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The truth about the Siva linga at Kaaba and the significance of the Muslim sacred number 786 is revealed. Kindly pass it on to all Hindu well wishers.

Truth on Kaaba and the Islamic number 786

The Shiv Ling at The Kaba(Mecca). It was broken in seven places and now is held together by a silver band.

The Black Stone which is the Shiv Emblem (also known as Sange Aswad which is a corrupted form of the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta--meaning non-white stone) still survives in the Kaba as the central object of Islamic veneration. All other Vedic Idols could be found buried in the precincts or trampled underfoot in labyrinthine subterranean corridors if archaeological excavations are undertaken. The Black Stone has been badly mutilated, its carved base has disappeared and the stone itself is broken at seven places. It's parts are now held together by a silver band studded with silver nails. It lies half buried in the South Eastern portion of the Kaba Wall (Refer to Figure 1). The term Kaba itself is a corruption of the Sanskrit word Gabha (Garbha + Graha) which means Sanctum.

Check out that Muslim(extreme right) in the white Veshti (dhoti) and angavastram(upper garment) worn in the traditional Hindu Brahmin style.

Prophet Mohammad's uncle was the chief priest in the Kaba.

Any doubt then that The kaba was a hindu temple and Mohammad himself was a hindu ??????????????


All Arabic copies of the Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them . No Arabic scholar has been able to determine the choice of this particular number as divine.

It is an established fact that Muhammad was illiterate therefore it is obvious that he would not be able to differentiate numbers from letters.

This "magical" number is none other than the Vedic holy letter "OM" written in Sanskrit (Refer to figure 1).
Anyone can try reading the symbol for "OM" backwards in the Arabic way(not in English) and magically the numbers 786 will appear !!!!!!!!!!
Muslims in their ignorance simply do not realize that this special number is nothing more than the holiest of Vedic symbols misread.

Read from right to left this figure
of OM represents the numbers 786 in Arabic

There are many such instances where the symbols and rituals of Vedic culture were completely distorted and falsified by Muhammad in his bid to "create" his brand new religion. However in his haste to deceive and because of his ignorance and illiteracy, thousands of Vedic symbols still remain. Although they have been distorted beyond imagination, they still remain as solemn reminders of Arabia's glorious Vedic past. They can never be suppressed.



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