Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The young one meets the old g...

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Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty meets British Queen

London : Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has said that she is keen to put the "Celebrity Big Brother" race row behind her, as she met Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip at a Commonwealth Day event in London.

Thirty one-year-old Shilpa Shetty, one of the five speakers on the occasion at the Westminster Abbey on Monday evening, touched on issues such as racism and AIDS.

Shetty, the Big Brother winner, told the congregation that as a child growing up in Mumbai she was acutely aware that "we have to cope with differences on a daily basis - but unless we do, we have no future".

The Queen, in her address, stressed the need for mutual respect and understanding.

"By respecting the differences and promoting understanding, the future will be better one for us all," she said.

"In today's difficult and sometimes divided world, I believe that it is more important than ever to keep trying to respect and understand each other better," she told the 2,000-strong congregation.

"Let us as individuals actively seek out the views of others, let us make the best use of what our beliefs and history teach us, let us have open minds and hearts, and let us, like the Commonwealth, find our diversity a cause for celebration and a source for strength and unity."

After her speech, Shilpa met the Queen when Prince Philip told her "Look, be careful with your heels" as she nearly slipped in her high, open-toed sandals.
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