Wednesday, May 24, 2006


>Bangladeshis are infiltrating India on a huge scale. Nearly 6,000 every
>This documentary shows the details. They have interviewed government
>officers, BSF (Border Security Force) officers, political leaders,
>analysts, defence experts, journalists etc., and shown how it is happening.
>Year after year, we (the government and the people) have ignored this
>problem. And if we continue to do so, the day is not far when we will see
>another partition of our beloved nation.
>Please visit the following link to download the documentary. Follow the
>steps as described:
>(1) Go to
>(2) In the right hand side portion of your web page, it will show the name
>of the file as "bangla_infiltration.wmv". Scroll down to the bottom of the
>page. In the right, in red letters, it shows flashing message as -- "Please
>wait 30 seconds to download the movie." The seconds counter goes on
>decreasing and finally, the red link says -- "Click here to download".
>(3) Click there to start the download. Try to save the file onto your hard
>disk, so that you can watch is again and again.
>Please note that the file size is 90 MB. On a broadband connection also, it
>will take about 90 minutes to download. Please be patient.
>(4) The file is in Windows Movie format (WMV file). You can view it using
>any standard player such as Windows Media Player.
>(5) Please pass on this information to as many India-lovers as you can.
>time to act now.
>Thank you.


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