Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I will henceforth try togive some health tips from my own life long experience:-

Jai Sitaramjiki.

Keep smiling always, inside and outside.

Always consult your doctor before you try any of the following:-

1. Food is the best medicine, taken in right quantity or avoided, according to your health and age etc.

2. Two white poisons should be avoided, according to a sadhu, after 40 years of age or taken in very very limited quanities: sugar and salt. Also avoid all fats and meats. Take only fat free milk; eat a lots of fat free yagurth. Use soy as much as you can. If you are fond of non-vegetarian diets, then take fish, chicken without skin, egg white and use very very little olive oil in cooking these; otherwise boil in water.

3. Your madhya pradesh is the root cause of your health or unhealth. Take care of it, every other day take 3 or 4 dried prunes with dinner, or take some isabgol ki bhusi with water or milk, or take metamusil, which has been adapated by Americans and Europeans from India, which in fact is isab gol ki bhusi. Trifala ki fanki with water in the evening 2/3 times a week can also show very good results.
Jai Bajrang Bali.


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