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[IndianVoice] Msge 2Kapil Siblings-Sex is not Indian Constituition or EVMS 2b tampered/Doctered=Charitiy begins at Home-Disc flg pts with urr r-&Ans & then give sermons 2 others

BRAHMASTHRA Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 9:31 PM

CcDear Countrymen-Letters to the Editor-PCCouncil-CII-NHRC-Minorities Commission
Vande Mataram
Union Minister
New Delhi

This is the second Question- the first one you have not answered- but nature will force you to answer- You may escape the Courts- but the not the Almighty's Court- Remember Decemeber2004- MASS KILLINGS OF OVER 25000 in the Devastating Tsunami. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastry took Responsibility for the 1953 Rail accident at Ariyallur Tamil Nadu- (Only One Person Saved in that entire Tragedy- who is Top Technocrat of COAL INDIA - MOST HONEST MAN- H.SRINIVASAN- Still Alive. Ofcourse in your wildest imagination can be anywhere near Shri Lal Bahadur Shastris footsdust partical as you are from the slave dynasty of Vatican], where in your case The word responsibility is non existant.Several Phone calls went in vein till theTsunami Struck. Had it been any other COUNTRY or Civil Society- SUCH PEOPLE ARE LYNCHED. In our country any thing can happen- like Creation of POK or Handing over territory to China or Looting the Nation and stacking in swiss account or Murder of Democracy through the Manipulation of EVMS ( 2004 & 2009- it will come out, if not today-definitely tommorow). The Human Rights Org should have tried you for the TSUNAMI LAPSE AND MASSCRE killing over 25000 People- MASS MURDER due to your lapse.

Do you know the Punishment you are going to FACE- ALL THOSE DEAD ARE BORN AS CHILDREN AND THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE YOUR ENTIRE GENERATION MISERABLE.One of the First Set of Women who voted- The Child is taking birth which is Your Lord Yama.

Now the SECOND QUESTION- As you are trying to Buldoz Sex Education in BJP Ruled States under Pressure from the Italians.
SEX IS NOT INDIAN CONSTITUTION OR ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES WHICH CAN BE TAMPERED- TINKERED OR DOCTERED with. Like Arthsahasthra, Astrology or Theory of Energy it is Cosmic Knowledge- well beyond your Punny Brains reach.

Discuss the Following with your-Children,Wife,Mother&Father Jointly- no hypocracy- "AS CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME" and answer the Following. ( Why I am writing to you is because based under pressure from your Roman Catholic Conqueror- you are playing the Same Manglore Church Sex Politics with BJP Ruled States). Please note this is not that VALENTINES ( SECULAR) TYPE OF SEX WHICH IS NOTHING BUT CANINES PERFORMING ON THE ROAD- CURSE OF DHARMAPUTRA LEGITAMISED BY THE MISSIONARIES AND CHURCH TO CORRUPT THE HINDU SOCIETY.

SEX IS NOT EXPOSING THE BODY AS SHOWN IN MOVIES-MAGAZINES OR CHRISTIAN MEDIA or As Exposed by the SECULAR KHANS OR KARINAS OR SUSHUMITAS OR TAMIL FILM ACTRESSES. There is nothing to EXPOSE AND Nothing is new. IT IS ALL SAME. PEOPLE WERE ROAMING WITHOUT DRESS in prehistoric times, EVEN NOW IN SOME PARTS OF THE WORLD- watch National Geography Chanel or Animal Plannet- you can find it or go to remote place of Andamans or some of the streets of India or ask Shashi Taroor. What you see in NUDE BEACHES IS NOT sex? Well, will you go with your Family to the Nude Beaches- You are secular Ist it? Go00ooo.

Because of Sex Civilisations have been Lost except HINDUISM BECAUSE HINDUISM IS THE MOTHER AND FATHER OF ALL SCIENCES- IT IS HINDUTVA- WHICH IS THE MOST MODERN SCIENCE- Sex is a small part of it. For SEX the Islamic Invaders Came to India. Because of Illegetimate SEX We lost parts of KASHMIR TO PAKISTAN- POK- Jawans Killed for Phirangi women- curtesy Jawaharlal Nehru. Now another Foreign women is destroy our Mother Land.

(Read the SEX CRIMES BY CHURCH- In US Billions of Dollars are paid for Child Sex Abuse =that is not sex or Clinton's sex action). There are MANGLORE PUB ATTACK TAKES PLACE INSIDE THE FOUR WALLS OF THE CHRISTIAN MEDIA- DO YOU KNOW? On Condition of Anonymity this has been confirmed by a section who are exploited. Please see the change when they join and when they go upward or down ward!!!!!- We also can let things out- well why is the question- why should we stoop to the level of christian media and expose our HINDU WOMEN REPORTERS- this is not HINDUTWA but Christian Missioanry Exploitation.
Getting to Business-
Please Answer the Following without discussing with your IAS SECRETARIES or PERSONALSECRETARIES.
This is nothing to do medical- But Common Sense - Just answer the following question before your government slips- it should not be well thought answer and not a slip shod one.
a.. 1-What Do you Know about Sex? Did you go to school college learnt sex education and then Married for practicals?
b.. 2- Do you know sex is a Medicine which cures almost all desease and when does it take the primary place in life?
c.. 3-When did you have your first Erection ( +age) and what was cause of it and what action you took and how many times do you have erection? Is it based on imagination or seeing a photo/film or some one "bending" or peeping through holes or some external application or pyschological?
d.. 4-What is the Meaning of the Following- this is sanskrit not islamic writing.
e.. "Sthreenam Dwigun Aharo Budhisthasam Chathurguna,Sahasam shadgunam chyava kamishtguna uchyathe".
f.. 5-How many types of Sex are there?
g.. 6-How many different type of Sexual Positions are there and which is the Most Pleasurable one?
h.. 7-When =during the Day man & women should not have SEX?
i.. 8- How many Mothers every creature have?
j.. 9- Were you successfull in the First Attempt resulting in concieving of your first child?
k.. 10-How many times do you have sex now and what is the barometer for having sex at your age?
l.. 11-How many times based on age Group one should have sex?
m.. 12- Maximum- with how many man or women should have sex in his life time?
n.. 13-Have you peeped at other Women other than your wife- when with family and when alone?
o.. 14- What will be the Character, Look etc of the Child that is born the minute the transfer of sperm moves from ones system to the another? What causes the formation of the Quality?
p.. 15- Did your wife have abortion ( speak frankly)?
q.. 16- Did you have sex when your wife was pregnant?
r.. 17- Did you premature Ejaculation?
s.. 18- Did you have sex with animals?
t.. 19- Do you watch Porn Movies or Blue Films?
u.. 20- Have you ever made any advance towards your personal secretary?
v.. 21- Did you have sex outside your marraige?
w.. 22- Did you verify whether your wife was a Virgin on the First night and confirmed to her about your virginity- before the first Go?
x.. 23- Did you have sex education?
y.. 24- Will you respond to your kid or grand kid when they can for clarification about sex?
z.. 25- What was the thought that came to you and your wifes mind when the act commenced till completion? Did you discuss with her?

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history"

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