN serial (b) Ramayan (c) Mahabharat etc. (d) CHANAKYA etc.
Most of the words are Sanskrit derived ----some could be Deshya i e Pali, Ardh Magadhi, Paishachi, Bhojpuri, Avadhi, Brij, Rajsthani etc.

SAVARKAR gave a very thorough thought to this topic.
A. HE ACCEPTED those words which have been in the (Marathi) ---and have become part of the language to great degree ---that every one knows and uses them.

B. HE compromised IN USING U/F/A (Urdu/Farsi/Arabic) only in unavoidable cases.

(1) Sanskritized style
Brings out "GARIMA" of the language.
(2) But for "Vidambana"----you do need Arabic, Persian etc.
e g You want to arouse Hindu pride ---you may call him " Kafir" this Urdu but used to arouse a Hindu.
(3) Some times "style wise" you want to taunt some one too.
Like a gali---then it has a use.
(4) Then "unavoidable" usage, as per Savarkar.
(5) Golwalkarji used a really perfect style though.
One will have hard time looking for NON - BHAARATIYA words in his presentations.

When a number of SANSKRIT DRAMAS (a lot and lots of them) have been written in Sanskrit---but they maintain a highly cultured atmosphere though out.
Many people TRY IN THEIR HINDI SPEECHES and Poems to use as much Sanskrit as possible.


To reach a confirmed position, Hindi lovers need to do some search/research of the literature.


One strong Hindu can change the thought-current of the whole world...
Hindus should have fearlessness,the first prerequisite of a spiritual life.

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Be proud to be an Indian!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

is baar bhi bharat ratna kisi ko nahin milaa

इस बार भी किसी को नहीं मिला भारत रत्न
इस बार भी किसी को नहीं मिला भारत रत्न
25 जनवरी 2008

नई दिल्ली।
और अन्नत: इस बार भी किसी को भारत रत्न नहीं मिल पाया। लोकसभा में विपक्ष के नेता लाल कृष्ण आडवाणी ने पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी को भारत रत्न देने की इस तरह मांग की कि पूरे देश में इस सर्वोच्च सम्मान पर बहस ही छिड़ गई और भारत रत्न की मांग करने वालों की लाइन लग गई।

देश के लोग यह कयास लगाने लगे थे कि इस बार किस को भारत रत्न मिलता है पर 2001 के बाद लगातार सातवें वर्ष किसी को भारत रत्न देने की घोषणा नहीं की गई।

वाजपेयी को भारत रत्न न दिए जाने से भारतीय जनता पार्टी के समर्थकों को थोड़ी निराशा जरूर हुई, पर लोगों ने यह देखकर संतोष कर लिया कि अन्नत: किसी को भारत रत्न नहीं मिला। इस बार भारत रत्न को लेकर इतना विवाद छिड़ गया कि पहले ही यह अटकलबाजियां लगाई जा रही थी कि इस बार सरकार शायद भारत रत्न किसी को नहीं देगी।

पढ़ें:- अटलजी को भारत रत्‍न दिया जाए-आडवाणी

कांग्रेस ने यह ऐलान भी कर दिया था कि इस बार भारत रत्न किसी को नहीं दिया जा सकता है। इस सर्वोच्च सम्मान के लिए वाजपेयी के अलावा वयोवृद्ध वामपंथी नेता ज्योति बसु, दिवंगत कांशीराम, द्रमुक नेता करूणानिधि से लेकर चौधरी चरण सिंह, जगजीवन राम, दिलीप कुमार, मोहम्मद रफी, ज्योतिबा फूले, बहादुरशाह जफर, कर्पूरी ठाकुर, लाला जगत नारायण, बीजू पटनायक, सचिन तेंदूलकर, शंकर राव चव्हाण आदि के नाम भी मीडिया से उछले।

संघ परिवार ने तो वाजपेयी की बजाय क्रांतिकारी भगत सिंह को भारत रत्न देने की मांग की। समाचारपत्रों में प्रकाशित रिपोर्ट के अनुसार आडवाणी ने वाजपेयी का नाम इसलिए उछाला कि ज्योति बसु को यह सम्मान नहीं मिले। वैसे बसु ने पहले ही घोषणा कर दी थी कि वह इस सम्मान की दौड़ में शामिल नहीं है।

यह खबर आपको कैसी लगी
10 में से 5 वोट मिले

पाठकों की राय
26 जनवरी 2008
Jan 25, 2008
अपनी राय मैं तो कोई भी पोलिटिकल व्यक्ति इस सम्मान का जायज़ हक़दार नहीं है. यहाँ तो अँधा बंटेय रावरियाँ मूर मूर अपनो को दे.
c.p.gulati lucknow